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  1. So when in changes etc, in the details section is there a way to make the text bold, italics, underlined etc?
  2. Just wondering if there is a way to mass remove all tasks from a user to then be able to remove the licence. The user has 640 items assigned to them. I have added myself as their manager so can see the list of tasks.
  3. Hello I would like to use the functionality of Activities in tickets, the process of setting them up seems simple enough the think I do want to know is the email notification part, How to I sent this up? Where does the template live? How do I assign the template to be used for Activity notifications?
  4. As an agent it would be great to have the option to enable tasks to be visible in my request list could I ask if this could be looked at as a possible enhancement??
  5. Morning, I have noticed that our tasks are running a hour out on timing, they are a hour ahead. I think it may well be only affecting and tasks running parallel, however when they are completed they are showing as completed at the correct time in the timeline. Please see screenshots, is there something I need to change to resolve this?
  6. We are having problems in opening tasks that have been assigned to an analyst via the mobile app, it just doesn't seem to open/view any of them screen capture below of issue. The app is up to date and I re-installed to make sure it wasn't something in my settings.
  7. Hi, Could we have the option to create tasks as cards from the 'Add new' button. At the moment I am creating tasks and then having to add them to the boards. This would be much quicker with tasks as an option.
  8. Hi, I am not sure this is the best place to post this request but here goes nothing: When a colleague goes on holiday for a long period of time, having the possibility to setup a delegate for all new tasks would be incredibly useful. I can see at least 2 solutions: 1. Setup a delegate between two dates. 2. When the status of the person is "On Holiday" and a delegate is specified in his profile When assigning a task to the person going on holiday, the system could then double check the settings and reassign the task automatically (as if it was done manually by an admin)? Anybody else interested?
  9. Hi, When a project task is marked as complete, regardless of the % complete, it becomes locked/read only. This causes issues if the task needs to be re-opened. Please could this be investigated?
  10. I have been asked to chase up tasks that are older than a certain date. I can find the tasks older than this date, but have noticed that there are a lot of 'approval' tasks which are still active, but belong to closed calls. These tasks are the ones that were sent out to all people who are in a group of approvers, where only one or some of them need to give approval for the call to progress. Is there a way 'auto-close' these tasks once a call has been closed or cancelled? The only way I can think of stopping this from happening in the first place, is in the business process that processes the call. Although this won't resolve this in calls that were raised before the business process change. Hmm
  11. Is there a way of emailing Human Tasks like an authorisation node? Ideally we would like the auto authorisation task to be able to have custom fields, so that the authorisor can choose an option from a drop down or list.... but we can't think of a way of achieving this with the current features available
  12. As part of our change process we have a task for CERFs (when a change goes wrong), I am trying to find a way to pull out the task questions and answers that relate to specific tasks e.g. Task Title - CERF form for CHxxxxxxx Questions: Please enter the date that the change took place Give details of any unplanned outcomes What specific actions were taken to mitigate the unplanned outcomes? List recommendations to avoid these these outcomes in the future, including resources required We would then like a report based on the task(s) to display this information clearly so that we can keep tabs on the responses, also there is a subsequent task that happens after this which is the recommendations from CAB, which we would also like to include at the end of the request after it is closed. Has anyone ever done anything like this? I have got as far as getting the task information although it pulls a lot of other tasks not related, but also we cannot find an easy way to format the reports in Service Manager i.e. change the layouts etc
  13. When viewing tasks as project user, you have the ability to update the timeline as well as complete the task. If you view the same task in your My Activities list, you cannot update the timeline and when you complete the activity, the completion notes do not then show on the project task. The audit tab on the project task is also not updated. For us, this would mean all users would need a project user subscription just to update and complete tasks, which would be extremely costly. Is there any development work in place to address this, or can it be added to your list please.
  14. Hi all, Has there been a change to the formatting of the tasks checklists? It seems that suddenly it has parentheses after each heading and I am sure the headings used to be bold? Or am I going mad(der)?
