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  1. Hello, I have recently created two new auto-tasks which via the cloud automation, logs a ticket in Fresh Service and Zendesk respectively. Is there a way that when the ticket gets resolved in Zendesk / Fresh Service that it can auto close the ticket logged in Hornbill?
  2. When logging changes we have noticed recently that some of these requests are not allowing us to add authorisors. This is the running BPM where it has suspended: But in the request, there is no Key icon to add the authorisors: Can anyone shed any light as to why this is happening? As there doesn't seem to be a way to get the icon to appear, can this icon not be set in the Request Types within Services rather than forcing via the BPM?
  3. Hi All, I am looking to try and setup a BPM to do the following:- Customer selects the option to purchase a laptop which spawns an activity to review the laptop request - we then have 3 outcomes - rejected, loan laptop and perm laptop. If it is rejected we take the comments and inject this into a resolution email, if it is a loan laptop we want to capture the laptop issued and add this to the customers profile & place the request on hold until the loan period is over, and if it is a perm laptop we will either create a brand new issued asset, or reassign an existing laptop. What i wanted to ideally be able to do is in the activity specify a laptop not yet associated to the customer / request if we issue a loan laptop(we have a stock of loan laptops that will be issued and reissued), as well as being able to update the owner if we decide on issuing an existing perm laptop. I have set a custom field to capture the date it is on loan until and this places the call on hold with no issues, but we do not appear to be able to associate the loan laptop to the request mid BPM. Same for the reallocated perm laptop. There is an add asset node but this appears to look for and add any asset that falls under the specified class to the customer associated to the request, but as this is a loan laptop the customer would not yet have this asset associated to the request / their profile. Same for the update asset node, this again appears to just be pulling assets already associated to the customers request / profile. What I want to do ideally is add the asset to the customers profile and the request mid BPM from the activity - is this possible? Or would this just have to be a manual activity for our engineers in that I would just change the activity to advise them to manually open up the asset in the database and mark the new customer as the owner? Many thanks
  4. So when I have opened BPMs this morning, on the first stage we can open the decisions and edit but on the later stages any decisions will not open. This means we cannot edit these decisions, please can this been looked into. We have tried opening in multiple browsers all with the same issue.
  5. Hi there, Hope you can help. I have a human task within a BPM that has three outcomes. One of the outcomes I have a capture outcome field called Port Number. This is a single line text field and I would like to set the default value to an intelligent capture answer. Is placing an expression possible within the default value field? I have attempted the following but however it shows the expression as it is displayed and not the value with the custom field M. Please see below
  6. With an expression like below, the bits circled in red......are these applied as AND, OR or something else:
  7. So we are getting an email sent to us from a system which includes the username of the customer. I can extract this from the email and put in to custom field A but when we have the node to update the customer it is not wanting to change the customer, when I output the result of the node for changing customer it says 'false'. This is the node for the customer update (variable is - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["customFieldA"]]): In the timeline we display the username using the data from custom A: The email looks like this:
  8. I am currently testing the creation of some reoccurring scheduled requests via the API Scheduler, but even though the requests get logged via the call to 'logServiceRequest' and the 'bpmName' parameter is passed with the correct and valid name, no BPM is being spawned against the request. Any suggestions as why it is not spawning? Cheers Martyn { "APIKey": "REMOVED", "InstanceID": "REMOVEd", "Schedule": [{ "Enabled": true, "CronSchedule": "15 * * * * *", "DayOfMonthANDDayOfWeek":false, "ScheduleFrom": "2022-07-25T00:00:00.000Z", "ScheduleTo": "2022-07-26T00:00:00.000Z", "Service": "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceRequests", "API": "logServiceRequest", "APIParams":{ "0": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"summary", "Content":"UKLive:- Prepare Detail Health Status report" }, "1": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"description", "Content":"# Check critical BI Jobs status\r\n# Check and verify the essential functionalities of Idox software solution\r\n# Take preventive action if any failure" }, "2": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"requestType", "Content":"Service Request" }, "3": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"customerId", "Content":"11152" }, "4": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"customerType", "Content":"1" }, "5": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"priorityId", "Content":"3" }, "6": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"sourceType", "Content":"Scheduler" }, "7": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"serviceId", "Content":"245" }, "8": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"catalogId", "Content":"973" }, "9": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"bpmName", "Content":"Idox SR SLM" } } }] }
  9. When editing a BPM in the new admin tool and you have Timesheet Manager sidebar appearing by default, the BPM Editor workspace does not re-size when you close the sidebar. Cheers Martyn
  10. Can we raise an enhancement request to have a Suspend Node under Known Error to await Publish. This is so the workflow can suspend waiting the Known Error Request being set to Published. Cheers Martyn
  11. Linked to my previous enhancement request relating to be able update the 'Publish' process in the workflow for Known Errors, can we also raise one to be able to control the whether the 'Show Workaround' flag is also enabled or disabled. Cheers Martyn
  12. Currently there are only two Known Error specific BPM options to Get Information and Update Known Error, so appear to be very limited in terms of automation. We are trying to automate the creation and publishing of Known Errors on the portals but in order to do this we need the ability to undertake the same actions as the Publish Action in the user app, i.e. set the 'Include Workaround' and update the Status between Draft and Published. Cheers Martyn
  13. Currently when using the Variable Picker in the BPM editor to get values from Progressive Capture Forms, is shows the 5 Most Recently Created, by title. Which is fine when setting up a new system, but when maintaining an existing system, this would be better to be the 5 Most Recently Updated. Can this change to "5 Most Recently Updated" or an additional option in the tree between the two existing Customer PCF options. Cheers Martyn
  14. Related to our enhancement request (link below) on Data Query for Services/Catalogs, can I ask for clarification on the logic applied to the Update Request > Service node. The default 'Service' option is left as the default option of 'Auto' and the Catalog Item is supplied, given the one to one relationship between Catalog and Service will it 'Auto' populate the Service? Will the node have a failure outcome if the co-worker/contact of the request is not subscribed either directly or through there groups/organisation to the service/catalog provided? Cheers Martyn
  15. I have been trying to set up a process where people can request new accounts to be set up in Service Manager, this works and I can make the user an 'User' in the system, but when adding any roles they do not seem to be actioning that part of the bpm to add the specific role. Also I am finding adding the person to a team is not working also, what am I doing wrong? Node for adding a role: Node for adding a team: This is taken from a simple list of all of our teams:
  16. We have a process that we thought worked but it appears that the timers are not expiring, we have a node (see below) that places the call on hold for a year but it hasn't come off hold. These are the details of the request showing when it was logged: Is there something that has not worked or we have done wrong as we used the spreadsheet calculator that was provided by Hornbill to work out the hours etc.
