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Found 18 results

  1. Would be possible to request an enhancement to allow us to be able to attach files from requests when resolving? Like the 'sending email' function, as currently we have to send the customer an email with the attachment etc in some jobs then go to the resolution tab and resolve with information like file send in previous email. Any a minor gripe but it would help us in some circumstances. Also is there any ideas of when we can send HTML responses in resolutions, so that we can use the 'Solutions' tab as it was designed?
  2. Are there any thoughts about having Wait for Attachment in a suspend node there is the option to change the focus but not to wait? Also, we would like a BPM task to indicate if there is an attachment in the request and to pull the description/filename into the task, but can't currently find a way of doing this.
  3. We are currently implementing a in built Widget to our applications to allow the logging of Requests into Hornbill to replace a current ZenDesk solution. This includes the ability to opt in take a screenshot of the current screen. We are trying to find more details or examples of using the 'webdav' session in conjunction with the invoking of the appropriate api items such as addAttachmentToEntit. https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Attachment?op=addAttachmentToEntity Has anyone got any examples for this this or any insight on how achieve this? Cheers Martyn
  4. We have a request that we have uploaded documents too but we cannot send an email with them attached, we can chose then but when we try to send the email we get this error The documents are definitely there as you can download and view then from the request so we are at a loss as to why this is happening.
  5. Wasn't sure if this was related to PCFs or to Service Manager in general, but we have a form that have multiple file uploads (4-6 dependant on questions answered) we would like when the request is submitted to have the attachments show in sections so that we can see which attachments relates to which question. In the nodes we have titles e.g. please upload the landowners permission, so in the request in the attachments we would like landowners permission as a header and then the attachment below it. Currently they show in a long list and not in order of submission so unless the customer calls the file something appropriate we have no idea which file is which without downloading and opening, meaning that more data is being held on individuals machines. Hope that makes sense?
  6. Would we ask for an attachment selector to be in the resolution tab, so that we can include files etc that are uploaded to the request to be sent as part of the resolution email? Currently this is only available in the update tab, which means that we have to 'double' resolve the requests by sending an update email and resolution email with moments of each other.
  7. Related to my earlier post about being able to 'Raise Request from Workspace Comment' can the feature also be extended to include the in line image associated with the Post or Comment used to raise the request as an attachment automatically on the requests progressive capture flow. Cheers Martyn
  8. When attempting to attach multiple emails from outlook to a request, where the subject will be the same and hence the attachment file name, the system will report an error when attempting to add the a further email reply with the same subject line. Can we raise an enhancement for the attachment process to append a number in brackets on the end to the filename, much like your browser does when downloading the a file of the same name in to your download folder. This will allow emails from the same email trail to be added as attachments to a request by drag & drop without manual intervention. Cheers Martyn
  9. When we try to send emails with attachments that are held within a request (via associated files) we are getting this error:
  10. Can I raise an enhancement to provide a Request Attachment Importer tool. Like the current SQL Request Import tool, provide a mechanism where the attachments information containing the case reference, visibility and file path can be queried form a database and the tool loads the attachments against the referenced requests. It it could also have the ability to match the case reference to a custom field/External Reference field, so that the source only has to have the legacy unique ID in it. Cheers Martyn
  11. Morning everyone, We've had a few people who have emailed our Service Desk regarding an open ticket and their email contains an attachment (a .doc or something similar). Although the email itself is being added to the relevant ticket, the attachment isn't being added to the 'Attachments' section. Is this something that's a config we need to turn on somewhere? Currently we need to scroll through the timeline, view the email, save the attachment then go back to the ticket and add it. Thanks in advance
  12. When uploading attachments in Hornbill there is no confirmation that this has worked, please can there be something to let you know that you have uploaded something. This especially pertinent if the attachment section appears off the bottom of the screen when completing forms. Maybe something like this? (sorry for the very bad Photoshop!)
  13. I am trying to automate our file transfer process using BPM workflow, where customers will submits a request for a patch/upgrade file from a catalog item linked to a service they are subscribed too. The aim is to both restrict access to these patches/upgrades to those who are subscribed to the appropriate services and also keep a record of who has downloaded what. I had originally looked are using a third party application and then using web hooks/integration from the BPM, but at the moment this does not look feasible. Therefore I am consider whether it is possible to do either of the following with enhancements in Hornbill. Add (and remove) Attachments in via the BPM As part of the catalog items BPM process automate adding an attachment to the request form an external source such as FTP. The process would then email the customer to advise them to log in to the customer portal to download it and then but the process on hold for 1 week, before the BPM process then removes the attachment from the request and closes it. Central Attachment store linked to a Service Having a central attachment/distribution store, similar to Document Manager, within Hornbill where a single master copy of the patch/upgrades are held. Then having the ability in the BPM to add the access to download the attachment and again then removing the link/permission after a period of time. Obviously my main aim is not to fill up my Hornbill storage with multiple copies of the patches/upgrades and to automate the process as much as possible. Would any of the above be piratical and also useful to others? Cheers Martyn
  14. Hi, We are having an issue with some people unable to add attachments to calls because they are too large. However I have set the file size limit to 20MB and the file is 14.6MB. Some people within the team can add the attachment but others, including myself, cannot. All people unable to add the file have the same roles (and a couple extra) as the person who can upload. Any ideas?
  15. Can I raise a enhancement request to have the option when inserting attachments already on the request into the Service Manager Email action, you can get it to insert a direct link to the attachment on the Service/Customer Portal, rather than attaching the file itself. This is part of us trying to encourage customers to use the portals rather than solely rely on email communication channel. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi All, I've been hunting around the forums and the wiki and haven't been able to find anything detailing whether or not this is possible. Here's the scenario in a nutshell: - Customer logs on to Self Service portal and logs a ticket - During Progressive Capture, the customer adds an attachment (screenshot of an error for example) - Business process then auto-forwards the call details on to the relevant department if it's not us in IT - In the event of it being forwarded, the call is automatically closed The question is, is it possible to include the attachment(s) that they added during PC in the email?
  17. Hi, I am creating a BPM for our equipment move process and need to make sure that all moves have a plan attached to the call. I was hoping for it to be nice and simple with a suspend-wait for attachment option but sadly this is not the case. The adding of the attachment is a checkpoint and is required but I want to make to as automated as possible rather than the analysts attach the file and then have to do something else to complete the check point. Any help/ideas appreciated! Thanks Dan
  18. Can you please advise if there is a way to increase the file upload limit within Service Manager from 10mb? We currently have some change requests with some attachments over 10mb, which will be need t be uploaded onto the forum.
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