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  1. When raising a linked request from the BPM e.g. changing a Problem into a Known Error we would like to be able to copy the linked requests from the parent to the child request if possible?
  2. I'm finding that, when I put a request on hold, the majority of the time I've just sent an email to the customer asking for info... So, would it be possible to have a 'mixed' button in the email section where you can choose to send the email AND put the request on hold for a period of time AND have snippets available in the 'place on hold' form please? It'll just save a few clicks!
  3. In our Change Request workflow, we have the concept that the Change Manager can remove the Human Task that the Implementer uses to declare the Start of the work. This effectively means they won't proceed because they are trained to use this task before starting. This can happen if, for example, new information comes to light about the CR any time between the time it is Authorised and the Scheduled Start Date. The case in point today is that the pre-cursor tests failed. Another case we have is expiry: if the Start is not declared before the Scheduled End date (missed window), the task moves on. My workflow then gives a task for the Change Manager to review the position before either amending the Schedule or the Plans and re-Authorising or Rejecting. Here's the enhancement. I want to UN-Authorise the Change Request at that point so it very clear that the work may not proceed. If the CM authorises, in their review, it will again be Authorised in Service Manager. At the moment I am in the position of having a CR that clearly states "Authorised" and my technical staff could debate that they implemented an Authorised CR even when I've tried to stop it for very good reasons... But here's the issue. The node for Authorisation Decision has no option to "Remove" an answer previously given: we have only Approve or Reject. I do not want to reject it (we are enablers to change not blockers). I request an option here to return the Change Request to the pre-authorisation state of null decision, please. If not in this node, is there another way to achieve it?
  4. What would be really nice would be able in the BPM and PCF (maybe) to be able to drag and drop decision lines from one decision to another. This would save a lot of time and also save from having to replicate some very complicated decisions.
  5. Could the image shown both on the Bulletin Carousel and in the Service itself be set to the same size? Or perhaps the option to toggle on/off in the Service? Pictorial images are not such an issue, but you can see my dilemma here! Maybe I have missed a setting somewhere? On the left, an image from the carousel On the right, how it appears in the Service
  6. Hi, can Custom Buttons have a title field that gets displayed in the Dialogue box, so that its still possible to see what the Button is for even when its only using an icon and no button text?
  7. I use the Manage Executed Processes view a lot for troubleshooting. It is great at flagging the node where there is a failure or suspension. However, sometimes it's not clear which route the Request has taken to get to a certain point and this route is key to finding and fixing issues. Sometimes we assume it's gone one direction when it went another that can take time to find out. It would be VERY useful if the workflow view highlighted the nodes passed through and thus the journey the Request has taken. I guess this would mean adding a binary flag to each executed node that could be drawn-out in graphical format and might look something like the below. Here we can see that the flow took a right turn at Infra and that the Priority was not already set. That would be useful huh?
  8. Service Details and FAQ's are currently the same source when viewed in either portal, i.e. Employee and Customer Portals. When operating a services across both internal and external support, this generates a challenge when wanting to insert links to other content such as documents, services, other FAQ's etc. At the moment we have to put in the links using the customer portal URL for external customers (contacts) access, but these then fail to work when the same content is accessed via the Employee Portal. Can we request conditional formatting similar to that in the email templates to allow text and links to be inserted depending on a variable, in our example the Portal type. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hello, I want to look at adding a live service status page within the new employee portal. Is this in development? Something similar to a list of systems/apps and a traffic light colours for availability. Thanks
  10. Can we request a new additional Portfolio Status value for Service. At the moment when you set a Service to a portfolio status to 'Retired' the service is no longer visible on the portals or live user app, but also the customer can no longer search for or view their previous requests under the service by the historic URL link. Can we ask that a new 'Archived' status is added, which has the same impact on visibility of the service the portals/live user app, but the requests logged under the service are still included in the portal request search and historic request URL links. In the real world operation of the Service Catalog, there will be many service changes which will necessitate the 'archiving' of services, but it is important that co-workers/customers can still access their historic requests. Cheers Martn
  11. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the option to 'Archive' as Workspace, in addition to the current hard 'Delete' option. In other parts of the system we are able to archive/retire entities, but not in Collaboration Workspaces. The idea would be the Archive Workspaces would be excluded form the Global Search and only be visible to the owner. Cheers Martyn
