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  1. We would like to set up an email template and include an specific attachment as part of the email, is this possible? I have tried to think of ways around it but can't, I have thought to upload into document library but there is no way to include this in the email that we want to send as part of the BPM email template.
  2. The Employee Portal Request Widget allow the user to view requests where they are added as a connection which is a great addition, however the "How can we help?" Search is not including requests of these type within the scope, so therefore at the moment you have to page through the Request Widget with the connections option to open the request. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can we ask for the limit on selection of requests be configurable and/or extendable to more than 50 requests at a time in the Request List view. Also when selecting more than the limit using the shift key, the maximum number of requests is selected. Cheers Martyn
  4. At the moment if you want to close a bulk number of requests you have to update them to Resolved so that you can populate the resolution text and closure category, and then select them again for another Bulk Action to close them. Can we request a combined Resolve and Close action to allow the setting of the Resolution Text and Closure Region plus then updates the status to Resolved and then subsequently Closed, in one bulk action. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can the standard Visibility option be added to the Change Requests > Update Request > Add to Change Calendar node. We have the ability to turn on and off the timeline update being made but not it's visibility. Cheers Martyn
  6. Currently when using the Variable Picker in the BPM editor to get values from Progressive Capture Forms, is shows the 5 Most Recently Created, by title. Which is fine when setting up a new system, but when maintaining an existing system, this would be better to be the 5 Most Recently Updated. Can this change to "5 Most Recently Updated" or an additional option in the tree between the two existing Customer PCF options. Cheers Martyn
  7. As confirmed under linked post below. the current API log request nodes only spawns a BPM if you specify the the serviceId and have a default BPM set at the service level. With the development of the service catalog and catalog items are now available on all current request types to allow use of different BPM workflows, can the API call logic be enhanced to apply the same capability that it offers for 'Service' level requests, so that the catalog specific BPM workflow is spawned when passing both the serviceId and catalogId as parameters. At the moment you have to undertake an additional request first of to obtain the current BPM name from the catalog before being able to call the Log api endpoint as you need to pass the BPM Name, which is not efficient. Similarly you would not want to hard code the BPM Name in your application. Cheers Martyn
  8. Currently the RequestConnecitons > Connections > Add Connection node only has 'Update Timeline' parameter. Can the normal 'Visibility' option be added to allow more specific control. Cheers Martyn
  9. Can we request an enhancement to the progressive capture 'Field Flags' conditions capability. At the moment you can enter conditions for static values, but we would like to be able to apply conditions against other variable (values) within the progressive capture. For example we have a form which capture a Change Request Period Start and End date/time fields, so we want to check they are both populated and compare the two values against each other. Cheers Martyn
  10. If you have services that you don't want to show a description of can you put a 0 in the description field as with other portal stuff you want empty? We want descriptive texts on some but not all of our services.
  11. Would it be possible for the Code Samples section on the 'api.hornbill.com' be extended to include Go and Python, to match the languages for which the provided api libraries? Cheers Martyn
  12. As an agent it would be great to have the option to enable tasks to be visible in my request list could I ask if this could be looked at as a possible enhancement??
  13. Can the 'Design New Service' screen be updated to include the 'Default Mailbox' setting. The new Service Domain fields where added, but not the Default Mailbox which was an earlier addition to the Service functionality. Cheers Martyn
  14. Please can there be an option to add a Request directly to a board like when you allocate when in a request, we would like to be able to select request and then type in the reference number or search by type, team, etc. Also when there is a card in a lane you can post comments to the card timeline, can we have the option for these comments to appear on the timeline of the request?
  15. Currently the 'Wait for Status Change' node only completes when the primary 'Status' changes i.e. from 'OnHold' to 'Open'. It does not trigger is the SubStatus is changed within the same parent 'Status', i.e. changes from 'Open->Pending with AM' to 'Open->Pending with Analyst'. Can the node be extended to have the option to trigger on a change to the SubStatus or can a new Suspend Node be for this. i.e. 'Wait for SubStatus Change'? Cheers Martyn
  16. Hello, We have used a custom field on the View Details Form for Customer Chases. When we use this field on the request, it puts an update on the Timeline saying 'Request details updated'. I know we can go into the Timeline entry and 'View changes', however, it would be handy to see this on the Timeline at a glance. Please could this be raised as an enhancement for any custom field that we use? Many thanks, Alisha
  17. Currently the Service Level Agreement - Linked Services List list all services irrespective of the status of the 'Service'. Can a filter much the same as on the Service list be added to allow the display of All, Pipeline, Catalog, Retired? Cheers Martyn
  18. Very trivial issue but typing in names I think would be a lot clearer if it's populating the box you're trying to complete? Like the "Assign" function within Service Manager? It looks odd as it is (pardon the novice Paint skills) especially if you have another field below it?
