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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm working on a Dashboard within Service Manager, and aside from the widgets that are driven from measures, I was wanting to add additional free text to add more substance and description to the stats. I can see the ability to add a Custom image via linking to a URL, but don't appear to be able to add any free text. Is this possible? Please advise. Many thanks, Neil
  2. Hi I have created a number of shared views with graphs but other people cant create dashboards based of these views, is this something that is possible?
  3. Over the last few days my dahsboards have decdied to start displaying random data from different services. Is this a known issue? I have tried recreating some of the views and charts but they are not working. Some of the recreated charts dont even show now. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi I have created a number of amazing charts in views\dashboards but is it possible to show the totals easily. Ta
  5. Hi guys, Is there any plan to get a menu or something to analysts via the Service Manager app so that they can quickly access reports and dashboards / slideshows? At the moment, you have this really great set of tools but the only way to access them is via the admin URL, which understandably I am not really keen on sharing with all our analysts. I would be fab if they could have access via the normal front-end to the reports and dashboards we (admins / managers) create. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  6. We currently do a CSV export of all calls logged for the last 2 years, import it into MS Access, run various queries and export to Excel to produce our graphs I've been able to replicate some of our current graphs in the advanced analytics but I'm stuck with the following ones Open Vs Closed Tickets with Queue Impact I can get the red and the green bars onto a graph but I can't add the line graphs to the same graph. We also need to be able to add trend and target lines Outstanding Tickets by Age I might be able to do this, I think I would need to create a measure for each range of days We also like to be able to do a pie chart per team i.e. Development, Engineering, Infrastructure and Service Delivery Calls Opened by Site I couldn't get it to show the sites along the bottom instead of the months Opened v Resolved by Team Previous Month I can do this one with the exception of combining our two service delivery teams into one as it is grouped by team We have a Service Delivery Reception and Service Delivery Escalation team but we tend to report them together as Service Delivery Resolved Calls by Resolution Type Previous Month We can pull out the closure profiles but we only want to report on the top level Calls may be closed as 4CS > Fault or 4CS > Request but we just want to report 4CS If we can do that, then I also want to be able to do for the last 3 months, so we'd have one bar for each profile per month Closed by Team (In and Out of Fix) I think I can probably do the smaller pie charts but not sure how to do the bigger one with the multiple teams and the percentage of calls closed in and out of fix for each Percentage of Calls Closed Within Fix I've just managed to get close to this but the percentages are a bit out In our current reports we just look at closed and resolved calls but when I put that criteria into the measure the percentages are way out I've not tried the average fix time yet but I think I should be able to do that one
  7. Good Afternoon, Where in the service manager portal do i go to create/view dashboards? Apologies if this is a simple tasks but unable to locate.
  8. Hi, When trying to share a dashboard with a user I can only see Full users I've tried adding the dashboard role against a basic user but it says I can't do that Am I missing something or can dashboards only be shared with users who have a full license? Our IT Director doesn't have a license and we'd also like to have screen in our office and maybe around the building that display certain dashboads Thanks, Pete
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