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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning, We have recently started testing the use of bulletins for our customer portal but have had some questions/issues with some of the configurations we've wanted to use. 1. Why is the images on the banner greyed out? - we are trying to design our portal so it has a consistent look and feel. Since we've started using bulletins, the banner images are greyed out and doesn't look right with the rest of the page. I can't see how this adds any value at all. I would understand if it was only the right and left ends of the image to highlight the manual arrows, however, this just messes up the look. Is there a way to change this? 2. Shadows on Texts - For some reason the text displayed on the bulletins have shadows applied to them even though this was configured to be turned off. We've tried a number of things but was not able to remove it: 3. Banner roll/switch timing - How can we control how quickly the banner images roll/switch? We have been asked to change the speed but cannot find the configuration to do so. 4. Text formatting - Is there any other wiki markup guides besides https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup? We are not very experience with wiki markups and this page hasn't been much help so far; ie can we specify other colours than red / can we use a colour codes to make it the exact same colour as other texts on the page etc? Looking forward to a reply on this. Regards Aykut @David Longley
  2. Hi all, Quick question: is there a limitation on the number of bulletins we can display in the service portal? I currently have 3 set up but only 2 are showing... (+ the default one) Thanks!
  3. Hello, We were wondering if we could have more options for the Bulletins as we are needing to use it but it's not working the way we require it to Have a button to allow a Bulletin created within a Service to be visible on the main page of the Service Portal or not (as having too many bulletins, many will get lost to users) An option to add a bulletin that is not related to a Service Change the colour of the text within the Bulletin editor (with a preview of what it will look like on top of the background you uploaded) As a test on a Service I had a picture of a Cloud and couldnt see the font clearly For another Service with a different IT related image, the font was clear. Is it possible to change the interval speed to slightly speed up the transition between one bulletin and another, most people will have already started logging a call by the time the second or third bulletin comes into view and will likely miss it if the Bulletin is not related to the Service they are using. Unrelated to Bulletins We were wondering if we could have a Ticker than can run along the top of the Bulletin for information that doesn't really need to be in the Bulletin (such as - are you having issues with Outlook? Please try plugging in a network cable and restarting your laptop before logging a call - Please remember if you are locked out of #Application#, you will automatically be unlocked in 20 minutes. - Please remember not to respond to the email you receive in response to your call. Use the link in the call to respond via the Service Portal directly). I would expect this to be toggleable as I would understand that some users would not want this. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi, When creating a new bulletin for a service, it is quite difficult to size properly the image so that the content looks good. Many (if not all) of my colleagues are complaining about this and therefore do not post bulletins. It is not a good excuse I would agree but at the same I cannot blame them. In my opinion (and as discussed with some developers yesterday at the Hornbill Insight 2017 event) a very simple solution to this problem would be: 1. Post an official recommendation on your Wiki or Blog about how to size perfectly an image for bulletins (that would also take into consideration coding of the carousel and how it behaves on resize!) 2. Add a small label on the screen when creating a new bulletin with the recommended size and URL to the recommendation: This should be super quick to do and help us (and many other customers I would think) make the most of bulletins. Also I am pretty sure this has been mentioned a few times on this forum...
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