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Found 9 results

  1. In the post below, the following login was documented for the 'Assign to Most Available Analyst' "Assign to Most Available Analyst works on the basis of capacity. It also requires a team to be provided as an input parameter. The system will look through the members of this team and will assign the request to the member of the team who has the least amount of open requests (for that team). If there is more than one team member on the same least amount of open requests, the system will allocate the request to the team member that was last assigned a request the longest amount of time ago. For both the Assign Round Robin and Assign to Most Available Analyst bpm options, the system will take into account the user status which is found on their profile. If the user status is set to anything other than 'Available' that user/analyst/team member will not be considered as a request owner for either operation" Can I ask what logic is applied when none of the analyst are set to 'Available', i.e. when they have all left for the day, but customers are still submitting request via the portal and the workflow being initiated. Should this not then result in the request being assigned to the Team and not an individual? Cheers Martyn
  2. Can we request an enhancement to the top menu notification bar, to allow you to more easily and quickly change your Availability in Hornbill without having to change focus of the current tab or have to click on the cog and use the open in a new tab/window. Sometimes when you are working on a request you need to alter you availability but at the moment you cannot do this without either changing the current session or having go through 6 clicks to open it in new tab/window and change the current setting. With us rolling out auto assign, it is important the our analyst update their availability in real time, but at the moment it is quite onerous to just simply change from one availability status to another. Can we simply have the ability to drop down the list of availability of statues (1st click) and select one (2nd click)? If you need to change the text then you can still use the full profile method. Cheers Martyn
  3. Would be possible to have a settings to enable the following when a user uses the logout option in relation to their Hornbill Availability? Warning prior to logging out if Status is set to Available. Automatically set Status to 'Out of the Office' Cheers Martyn
  4. Since the recent collaboration update, users are no long able to save their availability status as Busy. As soon as you set it to 'Busy' it get set as 'Out of the Office' in the corner and on the user's profile page. Can this be fixed please as soon as possible as users are not able to properly set there availability. Cheers Martyn
  5. It would be really useful to be able to alter and update both your availability status and text from the mobile app; As often you are pulled away from your desk for unplanned meetings/conversations which you could do with being able to change your status for. Cheers Martyn
  6. Would it be possible to have an additional availability states of Busy to the existing list, i.e. not available for automatic allocation of requests, but not in a meeting/out of the office? Cheers Martyn
  7. Following on from the work done in Service Manager (see post below) to show the status/availability of co worker when assigning requests, it would be useful to have the same details displayed in the 'Conversation' component of the Collaboration core. Cheers Martyn
  8. I was wondering about the possibility of being able to set a backup person for when you're on holiday etc If someone is on holiday and a user updates a call that update probably wont be seen until the analyst comes back in It could be something urgent and the customer is getting frustrated about the lack of a response If you could select a backup person when you change your status to on holiday etc then that person could receive any call updates
  9. Just in case anyone else is trying to create a widget to display on a dashboard showing the current availability of a number of analyst you use a Data List Widget and configure it to query h_sys_accounts as below. In the example below I have just included the users I was interested in filter where clause. The availability status is a numeric field which is 0=Available, 1=Lunch, 2=Training, 3=Holiday, 4=Meeting, 5=Out of the Office, 6=DND. Cheers Martyn
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