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Found 9 results

  1. @Steve G @Victor Can we request an enhancement to the Hornbill Clean Utility to allow the cleaning of external Organisation and Contacts objects by specifying criteria organisation and contact id's, as well as criteria as you can for Assets currently. This is so we remove records created when testing the migration of organisation and contacts into our instance. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi All, I was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on an issue I am having with managing contacts and the organisations that are assigned to them. My Issue is that we have multiple organisations configured for our various customers and we have never had an issue before where when a contact is created and an organisation is assigned to it that has led to the Services then not being applied to that contact. Currently though, whenever I assign a Organisation to a contact, it makes no difference to the Services that are applied to the contact, they only have the following: I have tried a variety of organisations and none of them seem to take affect and it seems as if it is not applying to the system. I have also tried editing the Guest Accounts and ensuring that they are associated to the Portal incase that was the issue but I am now stumped. The reason I discovered this is because one of our customers requested new accounts to be created and we followed our normal procedure of: Create Contact -> Assign Organisation and then activate their Guest Account by confirming Associating to Portal, Logon ID and sending the end-user a password. Can anyone shed some light on what is going wrong? and if there is a way to push the Organisations to update as it seems like it's not publishing.
  3. Are there any plans to be able to connect external customers and/or organisations to assets? If yes it is in the nearby future?
  4. Hi We have several test customers with portal access for demoing purposes, they have so far shared a common email address. But today when I tried adding a new one I got an error message. Is there any way to turn this off since it's really a blocker for us for the following reasons. We have customers where the staff share the same mail box, but they need to have different accounts for support. We have the above mentioned test/demo customers We have instances where several customers share a third party asset that monitors our services and creates support tickets for them. In this case since a customer cannot be assigned to several organisations, we have created them as one user per organisation but they have the same email address since they are the same physical person(s) and we cannot mandate that their organisation changes this and uses separate emails per instance. Please remove the unique constraint again or at least make it optional.
  5. Hello We're currently using Organisations in Service Manager to keeping our Service Partners information - key contacts, support email addresses etc... It would be really useful to be able to add attachments against an Organisation so that I could attach the Service Agreement, or other such documents to the Organisation. Is this function something that could be added? Thanks Darren
  6. Hi, I'm wondering how I can import organisations to Hornbill? There is over one thousand organisations which I should import to the system. Or shall I make a template and Hornbill people do this job? I didn't found any guidance from Wiki. Import Contacts should be ok. Best Regards, MikaP
  7. Is there a way for an external customer to view all requests raised by their organisation? I made one of the customers Primary Contact for their organisation but it didn't seem to help. I have also set guest.servicemanager.customer.home.showAllRequests to on
  8. Hi, I would like my colleagues to be able to create new Organisations and Contacts and also edit the details. They can see all the details at the moment - what permissions do I need to give them so they can create &e edit. Thank you Tina
  9. In Support Works we make use of the large notes field to store a lot of additional free text information. However in new platform there is no notes field and the custom fields are all Varchar 255, so not long enough to hold the current content. Can a change request be raised to add in a Notes field on the organisation object? Cheers Martyn
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