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Found 16 results

  1. At the moment you can 'Create a New Contact' using the iBridge Hornbill>Collaboration methods, but could the option to Update Contact be added and include the ability to update custom fields as well as the standard ones? We are looking at creating a Service to allow our external customers to update both their profile and communication preferences (held as custom fields) using a Service Request workflow, as part of recording/audting the personal information we hold for GDPR. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi All, I've been working on PowerBI recently and really like the way you are able to pivot on data points. As all our calls/tasks are managed through Hornbill, I was wondering if there was a way to output this data automatically in to PowerBI. I currently have reports generated monthly as a pdf and understand I can change this to CSV, then upload it to PowerBI which would work but I would like to automate it more than this - rather than have to upload it manually. As I understand it, Hornbill backend is an SQL database so if there was a way to point PowerBI at this to pull from (possibly using Ibridge api?) or maybe point it towards the database where reports are kept prior to it being emailed out, that would work. These were just my ideas how it could be achieved, not all to familiar so if there was any suggestions or answers to how I might do this. That would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance! Caleb
  3. Hello all, I just had a thought and perhaps it would help us to identify of which staff have specialise role in Hornbill area and when I checked on "Staff" I realise, I would have to hover each staff to try and find out what they are specialise in which is time consuming. @Gerry @Victor I wonder if I can ask for to add specialise role title underneath the staff profile or perhaps to have teams for each staff to put into that they work in or something like that? There are some staff that are "Hornbill Developer" but of what? (Example) If I have an idea/suggestion of the feature/additional wording for Asset Management, it would be good to know who to tag or tag the team (perhaps it may pop up to suggest who to tag based on the information I provided) that are specialise in that area. Which means I would have the right person to response and confirm whether they can/can’t action on my request. Hope this make sense to you guys? Thanks, Aaron
  4. Hello, Can someone help me to fix this issue urgently. It having a huge impact with my work and unable to carry out my projects. I am not sure what caused this and I have tried few steps: Refresh Hard refresh Restart computer Shut down Clear cookies None fix the issue. I have screenshot from console of the error if that help to identify the issue(s): Can someone get back to me ASAP to get this fix please. Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  5. We are new to Service Manager, having used Supportworks for a number of years. When using Supportworks we heavily utilised the MultiClip functionality. This enabled our analysts to quickly update/resolve requests by simply pasting in to the relevant text fields. It was a great contributor in reducing our resolution times and providing a more streamlined service to our customers. I wondered if there is any likelihood of the MultiClip editor being implemented in Service Manager in the near future. We are aware of the "Snippets" function when using E-Mail, however the addition of MultiClips would benefit our departments hugely.
  6. In your portal, you have swim lanes to show the changes that are incoming and applied to live, with scrollable swim lanes. Can you let us know how to do this on our portal?
  7. Hi, I want to provide an idea for this, I noticed last week or so when we have errors on ticket. I go to database direct to find BPM ID and go into the BPM to find out where the error is. When I fixed the error and restart live Instance to show that it works. However I felt it can misleading because when it fixed, the colour red remains on the stage and on the node which could prompt me to think the error is not fixed (which it is). I was wondering if possible to change the colour to green to show that it fixed and working and keep the red as usual for the error to show? This is what it look like after I have fixed it. (See below) Looking forward to your reply and hopefully able to confirm that this can be done. Kind regards, Aaron
  8. Hello, I have a problem with adding to board when raise a new request from mailbox and when completed the form, the drop down list from "Add to Board" did not have new board (Leaver) that I created yesterday. (See screenshots below). can someone tell me why the new board (Leaver) did not appear on the list above? Looking forward to your reply, Aaron Summers
  9. Document Manager Plug-in for Service Manager One of the great things about apps on Hornbill is the synergy between them. This video has a look at the Document Manager Plug-in that is provided to the different types of requests available within Service Manager. This Plug-in lets you search and link documents which are stored within libraries held in Document Manager. This is ideal for making help documents, instruction manuals, and policy documents available for linking to any request.
  10. Project Manager: An Overview of your Project This video introduces Hornbill Project Manager. We start by looking at the Project Overview. For any stakeholder in a project, the Overview gives an encompassing view of the current state that the project is in. From here you can see the progression against a defined process, the status of the current Milestones and Tasks, and your current spending and risks. You are also able to drill down into Milestones and Tasks for easy updating of your projects. An important aspect to all apps on Hornbill is the built-in collaboration. Project Manager provides different levels of collaboration, starting from an overall project perspective, down to providing discussions on individual tasks.
