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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Can I request that a third option is added to the search bar please. Currently, you can search either the details or the timeline of requests (as below). We'd find it useful if there was a third option to search the questions of requests. Is this something that could be implemented? Thanks Lauren
  2. Related to my earlier post on structured searching within Workspaces, would it be possible to list the field names which are exposed for searching requests. From my testing it appears 'content' seems to include the historic updates as well as the timeline updates, but thinking of whether you can also use search criteria such as owner, service, team etc. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi, Is it possible to be able to search on text entered in an incidents update/timeline? If something has been captured during the life of an incident but not entered into the Summary/Description/Resolution I can't search for it. Thanks James
  4. Hi, Is there anything on the cards to improve the searching facility for Calls? The biggest frustration everyone has at our place is that your unable to sort the results after doing a search. So they can put in a key word but sometimes that brings back loads of results and it's hard as your unable to sort it (by date for instance). I know there are options to filter the search beforehand by owner, request type etc - but if you don't know this information before you start it makes finding something very hard (especially if it's not something you normally deal with and aren't sure how it was logged previously). I've been asked to find out if there is any way of adding keywords/tags etc to calls to make searching easier. Is any of this planned in the near future? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make it easier for analysts to search for calls? Searching has always been an issue, however the need is more pressing now. Thanks Tina
  5. Hi We've found a slight anomaly when searching for people in Service Manager. To aid my explanation, a bit of context - our users' handles have the format "FirstName LastName ID" (the ID is the same as the User ID). When searching for an analyst by ID (as that's what we use to login to our network) in the customer details progressive capture form, you have to type the whole of the ID, rather than part of it. However, when searching for analyst when assigning a request, you can enter part of the ID and the user is returned. If you enter the same part of the ID in the customer details progressive capture, it doesn't return any results. Is there a setting I need to enable to ensure the same results are found? Thanks Lauren
  6. Searching is proving to be an issue in Service Manager, is there a free search (or another method) to be able to search every request open, closed, cancelled etc where it will search the Summary, Description, Timeline, Questions etc?
  7. Searching for Requests in Service Manager Hornbill's Service Manager offers a number of search features for locating requests held within Service Manger. These include options from using simple filters to creating complex search conditions. The Global Search located at the top of the browser is always available no matter which Hornbill app you are working in. A combination of a text search, search tools, and advanced operations provides the flexibility needed for fast results. The Request List in itself contains a number of easily accessible options such as the Quick Filter located on the Request List tool bar. As this works within your request list, options such as sorting and exporting your results are also available. There may also be a need for a more complex search to find something very particular whether it be a single request or a group of requests. For this we have the Advanced Search. A wide range of criteria can be selected to build different conditions for your search. Now you may find yourself searching the same criteria over and over again. If this is the case you are able to save your Advanced Search as a View. This will then be available in your list of Views to be used when ever needed. One additional feature for searching requests can be accessed from the keyboard using the Shift+Ctrl+F key combination. No matter where you are in Hornbill you can access this search where you can can enter a full reference number and open the request.
  8. We have gone live with Workspaces ahead of us going live with Service Manager to get our users used to the new platform and to start to capture some of the knowledge/information we have spread around numerous different sources. One thing we have already identified is that we will have a large volume of Workspaces and will need the ability to do more advanced/structured searches. At the moment with the drop down arrow on the Workspaces search feature allows you to filer by ‘Date’, ‘Posted By’ and ‘Workspaces’. However we would like to be able to more structure/logic based searches. For instance, where the Workspace name is begins with a value, contains a phrase but does not contain another phrase. Perhaps using some search format like below:- Workspace like ‘Uniform%’ and subject ‘Version 10.1’ and subject not ‘Version 10.1.1’ Is this something that would be possible? Cheers Martyn
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