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  1. When our basic users login to the service portal, they are not presented with the available services. They only have the option to change their profile. When the "standard" licenced users login they can view all available portal services. I`ve checked the services and in terms of subscription they are configured as "This service is available to everyone".
  2. Hello all, We are currently in a situation where we would like all employees of an organisation to be able to log requests but also have the manager (the organisation manager who has the rights to view all requests of an organisation) get notified whenever one of these requests get created. Also, whenever a certain decision has to be made for these organisations one of their managers should be able to easily be requested by us to either approve or deny a certain change/order/request. Is this currently possible with external customers? Thanks, Alex
  3. I have to ask the question again, do we think we will be seeing live chat via the Portal soon? Cheers
  4. Hello, I have noticed that since the latest update, the default view when selecting a service in the portal is now outstanding requests where previously it was the catalog items. Is there a way of specifying this default view for all customers to be catalog items? Many thanks, Melissa
  5. Is it possible to allow a customer to upload and attach a file when completing a progressive capture within the self service portal?
  6. Is it possible to have a completion screen appear in the portal that displays something along the lines of "Thank you for raising a request" rather than the portal user being presented with the actual request ticket, which I believe some may find confusing.
  7. Hi - I have been asked to post this on here by support. The look and feel of the self service portal will be administered by our web team. This is the only admin role they will require. I have created a custom role that includes the Application right of "ManagePortalSettings" but they do not appear to have been granted access. I have checked your documentation and wiki pages but cannot find anything covering this. Are you able to advise what rights the users will require in order to carry out portal administration? Thanks, Melissa
  8. Hi All Great improvement with the new Customer Feedback. I just have a couple of questions/Improvements Is there a way the analyst/manager can be notified when a customer provides some feedback, especially if poor so we can respond. Can we re-start the current number of calls awaiting feedback, as the number is high and might put people of starting to use this feature. How does a manager access the feedback data to report on? Thanks Adam
  9. Hi, Is there a way that we can give a shortened Service Portal address to our users? We're looking at creating a DNS entry to shorten it to Portal or Helpdesk or something along those lines Can we point to a static IP address from our side that will resolve to https://service.hornbill.com/<instancename> ? thanks, Pete
  10. Hi, Just a random question I got from users: is it possible to set by default the tab "Active" when logging onto the service portal?
  11. When sending an email to a customer from Service Manager (i.e. visibility is to customer) and specifying contacts in the BCC address, these are then inserted into the timeline entry, so they are are visible on the customer/service portal to the customer. The timeline entry should not contain the BCC email address in the timeline update text, but only in the attached email, which is then be accessed through the 'View Email' action. The customer is not able to view the original source email via the customer/service portal, only the text of the email inserted into the timeline entry. Cheers Martyn
  12. Hello, A feature that I thought of whilst working with Nadeem that would certainly help to narrow down the Service / Catalog that the user requires would be to have the ability to add tags to Services / Catalogs. Some users may refer to something differently to others and tags would be a good way to reflect this as they would type it in the search box on the Self Service Portal and would be able to find the Service / Catalog they require to log a call. Samuel
  13. Hello, We are in the process of setting up the Self Service Portal. Setting up the PC forms with Nadeem on Monday and Tuesday was very good, but we have identified an issue with the formatting on the Summary area on the Self Service Portal. Our questions can be very descriptive, there is hardly any way to shorten them whilst making sense to the user, so when the answer a question the Summary Area gets very cluttered. This is a mild example, we do have some extremely long questions in PC's against other catalogs. Can the way the Summary screen appear be improved for very long questions? Maybe have the questions run along the top of the answer spanning the width of the Summary box (with padding of course). Samuel
  14. Hi, I have added our company logo to the portal but the size of the header is interfering with the title text on the page. Even if I set the logo size to 22px the header still cuts the text. The current logo size is 50px and the title text look like so: This is the best I can get it after a bit of messing around with the logo size and amount of blank space under the logo. Also, is there a way to change the Hornbill logo to our own in the service desk view? Thanks
  15. I am working on a project to consolidate our organisations 'New Starter' process into one form/application and automate where possible. I obviously want the starting point to be the Portal, what options are there for integration into other applications?
  16. Hi Guys When will we be able to bypass the Summary & Description Fields when using specific questions from the Portal. Cheers
  17. In Support Works you can control the level of access contacts have within the self service, so that you can have some users who only have the ability to view current requests (i.e. requests) and other who have the rights to log new and update. Is there any plans to allow the creation of multiple portal accounts to single portal type, so the that different permission sets can be assigned portal users and for the portal then to handle the different levels of access? Cheers Martyn
  18. When using the Contact Access tab in Portal Accounts to check whether a contact is setup for portal access and what there status is, you are currently not able to search or sort the list. It would be really useful to be able to search by name as well as login ID, plus the ability to sort the list by the displayed columns as they currently do not appear to be in any specific order. Cheers Martyn
  19. Hello I was wondering if functionality could be introduced if not already for these possible features . Document Manager Documents being able to be selectable in tickets to either add to notes or send to customers . Being able to publish documents to the portal and have permissions sets for just IT and Customer basis . Is there a KB feature for the portal for customers to access, if so easily being able to add from document library as there may be cross over documents Regards Gareth
  20. Hi, I seem to have recently lost the ability to raise calls from either the customer or service portals. Previously when you selected a service you got a "Get help" button, however this no longer appears. The services are set to visible in the configuration so not sure what is going on. Any ideas? Graham
  21. Hello, I have raised a request to Hornbill Support asking whether or not we can monitor our own / our organisation's active calls we have with Hornbill via their very own Customer Service Portal, and the response is that there is currently nothing available. Can we have some clarity on the development of your Portal if at all? How long might it be before we see it's light of day? It's great that we have one for our customers, but being your customers it makes sense that there should be one for us to use. I have an idea on how it could work, maybe have another button on the left hand side in the Hornbill Collaboration that links to... 1. Calls you have raised to Hornbill 2. Calls your organisation have raised to Hornbill (with a username search) 3. An area to raise Feature requests (to be able to vote) or to view a Bug List of all known error messages and fixes. It can be view against certain job roles if required. See the image below, i have created this mock up using GIMP.
  22. Please remind me how I remove a service from being displayed on the Service Portal... I have tried but not been successful. ( Please see attached, as I only want to make the IT Support service available to our users ) .
  23. Hi When calls are logged via the portal they go to a view no team assigned, is it possible to have an alert to first line staff that a new call is logged via the portal? Thanks Chris
  24. Good morning, We are going live to our user base on Thursday but have an issue where all our available services are not available to view on the self service portal. It will show a maximum of 6 and no more. We have added around 12 services but only 6 are visible in Self Service. This is quite a problem as this means users will be unable to view 6 of the services. This is when 'All my Services' are selected and we are not in the 'favourites' view. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am aware this issue exists from talking to your support team and I am wondering when this will be addressed. Thank you, Andy
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