  11. Impact Assessments Capturing the impact of a change, an incident, or any other type of request can be crucial to determining how it is managed. But how do you decide which impact level to select? Service Manager provides a great way of automatically determining the impact level to be applied. Taking the guessing out of the hands of the user, they can be walked through a number of questions where each answer has a weighted value that contributes to the automatic selection of the impact level. The results of the assessment are captured in the request along with the automatic application of the impact level. At any point after the assessment, if things change or a mistake is found, a reassessment of the impact can be completed. The assessments are managed as part of a Business Process which allows them to be presented to a user at any given point within the workflow. When defining your workflow, you can easily select from any number of available assessments that you wish to present.
  12. Hi, We're relatively new to the Hornbill platform - we've just finished our 30 Day Switch On and now we're configuring and testing for go-live. The Forums are a great resource to get information about the products but perhaps some of us could meet up - informally of course - to share best practices and to pick up tips and tricks that others have gained from experience. If Hornbill wanted to get involved too, then perhaps an afternoon's agenda could look like this: Overview of upcoming features - Hornbill Open topic Lean Coffee meeting (http://leancoffee.org/) - All Demonstrations - a couple of willing volunteers share some neat tricks they've incorporated into their business processes. How about it? David
  13. Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forums, and/or it's already been discusssed. I keep seeing users and Hornbill staff alike providing examples on how best to use the system. This got me thinking... I was wondering if there could be a Knowledge Hub somewhere on the forums / wiki / another source which Hornbill and Forum Users can contribute to share knowledge or hints and tips on Hornbill, API's etc. This Knowledge Hub could have categories for the different areas of Hornbill (Best Practices / SQL / Reports / PCF / BPM / API's etc) Tags are used against a Knowledge much like the way the Hornbill documentation is used. Users can then search the Knowledge Hub to see if anything they want to do has already been posted or not. Users can comment and collaborate on the Knowledge Something a bit like this on StackOverflow - http://stackoverflow.com/documentation/powershell/1067/loops#t=201705031606276839395 At the top, there is section in the menu called Documentation (BETA) for reference. If we can lock this Knowledge Hub to just users of the forums then this keeps everything in a secure place. Thanks, Samuel
  14. Hello all, Does anyone know when we can expect a beta/release of the Hornbill Project Manager module? We are eagerly looking forward to taking a look at and using this! Also, is anything know about the features this module will contain? Best regards, Alex
  15. Hello, I have been advised by Hornbill Support to ask the following query here: We have a new process in our organisation that requires us to get approval on upgrades and changes to all systems, so I have the following queries about module upgrades in Hornbill and is wondering if someone can answer them: (previously upgrades were done ad-hoc, so there was no record of it taking place) The modules that require upgrading on our end are the: Service Manager Document Manager Customer Manager Our queries regarding the upgrades are: The upgrades are recommended to be done out of hours. How long can it take to upgrade a single module? What is a realistic timescale to upgrade all three in the same night? Once we have this information it’ll be easier to time it. Do you have a recovery plan if the module upgrades go wrong or the system goes down out of hours? Who do we contact? What can we do to resolve any issues? What is the road map for module upgrades? How many upgrades/versions do we have to miss before we stop receiving support from Hornbill until we have done so? Or how long can we put an upgrade on hold for. Is there a test system for Hornbill where we can test upgrades (and other settings) before doing it to the Live environment? If not, is there any possibility of one in the future? Once we have the information required it should be easier to go through the process in the future to stay on top of Hornbill Upgrades for the fixes and features. I am doing this so I can build confidence so that the upgrades can be done more frequently without any issues in order to keep the system up to date. Many thanks, - Samuel -
  16. Hello, I have raised a request to Hornbill Support asking whether or not we can monitor our own / our organisation's active calls we have with Hornbill via their very own Customer Service Portal, and the response is that there is currently nothing available. Can we have some clarity on the development of your Portal if at all? How long might it be before we see it's light of day? It's great that we have one for our customers, but being your customers it makes sense that there should be one for us to use. I have an idea on how it could work, maybe have another button on the left hand side in the Hornbill Collaboration that links to... 1. Calls you have raised to Hornbill 2. Calls your organisation have raised to Hornbill (with a username search) 3. An area to raise Feature requests (to be able to vote) or to view a Bug List of all known error messages and fixes. It can be view against certain job roles if required. See the image below, i have created this mock up using GIMP.
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