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Found 8 results

  1. As discussed on the Supplier Manager Webinar, it is possible to trigger the start and stop of a Event linked to a Supplier, from the workflow in Service Manager, there will be occasions when within a single event the timer being run against the supplier will need to be paused. Starting and Stopping multiple events for a single 'service incident' would not give a true reflection of the service level being provided. For example, depending on the service involved there may be a period of time the responsibility returns to us the consumer of the service where the time would not run. i.e. arrange remote access, scheduling engineer visit/downtime, dispatching unit to the supplier etc Therefore can I raise an enhancement request to add the ability to 'Pause' and 'OnHold Until' the Supplier Event Timer in the BPM. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi, I've scanned the forum to see if anyone had already posted this issue, but could've missed it, so please do point me to it if this has already been raised. One of our managers ran a report for the month of March and came upon a discrepancy whereby even though the request resolve by and the date resolved were met, the within resolve time criteria was still appearing as breached (see attached spreadsheet) We applied the Pause Resolution Timer enhancement on the 2nd of March so these calls should adhere to this setting - we confirmed that the enhancement works after the latest update released on the same day One thing we did notice for the tickets where this issue exists is that the resolution missed is way in the future, well after the call has been closed and timers ended is this a known issue? Application Support - resolved calls by analyst - with SLAs_629.xlsx
  3. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Request_Timers Hi, This forum was particularly helpful with another config change query I had, I was hoping to everyone's brains again? Request Timers; we've recently looked to apply this new enhancement via Application Settings, we have looked to pause the timer on resolve, restart the timer on re-open or end timer on close. We've however found that calls that have been resolved, though they appear as paused seem to also show as 'Timer ongoing' and don't seem to end on close. Our BPM's conditions for resolution timers are: • We do not mark the Resolve Timer as complete – it marks automatically when the call is resolved. • We have chosen to mark the response timer as complete when an analyst is assigned to the call. This is not the same as when the customer is contacted but does give us a measure of how quickly calls are picked up and assessed. Via the Application Settings i understand that only one of either pause on resolve or stop on close can be enable. Will we need to make changes to our BPM to be able to pause the timer on resolve and also have it continue if it gets reopened? Regards Rashid MKC
  4. Would it be possible to have additional options added to the entity 'Timer' node to allow the manual pausing and unpausing of the Response and Resolution in the BPM, so that this can be controlled by workflow so having the option to control this outside of the automated status change process. Related to my earlier post link below. Cheers Martyn
  5. Is there any update on having the ability to pause and unpause an event when interacting with a Contract Event via the BPM? Cheers Martyn
  6. Could I raise User Interface improvement request for the Time Picker as used in a number of places in the application, but specifically the one used when placing a request on hold, as below:- At the moment you cannot manually enter the time in numbers and you have to use the drop down to select the time. When you click on the field it drops down the selectors for both the hour and the minutes, but closes when you make a selection of only one of the values, either hour or minutes. You have to click on field again to open it up to then click on the value you want for the other. When you are updating just a few requests this would not be too much of an issue, but when you are updating a large volume of cases on a daily basis it can quickly become annoying. Would be possible to have the time picker to stay open until you have click/tabbed to a different field? Would it also be possible to be able to type the time in as well, given that sometimes you have to make a number of clicks to scroll the picker to the hour/minute you want. The reasons for the latter point is that we always put our requests on hold to the end of the day, i.e. 18:00 hours, so that our 1st Tier are able to chase up customers on the day it comes off hold prior to the SLA timers restarting. Cheers Martyn
  7. We have just implemented using the 'New' status setting in our BPM to highlight requests to our analyst which have been newly assigned to them, which is working well. However this has identified a bug in the request list screen in that the 'Pause' button does not display if the status of the request is set to 'New'. You can still put the request on hold via the BPM but you are not able to manually put a request on hold when it has a status of 'New'. The 'Pause' button then returns once the status has been changed back to Open or On Hold etc. Can this be looked as please. Cheers Martyn
  8. There only appears to be BPM nodes to start and stop the Response/Resolution timers. Is there anyway to put the incident OnHold or Pause the timers as an automated task rather than having to put a Human Task, instructing the owner to do it manually? Cheers Martyn
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