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  1. Hi, Is there the current functionality to be able to report on either checkpoints (whether they've been completed or not) OR outcomes of activities? Thanks Lauren
  2. Morning all, My apologies if this has been raised before, I wasn't able to locate it via a quick look. We have a number of reports running to give us figures on tickets being resolved/closed etc by various teams and individuals however it would appear activities are not recorded in these figures. Is there a way to report on active/resolved/closed activities within Service Manager? Many Thanks
  3. Since updating service manager this evening, the Hornbill Community Tile now jumps to Hornbill.com rather than to the forum like it did before. We can work round it, but it's a bit irritating. Please let us know when it's fixed. Thanks
  4. Hello, Would it be possible to input contacts within Service Manager without having to assign them to an organisation? We deal with external contractors and we would email them from the job request on a daily bases. However, without having an organisation created for them we would not be able to use this function. We currently have two organisations but have the assignment turned off for them. @lokent
  5. Since updating to build 1288 this morning, we no longer have the option to print the questions in a request. Attached is a screenshot example showing the options we have got.
  6. Hi all, We're in the process of building Service Manager for our IT department to use. We're currently determining the roles that will be assigned to users and have found that a large number of teams will have similar roles. With this in mind, we feel it would be incredibly useful to group roles for specific teams. For example, we have teams that will require roles relating to incident, problem, change and other areas. It is a huge overhead to go through manually and associate several roles to approx. 300 analysts. With 1 group, containing the roles those teams require, it'll be completed in much less time. There is also less of a risk of roles being skipped or missed accidentally. Please could this functionality be considered for future releases. Many thanks
  7. I a bid to try stave off having to have emails sent to analysts when requests are assigned to a team or an individual analyst, I thought it would be just a matter of getting them to use 'Desktop Notifications', to get the analyst attention as they would not be working 100% in the user app, but have logged at the beginning of the day. Then when I went to my profile and the mortification tab, I realised that the notification along with Desktop notification option only appears to relate to 'Collaboration' objects and events and not Service Manage ones. Is it correct that Service Manager events/actions will not generate Desktop Notifications, or is it just the control form them is not present on this form? Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello, We had this very unusual number showing the number of users who have "admin" access to Hornbill. Look below and you would see the difference between Application Subscription Users and System Users numbers: 50/55 & 49/55: I went through the list literally like 5 times and twice with @samwoo but we could not see any missing member. I have never ever scratch my head that hard thinking if there is something wrong with my brain or my eyesight! Can anyone help please? Thanks, Aaron P.S. Can you elaborate the difference between these two (I know roughly but want to get properly explanation so I can relay toward my manager and department) this is also another opportunity for me to speak to my senior manager about giving few users access to HR to try and bring them into Hornbill.
  9. Hello I was wondering if it was possible for FAQs to be pulled through next to the related tickets and catalogue items that appear here after selecting a Service when raising an Incident or Service Request. I notice that the list of FAQs will appear after logging and assigning the ticket but wondered if there was a way they could be pulled through whilst logging the ticket (next to the related tickets and catalogue items). Thanks in advance! Max
  10. We have setup on our shared mailbox, that any email from a customer raises a ticket when an email comes into it and assigns to first line support, I need some guidance on how i can get the system to email the case number back to the customer? I have it setup and working to email the customer when a ticket is raised manually but cant seem to find the process for the mailbox
  11. hello, I have made a report which combines a few tables in order to pull information related to Leavers requests, including the assets linked to those requests. Whilst it initially worked, I wanted to get the "Asset Type" name attached to it, so as soon as I joined this table and included the field, the Asset Name column is now sharing the same details as the Asset Type Name column. If i remove the Asset Type Name column, the Asset Name column reverts back to the actual asset name. That was probably confusing I have attached the report definition file... tech-support-equipment-assets.report.txt You can also see the screenshot below: Without Asset Type Name With Asset Type Name As you can see the Asset Name column shares the AssetTypes->Name fields. Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
  12. Afternoon all, I think I know the answer to this one already but here goes.... Is it possible to crate a customized view on the Change Calendar to filter by Change type? For example, our Changes are categorised into Standard, Normal and Emergency. Is it possible to filter out the Standard changes from the calendar? Cheers A
