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Found 6 results

  1. At the moment you are not able to use the Email option when a request is on hold, but you are able to use the update option. Is this a configurable option, as there are quite often the requirement to generate an email from the request when it is on hold, even if it is to chase up the customer. In SupportWorks you can undertake a Call Update actions and email when the incident is any status other than closed. Cheers Martyn
  2. I am sure this is a simple answer but I cant find how to do this, when a ticket is put on hold, a number of the buttons are not available. Where do I need to do to be able to make these available?
  3. Afternoon, Our users are reportingthat when they take a call of of hold the system is sending out all breach emails. For example if we put a call on hold before breach, it seems to still be counting to breach in the background? When our users took the call off hold the call sent out 3 breach notifications one for 50%, one for 75% and one for 100%? All at the same time? However it is not showing as breached on the actual call? As you can see below all were sent at the same time? We have had a couple of these so far today Hayley.
  4. Hello there, I have been asked by some people in the team to investigate whether or not its possible to have email notifications when a call is place out of hold either automatically / manually against the person assigned to the call? I have these currently set: But it's not specific to certain things such as calls coming off hold. This is all the users wish to have really. I propose expanding the user Profile 'Notification' area to allow users to turn on/off what they would like to be notified on (more specific than we have currently) and a check box for them to decide whether they wish to be notified via email. For new users, the above settings could be defaulted, it's up to them to change it as necessary. Thanks, Samuel
  5. Could I raise User Interface improvement request for the Time Picker as used in a number of places in the application, but specifically the one used when placing a request on hold, as below:- At the moment you cannot manually enter the time in numbers and you have to use the drop down to select the time. When you click on the field it drops down the selectors for both the hour and the minutes, but closes when you make a selection of only one of the values, either hour or minutes. You have to click on field again to open it up to then click on the value you want for the other. When you are updating just a few requests this would not be too much of an issue, but when you are updating a large volume of cases on a daily basis it can quickly become annoying. Would be possible to have the time picker to stay open until you have click/tabbed to a different field? Would it also be possible to be able to type the time in as well, given that sometimes you have to make a number of clicks to scroll the picker to the hour/minute you want. The reasons for the latter point is that we always put our requests on hold to the end of the day, i.e. 18:00 hours, so that our 1st Tier are able to chase up customers on the day it comes off hold prior to the SLA timers restarting. Cheers Martyn
  6. I have had a user identify a couple of calls that do not appear to be coming off hold when requested. The image attached should have had the call come off hold on: 05/05/17 - 17:24, you can see however on the 09/05/17 the call appear to still be held with the option to resume.
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