  12. Though you can link Assets to external contacts, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Contact screen just like the options for 'Requests' and 'Services' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  13. Though you can link Assets to external organisations, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Organisation screen just the options for 'Contacts' and 'Requests' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  14. Can we request an enhancement to the Update Request > Service to be able to pass the Catalog ID as an additional option as well as the Catalog Item name. This is because the Catalog Item name will often change but the ID will not. Cheers Martyn
  15. Linked to our earlier posts we would like to request additional 'Data Query' options for use in both current Progressive Capture forms and hopefully in BPM Human Task fields. Organisations (already requested by @Paul Alexander) Service Name (Service ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by suppling a Service ID. We are trying to implement with the BPM the process to update the service and catalog of an existing request, but the current limitations of using a hard code list or simple list in the real work Service Catalog is not practical to implement. Being able to used dynamic 'Data Query' sources would allow the BPM to be configured to present a list based on the context. Cheers Martyn
  16. We would like to request any enhancement to BPM Human Task node to be able to use "Data Query" type sources for fields as well as the simple lists, as already present in the Progressive Capture, so the same sources can be used in both at when logging the request and during its lifecycle. Cheers Martyn
  17. Hi Team We want to force the use of a closure category and whilst that is possible when closing a ticket when its open its not if you close it from the request list. We will be relying on using a mix of both request and close category's so it is essential for us to force this to alleviate human error. Hope this can go on your list. Thanks
  18. Hello all, We use the Hornbill SQL User Import utility version v2.2.6 to create our Hornbill User accounts. When a user has left, the account is set to archived, but it retains the security roles and retains user account type. We have confirmed that the account we are using has the User Import role, which allows managing, creating and updating of users. We would anticipate that when the user account is set to archived the account would revert to basic and user roles stripped as an update. But the user import utility is not doing this. Are we missing something, or is this by design? If it is by design, would it be possible to request this as an enhancement? Many Thanks Adam
  19. I'd like to propose a new setting to allow analysts to delete an email from the inbox (for instance) but NOT to be able to delete it permanently from the Deleted Items folder. Please see more details here:
  20. No doubt, everyone pastes the hyperlinks to Requests into various other platforms like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, etc. Hornbill could really help save us all time by investing in creating better hyperlinks that include the Request Summary. At present, if I paste a ticket hyperlink, it looks like this: This is not very useful to people (they would ask, "what change is that?") so I always need to go back to the Request to copy and then paste the summary: "Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf" so we end up with "CH00011180 - Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf". So that's two paste operations every time. But, you know, it would be dead easy for Hornbill to code the app to format the hyperlink result to be like this automatically; and I cannot think of may use cases when that wouldn't. We already kind of have this when we paste a link to the Boards because the Title of the Board is included in the pasted link: The secondary suggestion is to please remove an annoyance. At present, if I have a Notification in my console, when I paste the hyperlink to the Request it gets suffixed with "(1)" and this number increments for every un-dismissed notification I have. Since pasted links are always for others, these should not be reflected in the pasted hyperlink.
  21. How do you add a hyperlink to a snippet with different "Text to display"? We've tried various ways, including <a href="https://community.hornbill.com">Forums - Hornbill Community Forums</a> but every time it displays the URL in full rather than the hyperlinked text, so shows when the Snippet is used as; <a href="https://community.hornbill.com">Forums - Hornbill Community Forums</a> Rather than Forums - Hornbill Community Forums
  22. The versioning system for BP is very good and such a useful rollback feature: And yet you don't have the same for Progressive Capture Forms. We have save and import and we have validate options but no versioning. As a result, we have to take a manual backup (save definition) before any changes else we have no rollback. Can I request this as added as a feature request?
  23. When managing Executed Business Processes, I need to get to the Requests to see where they are at but the Ext Reference is not a hyperlink. As a result, I have to highlight the number, copy, change windows, find a Hornbill SM tab, paste and search. But this could all be so much easier if that was a hyperlink to directly open the Request. Minor enhancement but dramatic usability difference to those of us actively using the Executed Process view. Cheers.
  24. We run multiple service desk with a large number of different SLA which means when amalgamating performance measures to give his an overall picture we require very complex where clauses. Consequently we are hitting the UI limit of entering more the 1024 characters in the 'Query where clause' field. Can this be extended to accommodate more complex criteria. Cheers Martyn
  25. Afternoon All There is no easy way to filter the my activities list if you want to see all activities related to a specific Related Entity type.It would be really helpful to have the same advanced filter options that are available on the normal my requests list, where you can add conditions. Kind Regards Ann
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