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Found 6 results

  1. We seem to be experiencing an issue after lunch today, for those users who had logged out over lunch and then attempting to sign back in with single sign on in Chrome. Those of us who did not logout over lunchtime have continued to work unaffected. If they switch Brower to MS Edge they are able to login fine. Basically after completing the SSO authentication they are just returned to the sign page again where they started, with no errors reported at all. I am able to replicate it when attempting to open a new session in incognito window in Chrome, whilst still having my original connection from this morning open on my main Chrome session. Not sure if this is specific to us or something related to the recent updates today. Cheers Martyn
  2. When trying to drag an email message from Outlook client in to the Service Manager to attache to a ticket this doesn't work if using Chrome browser. However this does work if I am using Edge Browser. Is there a MIME Type setting that needs to be adjusted somewhere on the system?
  3. Hi, We've noticed an issue with Chrome whereby the main project dashboard doesn't refresh when moving around through the other project screens. Please could this be looked into?
  4. Since Monday a curious thing has been happening (in Chrome only, it doesn't do it in Internet Explorer), under quite specific circumstances the pop-out box just vanishes. - put a call on hold , (a pop out box launches), - and enter a reason, and then try to select that typed reason by click-and-drag, if you select the text slightly too exuberantly so that your pointer goes off the pop out box to the left, the pop out box just vanishes (try it for yourself it does it every time) One of our more flamboyant help-desk staff has been getting it a lot. I wondered if you were aware, and if anything could be done? cheers Claire
  5. One of our users is unable to select their tickets through internet explorer. When they log in and go to my requests and select a ticket, the ticket is highlighted orange but does not open. They can access the support portal through Chrome. It is specific to one user, they have tried on a different computer using internet explorer - and the problem still occurs. I have tried clearing cookies, cache, allowing pop-ups on internet explorer and this is still now working. Any advice?
  6. Good morning, Several of our users are continuously getting this error no matter what browser they use, I haven't been able to find any information in a log Does anyone know what this means? Thanks, Hayley Hornbill still won't fly - any ideas .msgHornbill still won't fly - any ideas .msg
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