  13. Hi, Are there any plans to improve the search facility in Service Manager? We migrated from Supportworks to Service Manager this past weekend and I am already getting frustrated with the global search facility at the top to find requests. The search in Supportworks was far from perfect but it gave me far more options to narrow down my search/filter and it also allowed me to do some sorting on the results. This ability to sort the results doesn't seem to be available in Service Manager. By default, it seems to be sort by type and then by reference but I might want to just do by reference or by customer or owner etc. I also can't see anything like log or resolve date to limit results or a summary or description field to target my search a bit more. As such a search for a keyword like 'portal' returns 14000+ results I would quite like to configure the results view to limit/expand the info shown too. I am also seeing results for Services that I don't support which inflates the results. Is that because I am an admin? It has been mentioned to me that when linking requests the search facility there included results from services not supported by the analyst doing the search, and they did not have any admin rights. Is there a setting I can change for this? Thanks Chris
  14. Is it possible to have the list of services on the service portal expanded by default, rather than having to click 'more services'? Thanks Darren
  15. Are you able to advice on the content of Service Manager Build 1156, as at the moment the content of it is not defined in the Announcements nor in the Latest Changes when viewing from the App Store. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi We updated our Service Manager software on 11/01/2018. Previous update was back in October 2017 so we were a few versions behind by the time January came! Since then, our development community have lost the ability to amend a Simple List (that they created) and can validate but not save a procapture. Please see attached the permission roles they have and the error they get when trying to save a procap. Those of us with SuperUser role can still perform these tasks Please help! :o)
  17. Good afternoon, We are currently going through a change of colour scheme and I have been asked if it is possible to change the colours that appear on the writing of our services on the Self Service portal. Please see below for the area I want to be able to change. Is it possible to change these colours to something that is not blue? Thanks, Andy
  18. Hi, Earlier this year you helped me set up an SLA dashboard showing what calls had been breached and what calls had been resolved in SLA timeframe for each month. This was then the information I would use to write my board report. The logic seems to have altered since the report from last month. The dashboard is set to show 'last months Samples' but it conflicts the data I get if I run the 'Total resolved between date range' report. I have also checked manually for breaches within last month and some of the breaches are not being displayed on the report, I manually counted 5 breaches where the report is only showing 3 for this individual (they were all logged and resolved in November too) . Also the count of jobs resolved for each analyst last month is coming up different to the stats shown in the widgets. Will be doing my board report in the next week so would report assistance on this before then. Thanks Andy
  19. Good afternoon, We have an email address createincident@ companyname.com that automatically creates an incident for us. This is great especially when we are not in the office, however the default priority is always set to Medium Incident (1 day SLA) . Do you know where in the admin tools I would need to go to change this to Low Incident? My colleague who set this up initially for us is no longer with the firm. Thanks! Andy
  20. Hi, Would it be possible to extend just a little bit the custom button options? All I would like is to have the service name and catalogue item name available in the "Variables" (see below). The reason is quite simple: All our documentation is stored on our SharePoint and we use metadata to associate each document to a Service (same as in Hornbill) and sometimes we also map documents to a specific catalogue item. By having these 2 variables, it would allow me to map a custom button to our SharePoint and pass the contextual service and catalogue item, allowing our analysts to retrieve all documents associated within seconds! PS: My boss has been asking for this feature for over a year now... Thanks, Lyonel
  21. Hi guys, Is there any plan to get a menu or something to analysts via the Service Manager app so that they can quickly access reports and dashboards / slideshows? At the moment, you have this really great set of tools but the only way to access them is via the admin URL, which understandably I am not really keen on sharing with all our analysts. I would be fab if they could have access via the normal front-end to the reports and dashboards we (admins / managers) create. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  22. Good morning, Since 8PM last night we have been unable to process any emails from our IT Support email address mailbox to the Hornbill mail queue. All the emails are just storing up in the Outlook Mailbox but not processing across to the hornbill mailbox for us to create/assign tickets. Our infrastructure team have had a look from our end and have asked if you try and connect to us as we want to see if there is an underlying network issue our end or if it is an issue your end? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Good morning, I run a regular monthly report on Total Resolved Jobs Between Date Range, which gives me a nice bar chart followed by the list of the requests. Today when running the report (tried twice) I am not getting my bar chart but just a list of requests. Is there an issue? Nothing has changed from our side. Thanks, Andy
  24. Hi, Just a silly question but it is possible in the near future to have the ability to paste images (screenshots) in emails when using the tab from a request? I do appreciate you can attach files, but it simply does not have the same effect on both users and analysts... And consequently our analysts are not following best practices and contact users directly with their personal outlook accounts! Any feedback would be appreciated as I need to answer to my boss on this one.
  25. Hello We're currently using Organisations in Service Manager to keeping our Service Partners information - key contacts, support email addresses etc... It would be really useful to be able to add attachments against an Organisation so that I could attach the Service Agreement, or other such documents to the Organisation. Is this function something that could be added? Thanks Darren
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