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Found 8 results

  1. I have gone to look at the global sub statuses today: admin>applications>service manager>configuration>request sub-statuses and got presented with this page.... Please can this be fixed?
  2. Over the years of using the system our organisation structure has grown and changed within Hornbill, with deeper and more complex structures. This has meant that organisation objects created originally where Teams at the time have now become parent departments with child teams. This has become more apparent with the new Admin Tool Organisation view. The current Admin Tool does not allow you to update the Organisation 'Type' field, so we are not able to alter the types of the existing organisation records and make full use of the Organisation view. Can we request to have the ability to update the Organisation Type via the Admin Tool. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can the current 'Hornbill Change History' option in the Admin Tool be extended to include the date and time the release was automatically applied to the instance and how long it took, which is the information which is currently sent as an email? Cheers Martyn
  4. We have an integration call that fails where the target does not receive the request, see below error When we check the sessions in the system we see the below, which seems to have multiple sessions for the same user. However we cannot see a reason for this happening.... does anyone know what is happening? There are ideas here around things like Service Manager updates happening for example, we had this issue this morning when we applied the latest update but we are not sure if this is a coincidence.
  5. As we have a growing and complex Organisation structure implemented in the Hornbill platform, it would be a real help to have a way to visually view and amend the organisation structure in a Hierarchical UI. Though you can sort by the Parent column, this does not give you the whole structural view. Cheers Martyn
  6. When you need to update database rights under a role, you have to page through the an excessive number of pages to locate specific database tables. Can a filter be added to make it easier to locate and update the database table permissions for roles. Cheers Martyn
  7. We are in the process of importing (via LDAP) around 800 users into the system as basic users with access to SelfService, so that they can login using single sign on into the Service Portal. It would be really useful to have a textual filter like those provided on other area such as Settings->Advanced so that you can start typing a users name and the list will be filtered down. Even applying the current filters to limit the list by type, still means we have to page through or try guess which page a specific user will be on. Thanks. Martyn
  8. Filtering settings in the Admin Tool only seems to work up to the first period, i.e. entering app into the filter will show you all the setting beginning with this but if you enter in app.requests, which there are values for when the former filter is used are not displayed when later one is. Is this a known issue? Thank Martyn PS might be worth creating a sub forum under System Administration for the Admin Tool and moving this topic to there?
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