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Found 14 results

  1. Reporting is currently accessed via the Admin Tool under Service Manager. I have a number end users who need the ability to create and run reports, but I do no wish them to have access to the rest of the admin tool. There does not seem to be a standard role for giving access to Reporting only. Can you advise on what permissions would be required to give access to only the reporting element? Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi My colleague user FCoker needs to be able to reassign activities on requests where the owner changes and the associated activity needs to be manually reassigned to another support team member. I've compared permissions with user ASharpe01 who can reassign activities and can't see any roles he has that if given to FCoker would enable activity reassignment. Please could you advise what standard roles include this permission.
  3. Hello all, I just had a thought and perhaps it would help us to identify of which staff have specialise role in Hornbill area and when I checked on "Staff" I realise, I would have to hover each staff to try and find out what they are specialise in which is time consuming. @Gerry @Victor I wonder if I can ask for to add specialise role title underneath the staff profile or perhaps to have teams for each staff to put into that they work in or something like that? There are some staff that are "Hornbill Developer" but of what? (Example) If I have an idea/suggestion of the feature/additional wording for Asset Management, it would be good to know who to tag or tag the team (perhaps it may pop up to suggest who to tag based on the information I provided) that are specialise in that area. Which means I would have the right person to response and confirm whether they can/can’t action on my request. Hope this make sense to you guys? Thanks, Aaron
  4. We require a role to be able to complete/edit any task in the system by our Service Desk, whether in a different team or a task that is orphaned as part of a BPM. Is this possible?
  5. I am trying to establish the permission setup in Document Manager. Looking in the roles there is 'Docmanager Admin', but the description appears to relate more to a User level role, rather than an 'Admin' level role. Is it just the name convention that all users of Document Manager will need Docmanager Admin role in order to create and update document/libaries, or is this actually an 'Admin' level role that also give further administrator/super user permissions within the Document Manager Application? The reason for asking this is I have users trying to create documents and they are getting the error below. Before I start down the road of creating a custom role, I just wanted to confirm the context of the standard built in role. Thanks Martyn
  6. It would be useful to be able to bulk add a selection of users on the 'Assigned Users' tab in the Admin Tool when viewing linked users for Roles/Organisations, using the selection of another roles and/or organisation team. Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi, I just created 2 very interesting dashboards for my company and I would like all users to have access to them. However, for dashboards, we need to manually assign rights to users, groups or roles. I have too many teams and users to do that manually so I was looking for a shortcut using a custom role. But I am struggling and some help would be welcomed! What settings do I need to give to my role to make it appear in the dashboard settings? My dashboard properties and the access I would like to setup: My custom role: I have not given any specific database rights. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!
  8. Hi I have the default problem management user role assigned to me. I am able to open known errors that have been raised by myself. However I am unable to open know errors that have been raised by others (I can see then in the request list). Error: You do not have permission to view this request Please can you help me Sonali
  9. Hi all, I have just been making sure all my analysts have 'Full Access' rights to enable completion of other peoples tasks within the team and noticed the role 'Advanced Request Task Completer' is this different to 'All Access' or is something completely different? There is nothing on the wiki (that I can find) Thanks Dan
  10. Hello Are there any future plans for allowing roles to be assigned to a team? Currently there are only options of assigning to all users or assigning to individual users. This creates more administration than necessary and the process would be sped up somewhat if there was the option of assigning a specific role to a team. For example: Assign Mailbox Access Role to First Line Service Desk Team. I apologise if this has been asked before. Many thanks, Mel
  11. Hi - I have been asked to post this on here by support. The look and feel of the self service portal will be administered by our web team. This is the only admin role they will require. I have created a custom role that includes the Application right of "ManagePortalSettings" but they do not appear to have been granted access. I have checked your documentation and wiki pages but cannot find anything covering this. Are you able to advise what rights the users will require in order to carry out portal administration? Thanks, Melissa
  12. Within our organisaiton, our 1st Tier team deal with the setup and password reset of our external customers who use our Self Service. The facility to add and maintain portal accounts is within the Admin tool and I will need to give them access to this, but only the 'Portal Accounts' and 'Guest Accounts' functions. Is this currently possible using existing permissions options? Cheers Martyn
  13. We've created a board and assigned a team to have access. Although the members are part of the team, they are unable to see the Boards menu to even be able to create their own boards. What role permission is required to view boards?
  14. Hello what is the most minimal permission I can give to allow a service desk user access to change user passwords Regards Gareth
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