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Found 4 results

  1. Afternoon, Our users are reportingthat when they take a call of of hold the system is sending out all breach emails. For example if we put a call on hold before breach, it seems to still be counting to breach in the background? When our users took the call off hold the call sent out 3 breach notifications one for 50%, one for 75% and one for 100%? All at the same time? However it is not showing as breached on the actual call? As you can see below all were sent at the same time? We have had a couple of these so far today Hayley.
  2. Good evening, Since one of the most recent updates, we have noticed that all of our calls where the priority has changed are breaching there origional priority even if on hold. Even calls assigned to priorities with no SLAs are now breaching. We are getting Breach emails aswell as the calls actually breaching. This is going to be a serious problem for our stats. The Below example is of a call that was logged as a R2 (with a SLA) but downgraded to a R99 (Outside SLA). It was downgraded a day before it breached. However it appears it still ran on the R2 timer and breached anyway... We have had quite a few of these happen over the last week Here is a snip of me downgrading the ticket to a R99 (a ticket ourside of SLA as it is a project) Here is it breaching resolution the day after and here is the breach email So clearly they are not downgrading in the background? Hayley.
  3. Morning, I had a few questions around Breached email templates and notifications. At what point does the system send out a Breached template and how does it know who to send it too? I'm assuming it looks at the person/team that raised the call and finds out the managers of that person/team from the field: Home > System > Organisational Data > Users, then the about tab and the Manager field? If this is the case we are finding that half these fields are incorrect and this is down to the system its pulling the information in from being incorrect.... Unfortunately at this tie this is not something we are looking to correct, so I wanted to know if there is any way to stop the breach notifications going out in this fashion.....we still want breach notification (templates) however we would like them to go to a set distribution group.... is this possible? if not is there a way to at least turn this feature off for now? Hayley.
  4. Morning all i am trying to create a widget that tells me the current months breached Resolution tickets in percentage. So for example. I want something that shows me how many tickets in endpoint have breached this month, in comparison to tickets logged to endpioint for the current month. I am ware i can do this for a measure but would like a widget for the "live" dashboard we use? any idea on the SQL required for this? Thanks Hayley.
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