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  1. We have recently started using Asset Management and as a result have a number of suggested enhancements. Support from other Customers using this functionality would be very welcome! Notes (field tips) describing Fields – these are only available to the administrator when creating an Asset Type. They are not available to the users who I would suggest are the people that need to see these ‘descriptors’ to assist when inputting. Audit Log does not show Creation details – when viewing the audit trail for an individual asset there is no info about the creation. The Audit Trail button actually only appears after the first change has been made (and then does not show the Creation info). This info is available from the List screen but that is not user friendly. Within the General Info section there is a field for Company and within Physical Location Info there is a field for Site. These are hierarchical so when the Company is chosen this limits the Sites available based on the Sites config. We have a many-to-many relationship so in the Sites config screen we have left Company blank (otherwise you have to choose just 1 Company). This means that in an Asset, once a Company is chosen there are no Sites available for use to choose from. If we select Site first then Company we can actually get around this validation – however Company appears first and this is not really a suitable workaround. This may be suitable for some customers but I believe that there are parts of the system where this hierarchical validation can be switched off via Instance Settings. Can that be done here as well please. When viewing an Asset, the Class field in the Details section is showing the raw DB value (eg 'basic' for the General Class) instead of the Display value. I have relabelled some of my Classes (via Translations) so this can cause some confusion. Download option - when downloading data this does not reflect the View being used at that time. The user has to select the required columns from fresh. This is really frustrating. List View – this has recently been improved but there is no Share option for customised views which would be very helpful Asset Class icons and names – I would like to be able to update the images for Asset Classes. I have relabelled some of these (via Translations) and as such need different images. Also the images for Computer Peripheral and Computer system were swapped over last year but they are no longer aligned with the default images picked up by the underlying Asset Types within those Classes.
  2. When applying an email to a request, the date and time stamp information is not included in the header information added to the timeline entry. The timeline entry will just show the date and time the email was added to the request, which is fine, but in order to view the email delivery date/time stamp you have to open the request. Can we request the date/time stamp information show in the shared mailbox is embedded in the time line text. This could be a configurable setting to allow this to be turned on or off on a per instance basis. Cheers Martyn
  3. When working in the Design mode for the Supplier and Contract input screens there is a button to RESTORE DEFAULT. Once clicked this immediately removes all the customisation without any warning. This is easy to click on in error and the customisation has vanished! Can we have a 'Are you really sure?' prompt before it undertakes the action.
  4. Hello, Please can I request an enhancement for the human task BPM to a allow an Outcome to ignore the 100% checklist completion requirement. For example, we don't want to force completion of these checklist items if after logging the request the customer decides to back out of wanting a smartphone. In order to choose the outcome "Not Completed" (we need to rename this to something else or add other outcomes) the users till have to complete the checklist to make it 100% before the button becomes available. Thanks, Samuel
  5. Hello, I would like to request the possibility of being able to branch on the request type being logged. This would mean we could have a single PCF for a Service Request and Incident for multiple catalogs (therefore easier to maintain). For example... I have a Housing Service and currently I use a single PCF for both Logging Incidents and Logging Requests (the same set of questions are asked). The only thing I cannot do is ask different questions based on whether the request is an Incident or a Request. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Hello, Please can I request the width of the Services Portfolio takes the full width of the page? I want to utilize the columns, but it looks awful squished up. As a temporary workaround, I used the Stylebot extension (Edge and Chrome) to make it full width (as well as setting the minimum width of the columns) StyleBot configuration for the page: Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hello, Is it possible to use Wiki text in activities that are created by the Business Process? I have tried using [[mailto:email address]] in the Business Process but that did not work. In the checklist items, we would like the analyst to send an email out - it would be good if we could have a mailto link in there. If this is not currently possible, please could it be added as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
  8. When creating form/PCFs can we have variables so that we can match things, one of our examples is that we ask for a line managers email to send an email asking for authorisation for certain things but people have a habit of adding themselves. We can handle this in the BPM and reject it, by matching the input to the submitters info. However we would like to stop it at source and when we ask for their managers email address or get them to look up via the users data query we want to match this field against the customer submitting so it would be something like: Then if the customer email or id matches that field we can display a warning saying this will be rejected as you can't authorise your own requests.
  9. We are in the process of trying to convince one of our other service desks in our wider group to migrate to our Hornbill Service Manager Instance from 'Salesforce Desk'. One of the features they use extensively and is one of the blocking issues, is there ability to add multiple tags/labels to there requests which they then use as part of there process for identification and searching/selection. As Requests can have multiple tags/labels associated with them and they are not necessarily sequential nor singular we cannot utilise sub states to emulate them. Example screen shot below show how these are presented, with them being coloured coded and appended in front of the subject line. Are there any plans to offer a similar Tag/Label facility in Service Manager? If not can we raise this as an enhancement to provide the following:- Admin Tool - Setup Tags/Labels and assign colour coding. Requests - Add/Remove Tags/Labels from predefined list. Request List - add as additional column for display Request List Views - add as an additional field criteria. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hoping someone can help with this either a customer or Hornbill admin. Many suppliers such as Hornbill have a service status page (https://status.hornbill.com/). Is this functionality available within Hornbill now or is it being considered a function for future release? Having the icon on the service to demonstrate service availability is already there and I recognise that however, if you have a large volume of services and they are not all located on the same page it is hard for a user to understand whether there is a known service availability issue or not.
