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Found 13 results

  1. Can we request an enhancement to add the 'Bulk Actions' to the Asset Management list screen. At the moment the only thing you seem to be able to do when making multiple selection is delete. We would like the options to bulk update elements such as :- State Operational State Used by Notes For example we have annual expiring licenses which we need to alter the State/Operational State of when they expire. Cheers Martyn
  2. I'm just bumping this request as I could still do with some help! We manage our software licenses where we have ONE license with multiple seats by doing the following: We have a 'master' asset We have multiple (however many 'seats' we have) 'token' assets The token assets, when taken and used, are linked to the master asset. This way, we can track how many of these 'tokens' are being used, so we know when to start ordering more. When someone leaves, we remove 'their' token from the master, which then frees up a token to be used by someone else. In the bpm, I'd like to be able to select this 'master' asset (which isn't linked in any way to the customer of the request) and link or unlink the asset (which I CAN get access to in the BPM as it's linked to the request customer) and link the Master and Token to each other. I'd envision doing this by having a BPM node which allows me to 'get' an asset by it's ID (I will know what this is, and there will be only ONE of these to choose), and then linking this in the same way that I link any other asset in the bpm. Being able to do this in the BPM would save a fair amount of work for our analysts, and, if we could also 'unlink' the two assets in the BPM it would help to streamline our Leavers process too. thanks
  3. Does Hornbill offer any software that can detect assets without having to manually upload them?
  4. At the moment you can only upload an image to an individual asset. It would be really useful to either be able to add our own thumbnail picture or even select from font awesome icons for the default image for each Asset Type. At the moment every asset type under each asset class has the same hard coded image. These images are not consistent with the ones displayed when accessing 'Asset Management', which do appear to be font awesome icons. Cheers Martyn
  5. When adding a new Asset, the sections where their are Mandatory fields should auto expand so that they are visible to the end user, rather than having to expand them manually to locate/check for mandatory fields. Can this be raised as an enhancement. Thanks. Cheers Martyn
  6. Linked to my earlier post (see below) about the ability to control visibility of asset information between the user and owner of an asset, can we request an enhancement to to allow the owner of a asset to be an Hornbill Organisation object as well as an individual user. For example a Software or PC asset will be owned by the organisation/IT Team not an individual within the organisation. Cheers Martyn
  7. Can Assets be enhanced to have the same audit trail and timeline facilities as other objects in the system, so that there is a history of their use, changes etc. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi Is there a way to lock down the permission of editing assets within Service Manager, but still giving users the ability to view/link/raise activities from assets? Thanks Lauren
  9. Hi, We are currently importing various types of assets into our Service Manager instance. We have found that, when logging an incident/service request via the customer portal, all types of assets are presented to the customer - including servers, switches etc. We would like to be able to filter out certain asset types on the portal, via the "asset details" out of the box form, so that only those relevant to the end user are presented. Is there any way that this can be achieved? I've looked within the "Asset Management" section of Service Manager and cannot see anywhere that this would be set. Thanks Lauren
  10. Hi there, hopefully a simple one. We use Hornbill mainly for customers rather than our own company. These are configured within Organisations and Contacts. I've been looking at using the asset manager to control some of the stock we maintain for them. Problem I'm hitting is that while you can assign the 'owned by' field to users, you cannot assign them to the Organisation. Is this something that's possible and I'm just missing? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I am looking into the possibility of scheduling activities from assets rather than using standard changes, e.g. for server reboots that happen each week on the same day/time. When viewing an activity, after it has been created from the asset record, it displays the asset ID information rather than the asset name - see screenshot below. I would like to propose that it shows the asset name, rather than the asset ID, that the activity is linked to - in this instance, rather than saying "Asset: 1" it would say "Asset: Server123" (I promise our server naming conventions are better than that!). This would mean that the analyst owning the activity wouldn't have to navigate to the asset properties every time to confirm the asset the activity is in relation to. Is this a system setting that I am able to change, or is this something Hornbill would have to put forward as an enhancement? Thanks Lauren
  12. Hi We're not really using Asset management yet, but as I prep for next year, it would be good to be able to use Asset management for managing software asset in particular from a budgeting perspective. I'm keen to hear how others are using Asset Management, and if there are any tips for things to definitely do, and things to definitely avoid! Thanks Darren
  13. Hi All, Within the Asset Management side of Hornbill, would it be possible for us to be able to change the Hard-coded State and Operational State to different Text strings? Many Thanks in Advance, Josh
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