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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there, I have been asked by some people in the team to investigate whether or not its possible to have email notifications when a call is place out of hold either automatically / manually against the person assigned to the call? I have these currently set: But it's not specific to certain things such as calls coming off hold. This is all the users wish to have really. I propose expanding the user Profile 'Notification' area to allow users to turn on/off what they would like to be notified on (more specific than we have currently) and a check box for them to decide whether they wish to be notified via email. For new users, the above settings could be defaulted, it's up to them to change it as necessary. Thanks, Samuel
  2. We would like to have the ability to trigger the raising of new requests from incoming calls from external telephony systems. When a call is received by the service desk telephony system, the system should be able to raise a request for the operator who accepts that call on his or her soft phone or phone application. The callers number should be matched against the customer data in Hornbill to fill in the Customer-field. The external systems could be systems like Trio, Avaya, Asterisk and Skype. A generic CTI is much preferred, but our current requirement is Skype.
  3. Afternoon, If there any way that we can report on all teams that worked on a call, and at what point and team that the call breaches or completes within SLA? We have calls that are being passed to teams and then breaching within minutes because the previous team has "sat on" the call for a period of time before looking into it. This is also a issue in the sence that if one team has done a large piece of work at the beginning of the call, then passed it to another team to do a final piece of work. Only the 2nd team is getting the closure stats for that call. So we want a way to see every team that has been assigned to the call in the life of the call. Many thanks Hayley.
  4. Good morning, I have a query with regards to the Request List area. Can we add a new condition to check for in the “Views” where Thanks, - Samuel Wood -
  5. Morning all, I am trying to group close calls in the request list screen. however most of the time it doesn't allow me to select more than one call at a time before the button disappears and it doesn't allow me to close them. As you can see below when I select one call it shows the button, When i select two buttons (Below) the button dissapears However when i select more than one call with the same service it allows me to bulk close - is this a error or a known issue that cant be changed to bulk everything? Thanks Hayley.
  6. Hello, I would like have an Automated Task to automatically add of information to the Call Details - Description area using Flowcode from a custom form, but no matter how I do it, the formatting can be quite hard to read. Is it currently at all possible to add line breaks and indentation in? The following users &[global["flowcode"]["answer1"]] requires access to Application Name for the following modules: &[global["flowcode"]["answer2"]] But would preferably like to view it like so: The following users: &[global["flowcode"]["answer1"]] Require access to Application Name for the following Modules: &[global["flowcode"]["answer2"]] ["answer1"] and ["answer2"] could be very long depending on the inputted text. Its a shame that the description field in the Automated Task is only a single liner with no formatting possible, even though its multi-line and can be formatted from within a call. Thanks, Samuel
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