  19. Hi all, We're now into our second calendar year of using Hornbill as our ITSM solution. I've had some queries regarding the advanced analytics reporting widgets. As we've now clicked over into January 2021, a lot of our customers are reporting that their dashboards are blank. Now technically that is correct, as the vast majority of ours are set to start of calendar year. As January is not yet complete, their data would be blank. I've flicked the one to the screenshot below to the start of last calendar year to provide a complete data set for the previous year. Is there any possible way to set the widget up to look at both the previous calendar year and current in one widget? There certainly doesn't seem to be an obvious option to achieve this in the sample period options currently. My colleagues would find this information useful to appear in one widget rather than two. If it is not possible to set this is with the current functionality, could I please request this as an enhancement? Many Thanks. Adam
  20. In the Contracts details page can we have the 'pins' (from Service Manager) to default whether the sections are closed or open when the user starts to view the page? Also - I have added in a custom field with a drop down option. When this is displayed on the List View page it shows the DB value NOT the Label (or Display text).
  21. The owner of a Supplier can 'lock' the record and can then restrict who can view, update etc at a very granular level. However there does not appear to be any such control on Contracts. It is actually Contracts which are more sensitive. We really do need to limit who can view and update this data (much more so than Suppliers). These records have £ value, End dates, Cancellation periods etc. We do have the audit history to give us some protection from a rogue inputter but that is very much 'after the event'.
  22. This may be under consideration but I wanted to formally request... From Supplier Manager we can link Suppliers and Contracts to Assets. However when those Assets are viewed in the CMDB explorer the linked Suppliers and Contracts are not displayed. Can this integration be put in place? What is currently quite frustrating (and associated to the above) is that it is not possible to view linked Suppliers/Contracts from within an Asset. It is only possible to do this the other way round ie from Supplier/Contracts to see the linked Assets.
  23. I have recently been configuring Supplier Manager for our use. The tool will on the whole work really well for us but as is the case with a new module I have identified what I believe are some useful enhancements. Any support from other customers would be helpful (although unless people have dived in then I guess that some of this won't mean very much!) When viewing an individual Contract - the associated Supplier can only be identified by the Supplier Logo image (if one has been uploaded). If there is no logo image then the only way to identify the Supplier is to go back to the Contract List View and find it there. So can we have an extra Information field in the Contract screen on the right under the image which says: Supplier: ABC Ltd Currently a Contract can only be linked to an Asset if that Asset is initially linked in the Supplier of the Contract. That is fine and I can see that this ensures good integrity. However the Asset can still be removed from the Supplier without any warning that there are existing Contract > Asset links. If a direct Contract > Asset link is allowed then why can’t we just set that up as a direct link in the first place? On the List View screens (for Suppliers and Contracts) there is no customised Views option as we have in Service Manager. Also we cannot change the pre-set Filters. This means that I cannot create my own customised Views based on my choice of Filters. Furthermore I would then like the ability to Share Views ie same as Service Manager. Finally, this is probably more generic than just Supplier Manager. When I am creating a custom field in either the Supplier or Contract screens I cannot create a Drop down from an HB system list eg Sites, Supplier list (required as I want to link a 3rd party supplier to a Contract typically because they are a sub-contracted support provider). I believe there are further enhancements planned for Supplier Manager. In my view these are what really enable us to leverage the value from using the module. In particular... Integration with Asset Management in Service Manager. I have also raised a separate Forum Topic on Auto Tasks and BPM/Lifecycle Process.
  24. Morning we are considering a use case for a second IT domain to capture and enable processes for operational maintenance requests that are not customer facing SLA driven activities. If we were to implement the domain I would need to be able to report separately the requests types across the 2 domains. At this time I cannot see that the service domain is added to the service manager request table for each ticket. Would this be possible to make future reporting easy?? any help would be appreciated. similar would also be a consideration for the implementation of any of the system domains thanks Andy
  25. Within the Contracts List View it is not possible to search by Contract ID (which is the unique HB identifier). I cannot see how this list view is sorted and there is no way of sorting it myself. So with a growing list of Contracts the ID is difficult to find. All I can do is use Filters to reduce the list OR search on the Name field. I have raised an enhancement elsewhere to offer customised views functionality on this screen (as well as the Suppliers screen).
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