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  1. Hi,our hornbill service manager has crashed with no errors. When trying to get on any service manager page, it just spins round and does not load. Other external websites work fine. Is this just us or is this a general issue? Thanks, Andy Coleman
  2. Hi,our hornbill service manager has crashed with no errors. When trying to get on any service manager page, it just spins round and does not load. Other external websites work fine. Is this just us or is this a general issue? Thanks, Andy Coleman
  3. Hi Do Hornbill provide a method for reporting on the terms, words, phrases etc... that end users have searched for on the Service Portal? It would be great to see what people are searching for, because this may help us build more targeted FAQ's / Forms etc... thanks Darren
  4. Good afternoon, I am trying to get some of our IT team seeing some of the benefits that Service Manager provides. A couple of things crop up. 1. When in a Problem ticket and you select Publish, where does that data go? Is it searchable and where do analysts go to find the potential workarounds? 2. Knowledgebase - I appreciate you have a new FAQ which looks very good but is there any searchable knowledgebase facilities anywhere in Hornbill so if someone typed the words 'P Drive' they could find anything related to that term. Any help with either of the above would be great. Thanks, Andy
  5. Good afternoon, I have just updated to the latest version of the service manager, once i then logged into the application i noticed it had actually uninstalled the app, has anyone else had this issue, and do we have a way to find out what happened? Presumably i just need to re-install but will this mean i have lost all the work previously done?
  6. Hi, One of our service desk manager wanted to change some service owners this morning but could not find the button on the screen so contacted me. I had a look and I have to admit I am puzzled here... This is what she sees: Yet here is the setup she has: I just had another look into the Wiki and found this: Service Desk Manager [Show Less] Collaboration Role Service Desk Admin Services Manager Dashboard Viewer The Service Desk Manager will be able to log new and update calls for all call classes as well as the ability to cancel calls or re-open closed calls. In addition the Service Desk Manager can create new Services or edit existing Services. If you have purchased the Hornbill Performance Analytics package you can view great looking Dashboards or Slideshows for detailed performance information. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/What_Service_Manager_Roles_exist%3F She has all the relevant rights, yet she cannot see the button to edit?! Am I missing something? PS: I made sure all the cache was refreshed, tested on both IE and Chrome...
  7. Good morning, Can you let me know if you are due to release any form of update around the configuration of catalogue items? The reason i ask is my business would like to use specific catalog items for things such as change management, therefore those items need to be hidden from all other request types. IN order to do this could we have an option for each catalogue item to switch it on/off or be visible/not visible in the services section of service manager? Many thanks Alex
  8. There seems to be a difference between the release information published on the Forum post below and the content listed in the App Store. Specifically in the Whats New section. Has the Global Search CH00128259 been released as part of this build? Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi all. We have recently relaunched our Self Service. A user contacted me yesterday asking how they leave feedback for tickets. As you can see in the screenshots, I used me as an example, I have 18 awaiting feedback, but when I click on one of the 18 tickets there does not appear to be any options to leave feedback. Is this something I need to set up somewhere or is it a potential bug? Also should there be somewhere to leave a star rating? Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just pointing me in the right direction. Thanks, Andy
  10. Good morning all. When emailing our createincident email address (auto generate ticket), hornbill is not setting the source, so attached images are not available. Any ideas how to include the images? Thanks!
  11. Good morning, We are experiencing an issue searching for older tickets using the search facility. I have just tried running a search for around 10 tickets from October last year and I am getting 0 results. An example would be SR05968. Where would this ticket and all its information have gone? Thanks, Andy
  12. From this morning we get an error (below) when trying to access our instance. We use adfs authentication however nothing has changed from 'our side'. Everything was okay yesterday. We updated to the current version of Service Manager (979) yesterday. The instance is available as i can login with the admin account. Please can someone look at this ASAP as we need the service live for Monday morning. I contacted the cloud support number who suggested raising it on here. Regards, Jamie
  13. Good morning, I am in the process of creating a release process, however when testing the process i get the below error, but not fully sure what it actually means, I get to the point of approving the release and the next node should be to schedule the release, but it fails prior to this. Any and all hep appreciated.
  14. Hi guys, Some of my colleagues reported some strange behaviour with charts in the "My Dashboard" view of the request list. Below is an email I received. " I have created my Hornbill dashboard beginning of April. It worked fine. Beginning of May I changed some of the criteria as some charts are supposed to only show the data of the current month. For example for zz-MES, I changed the date to 01/05/17 to only see the calls raised from the 1st of May: I checked the Chart, it seemed ok, clicked Save and Close. However the chart displayed in my dashboard is not updated. It looks as if the date has not been changed: In the Chart section, if I click on Edit then Save the Chart (without changing anything), the image changes: And I think that the chart on my dashboard is correct now: But for other charts it did not work. I had to do “Preview Chart” before saving as just Edit -> Save did not work. Why when I change the criteria the chart does not automatically take into account the new criteria? What is the rule so that the charts are updated correctly? (it seems a little bit random…)" Would anybody be able to share some knowledge on how this works exactly? I am quite puzzled too to be honest. Thanks!