  17. We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service. Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill. I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged. Is this possible to do?
  18. We would like to request any enhancement to BPM Human Task node to be able to use "Data Query" type sources for fields as well as the simple lists, as already present in the Progressive Capture, so the same sources can be used in both at when logging the request and during its lifecycle. Cheers Martyn
  19. Hi All, We have a particular change request which requires two authorisers before being reviewed by the our change management team. Due to leave and the authorisers work loads, we want this still to be a manual selection of the two authorisers (as they may differ) We have found that when authoriser approves rather than waiting for the second it will continue onto the next step. I understand that if these authorisers were always the same and known, we could alter the weighting of the approval, and set each one to 50%, but as mentioned above this wouldn't work for us. I have checked out Service Request BPM, which places the ticket on hold, but as changes do not have an SLA, there would be no reason for the change to be placed on hold. Is there another way of being able to add suspend wait for authorisation to occur? Below is a screenshot of the suspend node, to allow the authorisers to be manually selected, but there doesn't seem to be a similar process for suspend await authorisation: Any help would be gratefully received. Kind Regards Adam
  20. Good afternoon, I am testing the ability to update a request with a flag to say that a request has come from an authorised requestor. I currently identify authorised requestors by Organisation membership. Updating a request isn't a problem, I can see how to add a flag to a summary or add to an external reference field however if I try to fetch Organisation details using the Hornbill Automation: Service Manager > Application > Organisation > Get Organisation Details I get a BPM failure "Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node" I'm pretty sure I'm using the wrong option to fetch details however I cannot see Organisation membership when I look at Get User Details, Get User Custom Attributes, Get User Groups or Get User Manager Details. What details would you recommend fetching in order to branch decided on User Organisation membership? Your help would be appreciated
  21. Hello, I thought to raise this topic with regards of renaming the BPM processes. Because we have add new team from different department means I need to change BPM process to include prefix (in my case, I want to use (IMT) at the start then name the process that related to the team.) However, when I do that, the message pop up (see below): Which I am aware that the process is activated so I de-activated the process and then tried to rename it. The error is still pop up saying the same message as above. My guess for this error is to do with the tickets that are currently active with BPM in place therefore it would not be possible to rename BPM process. I would imagine that can mess up the BPM process. Is there any chance you would be able to do it from your end to rename the process for me if this is possible? Thanks, Aaron
  22. We are just testing implementing a LogIncident and LogServiceRequest API calls. These are api calls are successful and the results returns the RequestId, summary and an empty warning array. We are including the ServiceId and CatalogId in the requests which is showing correctly when we view the request in the live user application. However a linked BPM process is not being spawned when to make these requests, even though the documentation states it will be when the providing the ServiceId. We have also tried the LogRequestBPM node afterwards but this returns the 'defaultProcessNotSet'. We do not set a default BPM process at the Service Level as we have the system set to enforce the selection of the catalog. I wondering if the api documentation needs to be updated when using the combination of ServiceId and CatalogId? We are not passing a bpmName, as we are expecting the provision of the ServiceId and CatalogId to used to determine this rather than having to hard code this or make an earlier call to get the bpmname from the service details. Cheers Martyn
  23. Can I request an enhancement to have a new formal BPM process to switch the security context from the User to the System Context. In our example we have removed the User's permission to 'Close' a request, they only have permission to set it as 'Resolved'. This is because we have a number of post Resolution/Closure operations automated in the BPM. However at the moment we have to use the 'Suspend Await Expiry' with the minimum value of 1 minute to trigger the BPM security context to switch from the user who does not have permission to close the request to the system context which does. Therefore having the ability to switch context without waiting would be a great help, as the users think the process is not working as it has not gone straight to Closed. Cheers Martyn
  24. Good afternoon, I am trying to get a BPM decision to work based on what time an incident was logged. The purpose is so that when it happens out of hours a set of actions gets triggered that don't normally happen in hours. I thought it looked simple enough until I found out that the Hornbill Automations -> Get Request Info -> Time logged is not written in the database. Its been a little while, and I am struggling to get insert this variable into a custom filed (which I believe I will then have to manipulate into a string ... ) so I can then do <> for the different actions. Has anyone done this or have an example they can share? Any help would be much apricated. Thanks James
  25. Is it possible to create bulletins via a BPM? This would be great to allow the creation of these as we are looking to use the the Service Status functionality to mark services as impacted etc, however if there is a system that is down etc and as part of this we would like the opportunity to create a bulletin to display on the Employee Portal. Maybe we could have our own stock imagery for maintenance/failures etc to link for images and then the text is pulled from a custom field etc, also when the maintenance is over or the system is fixed via the BPM we can then remove or retire the bulletin....
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