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  1. I've been trying to figure this one out, but I've drawn a bit of a blank I have a requirement for a Service to be setup which is available to all users (i.e. there are no specific Subscribers listed against the service, it's available to everyone) via the Portal Within this service there needs to be mulitple Service Catalog items, but I need to restrict some of them so that they are only visible to certain users (I basically need everyone to be able to be set as a customer against any request raised against the catalog item, but only certain people to be able to actually raise the request in the portal - the service desk analysts/BPM workflows will change the customer on the request later as/when needed) I've noticed that there is a Restrict visibility option available on Service Catalog Items, but only when specific Subscribers are listed against the service, it disappears when the service is available to everyone Is there any way to do this when the Service is available to everyone (i.e. no specifically listed subscribers?)
  2. We are looking to see if there is a way for a customer to request a call back or escalate an existing request as we are finding that we get numerous calls chasing existing requests and would like to implement something to monitor this and reduce the demand. Ideally when a customer requests a call back / escalate then the sub status would change to allow these to be prioritised for a urgent response. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Jon
  3. I am trying to locate the setting where we can update the text displayed when a customer experiences an error when attempting to login to the portal (Hornbill Direct Login). The reference to 'Hornbill administrator' means nothing to our external customers and is causing confusion. Is there a setting or translation option to edit this? Cheers Martyn
  4. Following on from @Michael Sharp post below relating outputting scheduled reports to a document library, we would like to request the ability to link a document library to an external customer and/or organisation, so that when the customer logs in to the portal they can see the library under the general Document option at the top. This is so we can setup scheduled reports for customers, which are then delivered via the Customer Portal, as another means of encouraging them to use the portal rather than just emailing them. This also help to alleviate the limited customer export/reporting options in the portal at this time. Cheers Martyn
  5. Following the addition of being able to publish documents linked to services on the portals, which is a big step forward in us being able to regain the ability to publish a knowledge base on the portals, can we request some enhancements to make it more manageable and easier to use for the consumer, especially when a large volume of documents are linked. Documents to be grouped under the source Library, and initial display is Library headings, with the option to expand to list documents in said Library. Ability to control the order of the Libraries and the documents in the Service setup screen. Just to give you an example of the volume and structure we are trying to make usable in the Service Manager, please see below. At the moment the only way to change the order is to unlink the documents and then link them again in the order you want, but there is no grouping, so will just be one long list. Cheers Martyn
  6. We have lots of tasks in the system that we don't want the customer to see in the portal by default an example is below: How do we change this to be visible to 'Team' only as there are no settings per task in the BPM, is this the correct setting to change (below)?
  7. On the portal customers can accept or reject resolution using two buttons “It's working” or “it's still broken” I would like to change the wording but I cannot see where this can be altered, can someone point me where this is configured. Thanks Jon
  8. Within my Incident management workflow for the customer portal, i have a question stating, does the request type need to be changed? This is there for if the customer via the customer portal raises an incident instad of a service request. If i select Yes, it will close the ticket and then auto raise a new Service request. The customer will then get a new email showing the below: If they click on the link, it points to the internal portal which is wrong and they get 'You do not have permission to view this request' What setting do i need to select so that when the customer receives an email saying that a new service request has been raised, it contains the correct URL depending if they are using the customer or employee portal?
  9. With this text is there a way to adjust this, via translations maybe.... We just want to add a bit more to say e.g. If you require this to be re-opened please contact the Service Desk....
  10. Please can we have some clarification, when we turn on the new portal, what happens to the 'old' links etc if we have links to the old portal that we have missed will they still work or will they die or be redirected to the new portal in someway or will they get an error message? e.g. Old Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/servicemanager/selfservice2/raise/41/serviceRequest/1090/ Employee Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/catalog/new-service-request/com.hornbill.servicemanager/41/1090/ And once we turn it on are the links to the pages going to stay as the above?
  11. Please can we get some advice on this as we have some new processes that we would like to open up for people outside of our University to complete form in our portal. However, this is not something that we have done before and we are wondering what is involved and if there is any documentation on how you allow this, we currently use SSO to login into our portal and I guess that we would need some config changes to allow this? Also once this happens how to make certain forms only available to this subset of users?
