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Found 6 results

  1. I have a question regarding portal visibility for external customers A bit complex but I'll try to explain. There are 2 organizations A and B, both of which are customer organizations in Service Manager. Organization A has two contacts, Anna and Andrew, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization A. Organization B also has 2 contacts, Bob and Betty, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization B. After a while Anna switches jobs and starts working for organization B. She has three requests open where she is the customer. These were raised while she was part of organization A. In Service Manager, the admin moves her from Organisation A to Organisation B, still a customer in the three open requests. My question is. Who can see the three open requests? Anna? Since she's the customer, even though she has switched organizations. Andrew? Since he has organization view of the organization to which Anna was attached when raising the requests. Bob and Betty? Since they have organization view of Anna's current organization, even though they were raised while Anna was part of A. None of the above? All of the above? Something completely different? Can someone clear things up for me please.
  2. Since we started going forward with our implementation, we've had issues with Contacts not being able to see their supported Services. It appeared random because it doesn't happen for all Organisations. To resolve this, we've removed them from their Organisation and re-added them. At this point, their services appear on the Customer portal. We've subsequently tied it down to the Organisations & Contacts that were bulk imported when our instance was set up. The ones manually added before or after the bulk import are fine but the ones bulk imported do not tie up. For confidentially reasons, we can't post screen shots of the affected Contact/Organisations but we can give specific examples to Hornbill Support outside of this post. To check it: 1. Pick a bulk imported Organisation. 2. Expand the Requests section and click on Portal Access. 3. This shows the list of Contacts, with their emails addresses, who have Portal Access for that Organisation. The only saving grace in all of this is that if the invalid Contact is granted access, it does not show the requests of the Organisation.
  3. Morning all, I might be having a baby brain moment however i am getting this error message and i cant for the life of me figure out why. When i am trying to log a ticket on the portal for a new catalog item i am getting the error: The flow is poorly formed. Please contact your PCF manager. Looking at the error message (which is huge) i can pick out the following: "noActiveFlowMessage":"The progressive capture for this request type has not been made active" However when checking the BPM and Pro Cap both are in fact active: I have checked the BPM and Pro Cap and there are no errors on any nodes, and the catalog item is using these captures: Does anyone have any ideas as to where i have gone wrong? i have never had this error in 3 years. Please also see notepad ++ copy of error message: Hornbill error message Ta Hayley
  4. Where you have a large number of contacts set within an organisation for access via the customer portal, the current Portal Access screen can be somewhat of a pain to navigate and locate the account given that it does not appear to be sorted at all at the moment. Would it be possible to have the ability to filter on the portal access screen fields, as well as sort by contact name, 'Can Cancel' and 'Organisation View'. Thanks Martyn
  5. I am trying to determine what additional permission I need to grant my 1st Tier team in order for them to have access to the 'Portal Access' link shown under Requests on the Organisation view. I have given them the standard roles of 'Organisations Admin' and 'Contacts Admin', plus a custom role of containing the Service Manager permission of 'managePortalSettings', but they still do not get the 'Portal Access' Link appearing so are not able to set up users to view all the organisation requests. In order to for the link to appear I have to give them the 'Service Desk Admin' role which contains additional permissions I do not wish to give my 1st Tier team. Cheers Martyn
  6. Within our organisaiton, our 1st Tier team deal with the setup and password reset of our external customers who use our Self Service. The facility to add and maintain portal accounts is within the Admin tool and I will need to give them access to this, but only the 'Portal Accounts' and 'Guest Accounts' functions. Is this currently possible using existing permissions options? Cheers Martyn
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