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Found 6 results

  1. I've got a lot of team members who have a strange mentality regarding call ownership. They feel if they assign the call to themselves, they have to do the job. Strangely, they'll update it, send the customer messages, lots of interaction with it but never assign it to themselves until they are ready to close it. Essentially "owning it"; I know, right? What I'd like to do is force the call to be assigned to the person who initially updates it. It can be reassigned thereafter, but that initial touch would make them the owner. Or, not allow the call to be updated unless an owner was assigned. Any thoughts on that?
  2. Can I request an enhancement to the Email options held at a Service level, to enable the automatic inclusion of connections when opening the request 'Email Action'. Connections is a very useful facility, but is let down by the need to manually have to add the connection on to the email action each and every time you use it. This whole relies on the analyst remembering to add the connections, which with human error results in an inconsistent application. We would propose there is an options as below:- Impacted connections - option None, To, CC or BCC. Interested connections - option None, To, CC or BCC By having a setting a the Service level this can be controlled and set due to the particular needs of the the service, rather than a system wide setting. Having the options above give complete flexibility to fit different service desk needs. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi All So we have 3 separate mailboxes all feeding into the one instance of Hornbill (we are currently comprised of 3 different Active Directorys / mailboxes until we become one entity at some point in the future). I have setup full access to each of these mailboxes, and granted this access to myself. However, when checking this function out, I can only get emails to generate if I set the mailbox to my local mailbox, but when setting it to 'Auto' I am getting the below error. Can anyone advise what I may be missing, as I am sure it is just a configuration issue somewhere ? We will need to have this set as 'Auto' due to the setup of our AD / Emails / teams at the moment, so it needs to work so that any of our analysts from each AD can access the request and send an email from their own local mailbox. In effect we will have 3 1st line teams, 3 2nd line teams etc until we have one common AD and Email. Many thanks
  4. Good morning, I have been asked to investigate if there is a way to stop accounts from suspending, when users put there password in wrong? Many thanks Hayley.
  5. Morning all, Its Friday! Could someone please advise me if i can set up a progressive capture in the portal to auto log one type of log through one category to a specific team and priority? If so what form etc would i need to use to do this? Thanks Hayley.
  6. Hello, Part of one of our Business Processes for IT Equipment handles expiration of a quote but I am not sure what the timer is set to for the Close Period section attached. Is anybody able to help? Thank you, Dan
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