  12. I am attempting to generate a query/report to list out external contacts which have a portal account along with whether they have the additional Organisation View and Can Cancel, so that we can review and look at cleansing some historic accounts/permissions. However I am struggling to locate the underlying table/field which hold the customer portal access indicators. Any ideas? Cheers Martyn
  13. As there is no interactive translation mode for the customer portal, I am trying to identify all the translation entries that would be applicable under the Translation options in each of the area's below, which would be applicable to the content displayed on the customer portal. Service Manager Collaboration System We have done the bulk update by using the Google Translate integration but now need to correct some of these using our native specking staff. My aim is to do this first off by extracting the current translation entries so that they can be corrected off line by our team and then any changes copied back in manually via the admin tool. Then once this has been done we would then do a second phase of interactively going thorough the portal to determine if any further changes are required based on the context/placement. To this end What is the naming convention for portal entries in the Translation options for each app? What table(s) are these held so that I can export them to Excel/CSV for the native speakers to correct? Is there way to determine when viewing the customer portal the specific translation element being used to display the label/text? Cheers Martyn
  14. Does anyone know if there are setting for the portal timeout, we are finding that some customers that take more than 10 minutes to complete a form when resuming the form it wipes the data and you have to start again. Is there a timeout setting/limit that can be changed or is this a limitation in our browsers etc?
  15. Hi We have raised a "known issue" request. When someone raises a new ticket in the employee portal with the keyworrds from the issue, the notification is shown, but no cases. Please help
  16. I'm having a moment, does anyone know where the setting is that allows a request to be automatically taken off hold if a customer updates the request from the Portal? I'm also hoping that I can reference this in the BPM to check to see if a customer has updated the request by email or portal and then progress based on this?
  17. I have setup a role to give out users permission to administer contacts and organisation, along with setting up Customer Portal Accounts. However though they are able to manually set a password, click on the 'Generate Random Password' button does not result in anything being generated. What additional application rights are are required for the ability for the password generator to work? Cheers Martyn
  18. Please can you let me know where customers now go to submit their feedback on requests, as it appears to have disappeared from the portal....
  19. Could you please consider adding the ability for a question that is hidden in progressive capture to have an option to not make it visible in the questions section of the customer portal?? many thanks Andy
  20. Good morning, We have recently started testing the use of bulletins for our customer portal but have had some questions/issues with some of the configurations we've wanted to use. 1. Why is the images on the banner greyed out? - we are trying to design our portal so it has a consistent look and feel. Since we've started using bulletins, the banner images are greyed out and doesn't look right with the rest of the page. I can't see how this adds any value at all. I would understand if it was only the right and left ends of the image to highlight the manual arrows, however, this just messes up the look. Is there a way to change this? 2. Shadows on Texts - For some reason the text displayed on the bulletins have shadows applied to them even though this was configured to be turned off. We've tried a number of things but was not able to remove it: 3. Banner roll/switch timing - How can we control how quickly the banner images roll/switch? We have been asked to change the speed but cannot find the configuration to do so. 4. Text formatting - Is there any other wiki markup guides besides https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup? We are not very experience with wiki markups and this page hasn't been much help so far; ie can we specify other colours than red / can we use a colour codes to make it the exact same colour as other texts on the page etc? Looking forward to a reply on this. Regards Aykut @David Longley
  21. When you look at a CI in the portal if looks like this: When you click through it seems to capitalise the first letter This is the first form that we have where the text should display eRecords with a small 'e' like iPhone etc, can this respect the formatting of the CI when it is set up e.g.
  22. Hi, Does anyone know the best way to publish a Bulletin that will be seen by ALL our external contacts when they log into the Customer Portal as we have an issue regarding 'reopening tickets' which is affecting multiple contacts, irrespective of Service & Organisation? Only way I can think of at the moment is to maybe replace the Home Page Main Image Text/Section Title....
  23. When a contact makes a change to their profile on the customer portal, the Contact's Audit Trail is not updated, so the audit trail is incomplete. We discovered this when one of our customers updated the email address on their shared group account to be their individual email address. We have now replicated this and can confirm that profile changes made on the customer portal do not update the Audit Trail. Can this be looked at a matter of urgency. Thanks Martyn
  24. Hi, We are looking to vastly improve the use of Hornbil, and one of the ways we can do this is to introduce problem management, and making this visible to staff via the self service portal. We have neither in use at the moment, but have configured hornbill and think we are just about ready to launch a pilot. What I can not seem to do is find a way for the portal "Known Issues" section to provide a ink to the problem record, so staff can see the details of the investigation. I have tried to get the incident URL from the portal and replace the incident reference with the problem reference, but get a message saying the user does not have permissions. I am guessing its a permissions issue, but any advice on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.,
  25. Hi, I have seen the following video on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIK_hEJ6NQ8) and I'm trying to get the search on our Customer Portal to show 'Requests' as well as 'Services' & 'Catalogs' . Our customers have asked why can they not put in a request number/reference into the search and it find their request. This is really frustrating them. I have also tried searching for words in the Summary or Description but no luck. Any advice please? I thought it may have been a configuration setting somewhere to allow requests to also show in search results, but I struggled to find anything. Many thanks Steve.
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