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  1. Hi, We have Customer Portal and there are no social media links. In settings Home=>System=>Manage Portals=>Customize Customer Portal. All Social Media Links are 0. And that's ok. But when customer log in to the Portal those links are there again. How I can remove or hide those social media links from inner sites of Customer Portal? Best Regards, MikaP
  2. Hi all, Since I did the update this morning I can't get our portal homepage image to load. It is instead replaced by the default Hornbill image. It is held on our iis server and has been fine since our go live 8 months ago. The url is not https and is set via the advanced settings. I can navigate to the image directly via a browser. Any ideas?
  3. With the introduction of Service Catalogs we can now specify what progressive capture to use and whether it is used for Portal, User App or Both. In terms of the progressive capture itself we want to try use a single workflow, but need to branch in the capture workflow depending on whether it is being accessed via the protal or user app. What parameter/variable accessible in the progressive capture workflow determines the context it is being run under which we can then use in the decision condition? Cheers Martyn
  4. Since we work exclusively with external customers making reports available to them means a lot of extra manual steps to make them accessible. We would like to be able to present reports or dashboards to select customers through the customer portal somehow.
  5. A small improvement in useability would be to have small login boxes already on the first page in the portal the same way that for example Facebook does. I know there is a setting to go directly to login but then presumptive customers will miss the information provided in the portal.
  6. Related to my other post below would it be possible to have a specific print option to format and output the whole request including all expanded timelines, but removing unnecessary headers/navigation components from the page. Cheers Martyn
  7. If a coworker/customer wished to print or view the full details of a request from the portal, they must first of all click on 'Show More' on any of the timeline entries in order for the full timeline content to be visible. Would it be possible to have the option to Expand/Show all? Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello, We've noticed that replies to a Request apply to the Request's Timeline as an update made by "System AutoResponder". The default Visibility for these Timeline updates appears to be "Customer" which means the Request Customer can see any / all replies to the Request. This is an issue for us. For Audit/ tracking purposes we try to send all of our email from the Request, (i.e. if we need to email a 3rd Party we'll do it from the Request so we've a log of what was said) however we don't always want this visible to the customer. Can we have the ability to change the default visibility of the "System AutoResponder" Timeline update? Please note: when i logged in as the System Admin account i was able to manually change the visibility of the email "System AutoResponder" Timeline update however we cannot do this for every update. Regards, Jamie
  9. When a end user is crating a request from Service Portal with a progressive capture that allows an Asset to be selected, the end user can search all assets. There is no way to restrict which assets can be searched, as far as we can tell. We consider this to be a security issue, and will have to disable the possibility for end users to pick assets when registering requests. Furthermore, this might be considered a security issue also for agents. There should be ways of restricting which agents can see which assets.
  10. Hello, I installed the latest Service Manager update this afternoon and went through my usual post-update tests and it would appear that the ordering of services in the self-serv portal is now completely random? I cannot see a way to change this order and can't see any obvious rule that it is following (e.g Numerical, Alphabetical). Is this something you are aware of? Can we now choose the ordering of the services? Many thanks, Melissa
  11. Hi we have a customer portal and I've an entry in the Business Process to send me an email whenever a call is logged via there. That is all working fine. What I would like to know is if it's possible to get an email alert whenever the customer posts an update to one of their existing calls via that Portal?
  12. Hi Where do I find the field in the attached screenshot so I can translate it?
  13. Hello, is there a way to remove the drop shadow from the text that appears on the bulletins in the Service portal? It has been raised as an issue for users with possible eye sight difficulties. Ideally I would like to turn the drop shadow off, but this doesn't appear to be an option Thanks Darren
  14. When raising a new Service Desk Request online, the Description Box does not auto extend after the 4th line. As soon as you go to the 5th line, a scroll bar appears on the right hand pane and line 1 moves 1 row up and becomes hidden from view. As users would like a full view of what has been entered, could the Description Box auto expand so that customers can see the full details of what has been entered?
  15. Hi, I've just spotted that on the Customer portal the status column is blank when requests are on-hold. Is this is fault? Thanks Tina
  16. Ok, seeing as I haven't asked anything for a few days here's the dumb question for the day. I asked a few users to test the service portal for me and report back with their opinions. Unfortunately they're getting this error. I'm sure I've seen something about permissions to this table but I can't find it now. Can you point me in an appropriate direction? Thanks Doug
  17. Hi, Another day, another challenge One of the long outstanding items on my to-do list is to set up the portal for our users. I've got it to the stage where it's displaying a panel of services. Selecting the service then gives a panel of all of the Catalog Items. Clicking on any of them jumps straight to the Progressive Capture defined for that CI which the console also uses. In the portal the customer search is negated by the fact that the customer is logged on and the service Details is supplied by selecting the service and Config Item from the portal menus. So the only bit of the puzzle is how do I get the Request Details???? Regards Doug
  18. Morning all, Its Friday! Could someone please advise me if i can set up a progressive capture in the portal to auto log one type of log through one category to a specific team and priority? If so what form etc would i need to use to do this? Thanks Hayley.
  19. Hi, I'm looking to set up our customer portal but I think our standard business process isn't suitable. The first action our business process takes is an automated task to assign the call to the requestor creator. This has been working ok through 'Raise New' and the Service Portal(by users). If we want a Contact to raise the call via the portal though it doesn't like it. They can log in and see the relevant Catelog items. It seems to log ok from their side but isn't created per Bus Process and we see errors when opening the request. The log file errors(attached) seem to point to this 'assignTeamOwnerCreator' aspect. What would be the best way forward to enable our Contacts to log calls through the customer portal ok? Do we need to remove the form 'Assign to creator Owner'? I'd rather not as this automates the majority of raised calls via 'Raise New' Perhaps separate Business Process' for Portal use? But then I guess that would then require all the Catelog items to be duplicated too to use those. Any advice appreciated.
  20. Guest

    New Starter Process

    As I am building in additional services into my Enterprise Service Desk (HR, FM, Payroll) for example I will be setting up a single starter process viat the portal. So the manager of the new starter will have a single form to fill in that will generate actions for IT, HR and Payroll for example. I have a few questions around the configuration: 1: Can you log separate Service Requests off the back of one portal request? 2: Can you log one Service Request and then assign out individual activities? 3: Does the portal form have the ability to 'Save & Return' as the from will now be more complex and might not be submitted in one go? 4: Could the new starter access the portal and update with personal information before they start working at the organisation? 5: Can you automate an email to a Service area that isnt currently using Hornbill? Many Thanks
  21. Hello, I have entered a https url for an image stored on one of our externally facing web servers. I am able to navigate to the URL from my browser (internally and externally) no problem at all. The image is the recommended size and type as detailed on the wiki and it is, as mentioned, https. I have confirmed that the security settings on the image/server will not cause any permission issues and cannot figure out why the image is not displaying. It does not error, it simply isn't there... Do you have any idea what may be causing this? Many thanks, Melissa
  22. Can we make the login text in the top right hand corner look like a link and stand out more?
  23. On the sign in page of customer portal - can Sign In be changed to Log in?
  24. Hello all, I was wondering where I could change the colours marked with red arrows in the image below. As you can see I found the other ones, just not these ones! Thanks, Alex
  25. Hi all, I am having some problems allocating the necessary rights to the Authorized Role in the Customer portal. The error is as follows: The authorized role 'portal chat session user' assigned has a higher privilege leven than guest. I am aware of the similar thread posted @Adam Haylock, but as this seems to be a different problem I decided to create a new thread. Any ideas? Thanks! Alex
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