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Found 4 results

  1. I've been trying to figure this one out, but I've drawn a bit of a blank I have a requirement for a Service to be setup which is available to all users (i.e. there are no specific Subscribers listed against the service, it's available to everyone) via the Portal Within this service there needs to be mulitple Service Catalog items, but I need to restrict some of them so that they are only visible to certain users (I basically need everyone to be able to be set as a customer against any request raised against the catalog item, but only certain people to be able to actually raise the request in the portal - the service desk analysts/BPM workflows will change the customer on the request later as/when needed) I've noticed that there is a Restrict visibility option available on Service Catalog Items, but only when specific Subscribers are listed against the service, it disappears when the service is available to everyone Is there any way to do this when the Service is available to everyone (i.e. no specifically listed subscribers?)
  2. Hi all, I know that this isn't possible at the moment so I am hoping I can raise an enhancement request here. I would like to be able to control access to service catalog items on a per item basis rather than at service level. In our scenario, the service desk will be responsible for triage and resolution of the ticket but not everyone in the business uses the platform and so only a select subset of users need to be able to see / raise tickets. At the moment I am having to create new services and allow access to the users plus add the service desk as the supporting team where as I would like to be able to have the catalog item under our incidents tile but only be accessible be the approved users. I am trying to not have lots of different services all supported by the same team. I was thinking that if the catalog item isn't modified to explicitly mention a supporting team or subscribed users the service options take precedent but you could modify the supporting teams and subscribers should the need arise. Anyone got any input / feedback on this? Thanks Dan
  3. With the introduction of Service Catalogs we can now specify what progressive capture to use and whether it is used for Portal, User App or Both. In terms of the progressive capture itself we want to try use a single workflow, but need to branch in the capture workflow depending on whether it is being accessed via the protal or user app. What parameter/variable accessible in the progressive capture workflow determines the context it is being run under which we can then use in the decision condition? Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to log a ticket against a service you don't support? For example, our IT Service Desk receive an email which warrants a ticket being raised to our IT Sec team. Service Desk don't support the IT Sec service due to the sensitive info contained therein Service Desk (at the moment) have to raise the ticket as a normal IT Incident as they cannot log tickets against services they don't support Service desk can still see the ticket info (which may be inappropriate) as they support the IT Incident service Is there a way of allowing call logging against a service you don't support? I am aware this may seem like a 'fire and forget' thing but as long as the BPM is set to assign the call to the correct team I don't see an issue. Thanks Dan
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