  15. Why do people struggle to follow processes? Many a great manager has asked themselves the time-honored question; How do you make people follow procedures and not miss things? Having more or less documented the processes, and having put them into your knowledge base tool, and having created internal training courses to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures and so on. Despite all this effort, still the most basic things get missed. There is no glaring flaw in the process, and it seems random, sometimes its done, sometimes not, and when you ask why (assuming you or someone else has the time to monitor the process) there is always an excuse, everything from "I did not know" to "Oh, I forgot!" The answer to this is quite simple, you are dealing with people, and people are fundamentally variable in their behaviors, they are not robots, and even the best people will make mistakes from time to time. Processes are typically designed based on logic and flow, and most often without considering the human factor, because how do you account for the fact that a particular step in your process might get missed because of an unexpected event in a co-workers life - and that is where even the best most elegantly written procedures can fail. I wanted to share my thoughts on the things you should be considering to make your processes work better. You cannot rely on documenting your process Most people do not read documents, that's a fact. If you give someone a documented procedure, they will read it once and file it away. What you can be sure of though, is no one will have the process document in hand while they follow the process day-to-day. Now that is not to say you should not document your processes, you absolutely should, and you should accept that the development of your process document serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it is your design document, its the physical manifestation of your thoughts and your process design, its the basis upon which you get organizational buy-in, its the thing that you "sign-off" before your process goes into operation. Secondly, it is the "reference" to your process and its intent, its the thing you fall back to when the procedure is not working, and you need to change your process. Improving a process means, changing the document, and re-training people - in that order. Simplify your procedure portfolio We have all seen the case where over time an organization builds a mountain of processes and procedures, where each process makes sense in isolation, has already been approved and has a rational reason for existing. You must work to reduce and simplify the things people are expected to follow. If you have an extensive process portfolio, people will struggle with the library of process documents, let alone the procedures themselves. The truth is, processes work in an industrial setting, say manufacturing where you are re-creating the same widget over and over again, but in the case where you are dealing with knowledge workers, then process that aim to make your workers into robots are significantly less effective. Allow Yourself to be Agile I have heard many times people refer to being agile as a lazy way of managing, or as a way to avoid having to follow a process. The essence of being Agile is allowing your workers to think for themselves, to break away from what can be restrictive shackles of command and control and to "trust" your people will do the right thing. It is a cultural thing because it requires your people to exhibit fundamentally different behaviors, and they need to be allowed to behave in that way. But if you are pragmatic, being Agile can absolutely (and should) co-exist in a process controlled environment. The smart organization will know how to blend the two, in essence, be Agile where its possible, but rely on a smaller and more simplified process portfolio where its necessary to meet organizational efficiencies, regulatory or compliance needs. Automate The go-to solution for continuous process failure is automation, but even today people, in particular, the people who are tasked with the design and deployment of processes misunderstand how Automation fits in. In the world of IT, there are so many tools that are touted to automate everything, like software deployment or patches or creating user accounts or whatever, so it is easy to assume that automation is all about these types of things. Now while automation can easily be applied here, it is worth taking a moment to think about the three words "Business Process Automation" and what they mean. A great way to start to think about this is to think of your processes as concerning automating "human activity only," in other words, take the robot players like the IT automation tools out of the equation and work only with human activity. Then you introduce a new idea into your thinking "Human Task Orchestration," and this is the most powerful weapon at your disposal when it comes to ensuring your processes are correctly followed. A useful business process tool (like Hornbills obviously) will differentiate between human task orchestration and systems automation. A well-designed process and the right business tool will make it possible for people (actors) to participate in a given process - without the need to understand the bigger process picture, they just need to do the tasks assigned to them, and the process will take care of orchestrating who has to do what, and when. In summary, people are always going to make mistakes, the thing to do is to recognize and accept that, and design your processes to be tolerant of that fact. Automate the mundane work; when you have that tedious job that has to get done to keep the lights on, remove the thinking required and give people a list (of insular tasks) to work through, most people work a lot better with a simple list of jobs before them. Life will be a lot better for everyone if you get your process strategy right.
