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Found 9 results

  1. Hi @AlexTumber Another one for your attention. To be fair I thought this was possible already (create workspace) but I cant seem to find it anywhere so maybe I was mistaken.
  2. Hi eveybody, is there a way to delete a post (generally speaking) especially into a workspace? thank you
  3. Are there any plans to allow tagging of Collaboration Users in workspaces as you type, so that they get a notification that they have been mentioned in a Workspace post? Cheers Martyn
  4. At the moment you can add a multiple lines of text into 'Posts', i.e. you can use the carriage return (Enter) to layout and enter a large amount of sturtured text into a the post. But when entering a Comment or Answer, you are only able to inserts one continuous string of text as it is submitted when you press Enter. Is there any plans to apply the same UI process as with a Post when you press a button to submit you Comment or Answer? Cheers Martyn
  5. Is there a way to set a system wide setting on collaboration admin tool, so that the default display order in workspaces for all users is 'most recently updated'? Cheers Matryn
  6. We are using a workspace to record SQL Statements, at the moment as part of our test data transfer to Service Manager, but going forward we use SQL Statements in a lot of our own support service, so will need to include them in workspace posts etc. I noticed that when they are pasted in two single quotes next each to each other are stripped. Example SQL below and screen shot. This means that when you copy them back out again to apply the fix, they are corrupted. Cheers Martyn Original Source SQL select keysearch as login_id, firstname as first_name, surname as last_name, company.companyname, email as email_1, '' as email_2, isnull(telephone,'') as telephone_1, mobiletel as telephone_2, isnull(JobTitle,'') as job_title, 'Transfered from Support Works' as description, isnull(userdb.notes,''),isnull(company.country,''), 'English (British)' as language, isnull(webflag&1,0) as Portal_Account from userdb left join company on userdb.fk_company_id=company.pk_company_id
  7. We have gone live with Workspaces ahead of us going live with Service Manager to get our users used to the new platform and to start to capture some of the knowledge/information we have spread around numerous different sources. One thing we have already identified is that we will have a large volume of Workspaces and will need the ability to do more advanced/structured searches. At the moment with the drop down arrow on the Workspaces search feature allows you to filer by ‘Date’, ‘Posted By’ and ‘Workspaces’. However we would like to be able to more structure/logic based searches. For instance, where the Workspace name is begins with a value, contains a phrase but does not contain another phrase. Perhaps using some search format like below:- Workspace like ‘Uniform%’ and subject ‘Version 10.1’ and subject not ‘Version 10.1.1’ Is this something that would be possible? Cheers Martyn
  8. I have been trying to locate a on the wiki or web the list of supported files types which are supported in Workspace posts. Is it only image files like jpeg that it supports, as I know .PDF and Word documents fail with an unsupported file type issue. Cheers Martyn
  9. At the moment in a Workspace Post, Question, Comment or Answer you can only paste in or attach a single image/file. Is there any plans to support multiple images/files? Cheers Martyn
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