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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, Event through we have single sign on activate when our customers click on the URL to go to the service desk portal they still need to click the login link in the top right hand corner. It does not ask for their user names and password etc but we would prefer to take them straight to they services icons. Is this a bug or a setting that i can change?
  2. We have been using SSO in Hornbill for quite a while without issue but have recently started experiencing an issue that is at the moment seemingly only affecting a small number of users. In internet Explorer when the user selects the Identity Provider (we have 4 SSO profiles) the page redirects to the Federation server with just a blank page. Only when the page is refreshed is the redirect to Hornbill initiated. We have other applications that use Federation that apparently aren't experiencing the same issue. Have you seen this before? Is it likely to be related to Hornbill, Internet Explorer or the Federation servers? Thanks Carl
  3. Hello, I would like Hornbill as a development piece to work with Microsoft setting up there single sign install to be placed in the Azure marketplace. The reasons for this as followed - Easy setup of single sign on for azure users - Decreased cost for companies - This is a big one for us as currently not all users have a licence that allows them Azure premium attached them, this is as we have different sites with different licence models. Azure premium is need for users to use single sign on with azure AD if the service is not in the marketplace. If you are in the market place this is not needed I understand the above is our issue in essence but I also feel that it would be a good move for Hornbill showing that they are flexible with a range of technologies Please could this request be taken under consideration ( I know this is not a 5mins fix ) Cheers Gareth
  4. Afternoon all, Wonder if i can grab some advice, we are currently tryingn to implement our SSO profiles for the Self service portal. We are coming accross a issue where it direct the portal but does not sign users into it Here is a screenshot of our profile. we are using another piece of software (Centrify) as our source atm. so for example, Someone logs on to the centrify app or centrify webpage and then every app on that webpage is SSO from this point as AD credentials have already been supplied. Here is a screen shot of our SSO Profile: As far as i can see i have completed it to the instructionsn on the wiki page. We have done the same at the centrify end (just FYI) But the result we are getting is as follows: Does anyone have any ideas/advice in regards to this. Thanks Hayley.
  5. We have configured our customer portal single sign on correctly according to discussions with Bob Dickinson but when we attempt sign on using a test client user we get an ADFS related error message. We have configured a guest realm ORC UK accesspoint customer self service with relevant entity ids and X509 certificates. It has been suggested by Bob that we post screen shots of our configuration on this forum Hornbill SSO config and ADFS config. but this would contain sensitive ORC information that is visible to other client users, so I am not prepared to do that. I can provide screenshots direct to Hornbill support team members that reach out to me but not to the wider forum that includes other clients. We have carried out a logged session at ORC where IT viewed the logs, whilst a login was going on, but this generated no error messages in our ADFS log We need IT expertise at ORC and Hornbill to get together in a meeting to help us resolve what is going on We can log in correctly to the Hornbill customer portal using the test user when the single sign on is not enabled When we configured our LDAP attributes we only set the h_email attribute. This is the error message we were getting. I am stuck because I think we need some SAML and configuration expertise from both sides to get together to help us resolve this. Regards Adrian
  6. We are implementing single sign on using ADFS/SAML and pre-creating our users via the LDAP Import tool. Therefore the Hornbill platform will not contain a password in essence for any of our users. As I understand it at the moment the mobile app needs a Hornbill password to connect, rather than using the SSO process. If as user logs into the application via SSO and then uses the change password option in their profile, will this suffice for them connecting via the Mobile App? Cheers Martyn
  7. We're working with our domain admins regarding setting up SSO with our corporate network AD. They've asked if Hornbill signs the SAML requests that our domain would send. If so, how is this done? Thanks, James
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