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Found 7 results

  1. Good day to you! Selecting "Raise New" Incident used to generate a view that looked like this: After making some edits to resolve Board Manager errors, the functionality has changed and now we have this fucntionality. May you help us bring it back to what it was?
  2. Hi, I've created custom fields in hornbill with a goal to use them in reports. I use them mainly in the analyst view for calls and enable all custom fields then export the data as a csv. I've noticed that custom fields 31-40 don't appear in the list of view-able custom fields, is there a reason for this and is there anyway I can display it? Custom fields 21-30 are empty but the next 10 don't appear on the list as seen below. Any information is helpful, thanks.
  3. So this is a new one I think, we have situations where you are working in a request and someone else comes along and types a resolution or email and then completes the action and your update/email etc is removed from the request if not submitted quickly enough. Would it be possible to be notified like Google Docs/MS Office when someone else is in the request, doesn't need to be who the specific analyst is (although that would be ideal) even like other web-pages e.g. someone booked this recently type of popup. I'm guessing that you know where analysts are in the system database at any given time.....
  4. So I remember that this was a request from a while ago but I cannot find a trace of it.... there was talk of having more granular notifications of request assignment, updates, tasks, mentions etc that could be controlled by the users so that they could choose to receive an email or hornbill notification etc.
  5. On the Timesheet view within the Service Manager request, it would be useful to have a breakdown of time spent by Analyst on the 'Values View'. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hello All, Would like to request some enhancements to the Achievements feature to flesh it out a bit and make it a bit more usable. We're a small team and won't really use it for it's original purpose (time restraints etc.) however am hoping to use make full use of the tool and use the achievements function as a way of granting clearance for systems and assigning a "lead" analyst for specific systems. Have done some testing and it will work but not that great, would need the following functionality (which I think is pretty reasonable and would be useful for any use of the achievements function) to make full use of it: - Ability to revoke an achievement - Ability to see all analysts that have achieved a certain achievement - Ability to view category of achievement - either extra text or when you hover over it - Ability to search an achievement - Ability to list achievements differently on an analysts page - currently it lists as date only but categories would also be useful Many thanks, Tom
  7. When assigning a request to an analyst, via the user application, who is not set to Available, there is now warning or popup like there is in Support Works to advise you that the analyst is not available nor the option to continue or cancel assignment. If this is not already a planned change, can this be raised as important change as this is quite crucial for us as we have a distributed teams working different working patterns. Cheers Martyn
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