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  1. Hi, We are looking to vastly improve the use of Hornbil, and one of the ways we can do this is to introduce problem management, and making this visible to staff via the self service portal. We have neither in use at the moment, but have configured hornbill and think we are just about ready to launch a pilot. What I can not seem to do is find a way for the portal "Known Issues" section to provide a ink to the problem record, so staff can see the details of the investigation. I have tried to get the incident URL from the portal and replace the incident reference with the problem reference, but get a message saying the user does not have permissions. I am guessing its a permissions issue, but any advice on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.,
  2. Images uploaded to FAQs are being displayed to customers on the portal. Technician accounts can see the images. This appears to be due to the recent change in how images are stored. Previously they were stored as raw code in the HTML, now they are stored as files on the live.hornbill server. Unfortunately, it appears that customers do not have access to the live.hornbill directory. I confirmed this issue by creating a new FAQ on the hornbill/demo site and attempted to view the image on the portal with the Stever user. I have included images below of the issue. The image on the top is viewing as Stever, the image on the bottom is viewing as Grahamc. The exact url of my test image is: https://live.hornbill.com/demo/php/attachment/image.php?application=com.hornbill.servicemanager&entity=Faqs&key=173&secure&filepath=image1555001780424.021.jpeg As a side note, I noticed images uploaded as .jpg are being converted to .jpeg.
  3. Hi, I have seen the following video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIK_hEJ6NQ8) and I'm trying to get the search on our Customer Portal to show 'Requests' as well as 'Services' & 'Catalogs' . Our customers have asked why can they not put in a request number/reference into the search and it find their request. This is really frustrating them. I have also tried searching for words in the Summary or Description but no luck. Any advice please? I thought it may have been a configuration setting somewhere to allow requests to also show in search results, but I struggled to find anything. Many thanks Steve.
  4. So it appears that when you have a CI that was listed in the portal the link still works when the CI is retired, this has meant that some people can fill in/complete a form which is retired but it fails as the BPM doesn't work or process it normally. Is there a way of fixing this or do we need to change the setting inside the CI to be available just to the Service Desk?
  5. As a major proportion of our external customer base are public sector we are being asked to confirm what Accessibility Standards the Customer Portal meets as part of tender responses, i.e. does it comply with the below:- WCAG 2.0 AAA WCAG 2.0 AA or EN 301 549 WCAG 2.0 A Can you advise if the Customer Portal currently meets these accessibility standards and if not are you planning to comply with them in the future? Cheers Martyn
  6. Our teams have requested that the search functionality that exists on the service portal also exist after selecting a service: Searching on home page: Once a service is selected the search bar is not available.
  7. We have updated our instance and found that in the portal there is no longer a search function? Can this be bought back?
  8. When loading bulk contacts you can specify the logon_id, but you cannot specify a contact's password or indicate if their guest portal account should be created and whether it should be Approved or Suspended. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/SQL_Contact_Import Can the tool be extended to include these facilities, so it will make migrating customers from previous systems more seamless. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi If an incident occurs which has several organisations that are impacted only the customer, or if organisation view is enabled, those in the customer's organisation, can see the ticket in the customer portal. It would save a lot of administration and work to be able to create one ticket, add all impacted customers to this and allow all connected to view the ticket and timeline updates where visibility is set to "Connected", which would be a new visibility setting.
  10. Can I raise a enhancement request to have the option when inserting attachments already on the request into the Service Manager Email action, you can get it to insert a direct link to the attachment on the Service/Customer Portal, rather than attaching the file itself. This is part of us trying to encourage customers to use the portals rather than solely rely on email communication channel. Cheers Martyn
  11. In your portal, you have swim lanes to show the changes that are incoming and applied to live, with scrollable swim lanes. Can you let us know how to do this on our portal?
  12. When adding another customer as a connection is it possible for the call to show in the portal for that employee too? We've not gone live with the customer portal yet so I haven't had chance to test this but when I was speaking to Daniel Riley he thinks it doesn't currently do this We often get users copying in other users on calls and maybe their managers It would be good if they could all have visibility of the call kind regards, Pete
  13. On the customer portal, we thought it might be a good idea to show the Top 5 or x amount most used forms on the front page to all people that use the service to easily find the form that they need.
  14. Hi, Just an observation but search seems to take 5-6 seconds to return results in the employee portal preview, in contrast to the rest of the user app which is super snappy. Is this likely to be permanent, or related to the "Preview" status?
  15. With GDPR looming, we would like to restrict the ability of our external customers to upload an image in their profile. Is there a setting we can enable to disable this? Similarly we would want to display but disable the update of it profile image on the Service Portal, as this is populated by the LDAP Import Tool from AD. Cheers Martyn
  16. One of our users is unable to select their tickets through internet explorer. When they log in and go to my requests and select a ticket, the ticket is highlighted orange but does not open. They can access the support portal through Chrome. It is specific to one user, they have tried on a different computer using internet explorer - and the problem still occurs. I have tried clearing cookies, cache, allowing pop-ups on internet explorer and this is still now working. Any advice?
  17. We handle both external and internal customers in our Service Manager instance. Is there a way to differentiate service catalogue items per portal so that some are only seen on customer.hornbill.com/instance and others only on service.hornbill.com/instance? I have looked but seem to only be able to differentiate on service level by setting subscriber.
  18. In the description of each of our services, we have formatted the text - in a very similar way to what is shown in the demo version (image attached) and it works successfully. However, when the services are displayed in the Portal the formatting code can be seen (image attached). Any ideas? Thanks
  19. is there a way to customize the search bar or at least change the position? from this to something like this:
  20. Afternoon all, Wonder if i can grab some advice, we are currently tryingn to implement our SSO profiles for the Self service portal. We are coming accross a issue where it direct the portal but does not sign users into it Here is a screenshot of our profile. we are using another piece of software (Centrify) as our source atm. so for example, Someone logs on to the centrify app or centrify webpage and then every app on that webpage is SSO from this point as AD credentials have already been supplied. Here is a screen shot of our SSO Profile: As far as i can see i have completed it to the instructionsn on the wiki page. We have done the same at the centrify end (just FYI) But the result we are getting is as follows: Does anyone have any ideas/advice in regards to this. Thanks Hayley.
  21. Is there a way to shrink the size of the home page image on the Service/Customer Portal or to remove it once the user has logged in? Since going live a month ago the feedback we have had from our customers is that they have to scroll down to see their service icons due to the amount of screen taken up by the home image. Cheers Martyn
  22. Good Morning All, Does anyone know if there is or will be an option on the service portal to search for documents using tags? The My services search bar works really well so i was looking to see if the My Documents had any plans to also have this feature
  23. Is it possible to have the list of services on the service portal expanded by default, rather than having to click 'more services'? Thanks Darren
  24. Hi, when setting up services, we can select a category ("Request Category Level") which is great (as we can now filter easily on the service portal ). Go forward, when setting up catalogue items, you can order then easily by drag & drop. This is also great for sorting them in a very specific way, giving us the ultimate flexibility. But such feature does not exist for services... Would it be possible to have a simple "Order [int]" field for services? That would allow us to order them the way we want rather than only rely on alphabetical order?
  25. Hi, I tried to change translation to one service, but it seems not working at the moment. Also another user were doing global translations at the same time and it crashes after 3200 translations were done. Best Regards, @MikaP
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