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Found 5 results

  1. Please can we get some advice on this as we have some new processes that we would like to open up for people outside of our University to complete form in our portal. However, this is not something that we have done before and we are wondering what is involved and if there is any documentation on how you allow this, we currently use SSO to login into our portal and I guess that we would need some config changes to allow this? Also once this happens how to make certain forms only available to this subset of users?
  2. Hi I saw a post from a couple of years ago that seems to cover this. What we envisage is an option for the customer to share their request with another customer so they can ideally view it on the portal and receive notifications when it is updated. I'm often having to copy in various parties to keep them up-to-date with a particular request. They are normally a group of basic users who are either experiencing the same issue. This would be particularly handy where we've had several requests logged for the same issue, linked them and then just use one request to track progress to solution and keep everyone who reported the issue informed. It there anything in the pipeline?
  3. Hi One of our staff has changed name. This means she has a new Active Directory account and through LDAP provisioning, a new Service Manager. How does she access requests she logged prior to her name change? (i.e. logged under her old user name
  4. Good afternoon everyone, Another quick question. None of our users have the right to resolve calls currently other than me admin, manager and Team leader of service desk. Do we know what role this sits under? and is there a safe role for this (So as not to give users too many permissions) Many thanks as always Hayley.
  5. We have two teams who both come under the umbrella of service A. Team 1 - Needs to be able to create/update/view all of the requests logged to service A Needs to be able to assign ownership of requests to anybody in team 1 or team 2 Team 2 - Needs to be able to create/update/view requests that are assigned to team 2 only. Need to be able to assign requests to other members of team 2 only. I've managed to get part of the way there by myself. To start with I've changed the business process so that any requests that are created by a member of team 2 are automatically assigned to team 2. My problem is with the 'All my services' view in Service Manager. If I don't include team 2 as a 'Supporting Team' in service A then they cannot see the 'All my services' option but they can still use 'All my teams' to see requests that are assigned to them, this is what we want. Unfortunately if team 2 are not included as a 'Supporting Team' in service A, members of team 1 cannot then assign requests to anybody in team 2. On the other hand if I do include team 2 as a 'Supporting Team' in service A they can be assigned requests by members of team 1 but the 'All my services' view reappears for them which then allows them full access to update/view the full list of requests, this is not what we want. I'm sure that there's just a problem with the way that I'm organizing our groups and services but perhaps there's a simpler solution – can we just switch off the 'All my services' button for the members of team 2? Thanks
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