  11. We have recently switched this ON: This is all good, however when a Request is assigned to a Team and an Agent then assigns it to himself he needs to make a Comment. The agents get a bit annoyed by this. I presume this is expected behaviour but can the system be more intuitive (ie the same as when the system does not send an email if an Agent assigns to himself).
  12. As part of the PCF that we have for raising requests we would like to branch based on analyst or team as we would like to display different information when logging a request to different teams i.e. Service Desk rather than Site Support/another Support team. As when logging a request via the analyst route you know who the person is and their details, as this is used/picked up in the BPM. Is this something that can be looked into please?
  13. Hello, Please could we request an enhancement where we can group roles together for Users? For example, we would like to set up a basic IT Staff group and then drag in the 20 roles that they all require into this group. Then we could have other groups with additional roles for supervisors and various teams. This way, a new User would just have a few groups added to their account. The benefit of this is if we needed to add a role like Chat User to everyone, then we could just add it to the IT Staff group and all 200+ of them would get it. We know the template function has recently been released but this doesn’t really help that much with regards to role and account management. Many thanks, Alisha
  14. In the timeline you can filter what's visible but is there a way to limit the filters. Since we handle external customers we don't use assets or authorizations, can these somehow be removed from the filter drop down?
  15. Can I request an enhancement, when completing a form/PCF in Self-Service can the section collapse the same as when logging a request as an analyst so that it keeps the breadcrumb list to a minimum? This would be especially useful when we have some 'long' forms and the data just disappears and creates a massive scrollable page.
  16. @James Ainsworth as per your reply to @chrisnutt post (link below) about the provision of custom fields in the Asset Management, can we request the following additional standard fields be added to the 'Software Class'. Check String Module Code As software developer we produce and license software to our external customer, which as well as the a key use a combination of a check string and module code for them to be licensed. Cheers Martyn
  17. Hi, I have recently been asked this question by quite a few people using the SM application: "Is there a way to make the on-hold requests text easier to read?" I am assuming no as I cant find a setting for it, so would it be possible to add a setting to change the level of greying out of the on hold requests in the request list please? Thanks, Dan
  18. As it is now possible to make Change Requests view-able on the portals, which we have now done, we would also like the same Feedback options as available on Incidents and Service Requests to be available for Changes as well. Cheers Martyn
  19. Thought the Request > Assignment >Assign to Owner (variable) node has a outcome indicator to pass whether it was sucessful or not, it doe not fail gracefully when it is not able to assign the requests based on the variable being passed. Instead it creates a BPM Error. Can the node be updated to continue the BPM but report the outcome as a failure. That way we can control how to handle it not being assigned in the BPM logic itself. Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi. When applying an email to a request, the "To:" line of the email is being stripped out from the timeline update. To check the email recipients we need to open the source email. Are you having this as well? Regards, A.
  21. Hey, When you do a request search and only apply a filter for a customer and then press search no results appear, if you put a letter in the search text, then the results will appear. So it looks to be search text is required? Would it be possible to make it so if you have customer filter applied and you press search it'll find all their requests without search text, as its quicker than searching for the co-worker, loading profile, clicking service manager, changing the filter options, to find a request that way. Jonny
  22. Can we raise an enhancement to request the addition of Organisation Industry and Region to the Customer Section configurable options in Service Manager for the Request View. Cheers Martyn
  23. To save the analysts the trouble of going to the "Company Home" page to be able to view requests where they are the customer it would be nice to have a pre-defined view in the request list "I'm the customer" which overrides the service visibility filter and displays all requests, regardless of team or service, where the analyst is the customer. Analysts are so used to working from the request list it's kind of counter intuitive to have to go to the employee portal to view these requests
  24. The task/activity template looks different from what is actually shown when creating a task/activity. Right now the template has things visible (assign to for example) that when using the template are hidden. So I cannot use the template to add "assign to" because it's already there in design mode but not visible in the actual task. I hope I make sense. The templates for activities (the system made ones) should reflect what the task/activity actually looks like when raised.
  25. Hi. Some weeks ago we changed the default visibility from a few timeline actions from "Customer" to "Team only". Since that change, we noticed that our analysts that activated the follow timeline updates button in requests are not receiving the notifications when the timeline is updated by the System AutoResponder. For us it's normal that analysts from one team want to follow and get updates on requests assigned to another teams, as we work together to get solutions but, from what I've understood, the "user" System AutoResponder is not a "normal user" and doesn't belong to any team (?), what I believe it's causing these missing notifications. As I said, our analysts need to be notified about any updates with "Customer" to "Team only" visibility in the requests they follow, so we keep on working together within different teams and this missing notifications are disrupting the way we need to work. Will it be possible to get ALL the relevant visibility updates ("Customer" to "Team only") to generate the notification to the live portal users? Thanks, Alberto
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