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Found 8 results

  1. Can we raise an enhancement request to have a setting to control the rendering of HTML Href within emails when emails are used to log or applied to Service Manager Requests. The setting is to determine what element of the Href is rendered into the text used as part of the timeline updated, i.e. the 'link text' or the 'url' value. At the moment the email rendering to textual timeline inserts the whole 'url' and not the human intended 'link text'. With the introduction of new security features in Office 365 in the form of Safe Links in Microsoft Defender for Office 365, embedded 'url' for Href in emails are encoded in a very long url which redirect all links to via the Microsoft's Safe Links dynamic checking facility rather then the original source url. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/office-365-security/atp-safe-links?view=o365-worldwide#:~:text=Safe Links scanning is enabled,Block the following URLs" list. As these links are very long and also do not represent the original embedded link in a human readable form, we would like the setting to be added so the Href 'link text' is inserted into the textual timeline and not the 'url'' content. Without these setting the timeline entry become blotted and unreadable very quickly. Cheers Martyn
  2. When applying an email to a request, the date and time stamp information is not included in the header information added to the timeline entry. The timeline entry will just show the date and time the email was added to the request, which is fine, but in order to view the email delivery date/time stamp you have to open the request. Can we request the date/time stamp information show in the shared mailbox is embedded in the time line text. This could be a configurable setting to allow this to be turned on or off on a per instance basis. Cheers Martyn
  3. As a follow on from the request below which has now been implemented, can the timeline update be extended to include the text of all the email addresses on the To: recipients. At the moment it does not show any details from the To: part of the email and you have to open the linked email to view this information. Having the information as part of the timeline, makes it easier for the analyst to pick up and add additional connections. Cheers Martyn
  4. Can the 'Apply to Request' action from Shared Mailbox, be updated so when the email is attached to the timeline in the Service Manager request, the update includes any CC: recipients, so it is consistent with the way emails sent from Service Manager are displayed in the timeline. This will help analyst identify any new connections which need to be added as well as save time as they will not have to use the 'View Email' option to see this information. I thought this had been logged before but was not able to locate this via the forum search. Cheers Martyn
  5. Linked to the post at the bottom of this one, can the Time Sheet option on the Shared Mailbox be enabled so that we can also record the time spent against raising new requests and applying updates from the shared mailbox on to Service Manager requests? The options is there but does not seem to function or setup. Cheers Martyn
  6. When raising a new request or applying an update to a request manually via the Shared Mailbox there is no language option and the system applies the language of the analyst processing the email. In order to support a multilingual shared mailbox there needs to be the options for Language drop down defaulting to the analyst setting, but containing all activated languages in the instance. Where matched contact, highlight the default language of the contact in the language drop down. Provide the translate option when viewing an email based on the language drop down. Use the selected language as the setting on the request/timeline entry created by the process. If theses could be looked at as enhancements to complete the setup of multiple language support, especially for those of us who provide external support and still have a significant email communication stream. Cheers Martyn
  7. Related to our post below about deleting processed emails from our mailbox below in order to speed up mailbox operations, we have discovered that unlike Support Works where the emails related to a request being logged or updates from email get stored as attachments to the request itself (CFA attachment store I seem to remember) in Hornbill it is just a link to the original email in the mailbox store. Therefore when you clear down your deleted items (default) or your own specified folder, where the emails are put after being processed by Raise Request or Apply to Request, you will lose access from within the request timeline entry to the 'View Email' option. The 'View Email' option is still displayed on the timeline entry but you will get the Hornbill error below:- So if you want retain access to view the source email from within the timeline on a request you need to keep the emails in the mailbox itself, else This caught us out a bit as we have deleted a large volume of historic emails have which we have processed via Raise Request and Apply to Request, which we cleared down as performance within the mailbox itself was degrading. Cheers Martyn
  8. When the Email mailbox 'Apply to Request' option is used to update a request the resultant timeline entry visibility setting can only be adjusted by the user who undertook the update. Even as a super user/system admin we are not able to alter the visibility, only the user who undertook the update. This seems to be a bit restrictive give that the visibility of other timeline updates can be changed. Also with us operating a shift system with our 1st Tier, where an email update has had its viability incorrect set, i.e. an internal email marked as customer, we may not be able to correct this for sometime, making it visible to the customer on the portal. Can the ability to alter the email visibility be configured as a setting or the unnecessary restrictions removed? Cheers Martyn
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