  16. I have turned on the feature (experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields) and have created some custom fields within a task but when we view the task they are not showing. When we view the task there are no custom fields being displayed. Is there a setting that turns on enhanced tasks, or is there a setting that we have missed? Thanks in advance Jeremy
  17. Hi, Is there a chance we could have the ability to use simple lists as check lists in tasks? I am going to be creating a number of new CIs and the tasks on almost all of them will have the same list, but the actual BPM will be too different to make it worth while copying and editing. Also should this list change I will then have to go through and edit all the relevant tasks (not a task I relish to be honest) Thanks
  18. Hi Everyone, Is there a way to generate an appointment activity through the BPM? Thanks, Tom
  19. Hi all, I have noticed after a Harry Hornbill notification that the view of tasks has been changed. However this seems to have removed the green progress bar and replaced it with a grey one which makes the %age difficult to read to say the least.
  20. is there a way to see all the task assigned to all the teams for the Service Desk Manager? and if there's a way can it be viewed through the calendar view?
  21. Hi all, I set up some scheduled tasks on Thursday and have come in this morning to find that one of them has generated 1821 tasks. It looks to have generated 1 new task every minute since it kicked off on the 1st at midnight. I have since stopped the task. None of the other scheduled tasks have done anything weird (so far) I have attached the config of the task. Also if someone could delete all tasks named 'Systems User Review' from our instance fairly urgently as other genuine tasks are lost in a sea of duplicates and I dont fancy sitting around all day deleting them. Thanks Dan
  22. Hi all, Is there a way of auto removing tasks that are assigned to a team once they are completed? Currently our Service Desk is using the API task scheduler and even though the tasks are complete they are not removed from the activities list. This is becoming a problem as analysts are losing their own tasks in the list. Also, on a side note, tasks created by the API scheduler are sometimes duplicated. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when or why they are duplicated but again this can cause issues with analysts working on different copies of the same task. I know that in app scheduling is on the horizon but unless it is going to be released this week if someone could point me at why the tasks gets duplicated that would be great Thanks Dan
  23. Hi all, I have been given an issue by a member of one of our Dev teams to solve which is turning out to be a bit more complex than I first thought. When we have a new starter request, if a user selects one or more 'Dev Team' applications logons to be created, they want a task to be generated and assigned to the team which gives them all the relevant info to enable them to create an account. At the moment the Service Desk pass the ticket to them and then they pass it back once the accounts have been created. I added a decision node into the BPM which, if the user has selected one or more of the 4 types, would create a task and assign it to Dev. So far so good. I then tried adding request question info from the 4 PC forms to the notes of the task but it will only see the last 'Get Request Questions' node. To try and explain it better (or make it worse) I have attached a diagram. In the attached, assume applications A,C,E are all Dev Apps. Ideally I want the task to be generated as per the attached diagram. I have also attached the view of the PC I am working with. If anyone can help achieve this or show me a better / easier way it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Dan
  24. Hi all, I have had an issue reported to me where analysts are unable to close tasks assigned to other teams, even though both teams support the service. I thought that adding the role 'Advanced Request Task Completer' along with 'Incident Management Full Access'' and 'Service Request Full Access' would allow anyone with those roles to close any task assigned to any team as long as both teams supported the service. I vaguely remember there being a thread about it but my brain has decided to have the day off and I cant find it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Dan
  25. Since a recent Service Manager update (we are now on build 979) the full text of the human task/activity is now being added into the timeline when the it is marked as completed along with the 'Reason' text. As some of out human tasks have quite long descriptions to cover the actions/procedures involved this is making the timeline unreadable as the actual reason (text entered into when completing the task) and the outcome are pushed to the bottom of the update and not visible without using the show more option. There is no need to include the full description of the task when recording it completion on the timeline as it is shown in the completed activities. Is there an option to turn this off either as a system wide setting or on the human task node in the BPM itself? If not can this be raised as a urgent change request. Cheers Martyn
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