  15. Hello, is there a way to remove the drop shadow from the text that appears on the bulletins in the Service portal? It has been raised as an issue for users with possible eye sight difficulties. Ideally I would like to turn the drop shadow off, but this doesn't appear to be an option Thanks Darren
  16. Hi all, Not sure if this is just us but our Service Manager has stopped working for all clients as of 10 minutes ago. We are getting the following error messages in all areas of Service Manager. Any urgent assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  17. Good morning, We have quite a few sub folders that we send our spam email (we get a lot!) in our Hornbill email. I was trying to do a bit of a clean up in these folders, but can't seem to locate a 'Select All' option to allow me to select multiple emails to delete. I only seem to be able to select individual items and delete that way. This does allow me to tick multiple items but ideally I would like to be able to select all items. Is there a way to Select All, in the email view in Hornbill Service Manager?
  18. Good afternoon, From February 1st we are going to start officially using SLA's for our incidents and service requests. Over the last few months, the team have been getting used to the system but now will have SLA's to keep up to date. I have set SLA's up in Service Manager, no problems at all, my query is however what is the most efficient way of doing a report for individual and team SLA's met? There is nothing obvious I could see. I would appreciate any feedback on how to efficiently report month by month on success rates for SLA's met. Many thanks in advance. I attach a picture of an example SLA we have. Andy
  19. Hi guys, I have been asked a really difficult question by my boss today: "Is it possible to translate manually on the fly content in Hornbill?"... Let me give you a bit more context. We have plants and offices all across EMEA, including IT Support staff. Unfortunately our users and not really bothered with high-tech, web sites, quality of data, etc... When they contact us, it's because something is broken and they need it fixed ASAP, or they have a question which needs an immediate answer (pretty much like all users I guess ! ). As a consequence, they do not setup their profiles properly... Here is the distribution of languages: And countries: As you can see, this is not great... Pretty much every single user has its profile setup with English when they are not in an English speaking country. Now this is getting problematic when for example John from Greece logs a request in Greek, but his profile is in "English". In this scenario, we do not get the "translate" button available: (Sorry for the poor quality, screen grab from youtube!) Another example (this time with a German guy): Thomas logged a request via the portal (great!) but because his profile language is set to "English" here is what we see in the request details: It is the same on all the timeline... Having given some context, I hope you will understand where my boss comes from with his question: how can we get the "translate" button available here? This is to date one of the main "negative" feedback we get from our analysts all across EMEA and we cannot really blame them. The way I see it, I can only think of 2 options: - Change the language of all users properly => not really long term solution especially as all our users are automatically synchronized with our Active Directory (using the LDAP User Import utility) and therefore I cannot really do much (given that the AD does not have a language field) - Change Hornbill to give us this possibility to translate on the fly (a bit like Google translate)? I am of course opened to any suggestions! PS: Don't shoot the messenger!!
  20. To Hornbill staff, I was browsing through some of your online content and came across something I would be very much interested in for my organisation: CH00145677As a Release Manager I would like to have a Release Request form Could you tell us a bit more about this? I am about to kick off a development for a Release and Deployment platform, but this change could be a game changer... So any info at this stage would be incredibly valuable (and potentially save me a lot of time and effort). Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi, we are shortly going to bring in Single Sign On to our business. Our infrastructure team have the following question regarding backups. Any advice would be appreciated. Hi Would you mind asking Hornbill when they run their backups please? I want to attempt some ADFS related testing fairly soon - still a couple of things to tweak yet And Ideally will do first test to Hornbill - and if it's horrific - can revert their backup without loss of tickets
  22. Hello, In progressive capture there is a date and date/time picker available. Please can you include a time only version and also give the ability to switch off seconds for all as this is too specific and unnecessary in most situations. Also if some more thought could be given to the user experience of this form that would be great. A lot of the time it works fine but have had reports from users that it can be fiddly and after doing some testing have to agree with them. Sometimes you can type the time in, sometimes you can't and the minutes and hours don't "snap" to anything particularly useful for an end user (5, 10, 15 etc. or 00, 15, 30 etc). Many thanks, Tom
  23. Good afternoon, We are changing the service account password for Hornbill on our AD. Where in Hornbill Service Manager do we need to update this? We run a script daily which picks up the new starters from our AD address book. Obviously don't want to change the password and stop things working. Thanks, Andy
  24. Guest


    Achievements in Service Manager is a great feature and the team really appreciate receiving them. I was thinking we could build on this and introduce further Gamification as it's a powerful tool for motivating better performance, driving results, and generating a friendly competitive environment. How about a new concept where analysts receive a score/achievement/badge based on their performance over a day/week/month. The score could be a combination of activities like resolving Incidents, problems and changes with different weighting on priority. Plus any other activity like contributing towards workspaces, sharing information, liking, following and even updating requests plus active time in Service Manager etch etch Just an idea.
  25. Hi Guys Have you come across this before? Since yesterday some analysts have noticed that when they click on a request its opening in a new tab. The strange thing is, its not happening for all of us. Cheers
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