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  1. When raising a request form an Email in the mailbox, you only have the option to Raise Request, rather than the request type specific options you have under the 'Raise New' option where you can select all request types, such as a change request etc. With the current option you only seem to be able to create a incident or a service request using the default progressive capture process or am I missing a step? If this is the case do you have any plans to add the similar option to selectively choose the type of request when logging a new one from email? Cheers Martyn
  2. Would it be possible to have a field in the Email Snippets that inserts the text of the last timeline update, i.e. if you completed and updated an a task, you can then send an email to the customer using a snippet but bringing in the text from the completed task? Cheers Martyn
  3. Is there a configuration setting which controls the frequency that the system polls the external mailbox to check for new messages and download them into the Shared Mailbox, as there appears to be some delay between the messages being delivered into the external mailbox and them appearing in the shared mailbox. I know we modified the similar setting on our Support Works system to have it poll the external mailbox more frequently. Cheers Martyn
  4. We have a format where a certain job type is logged with a subject line however it seems like hornbill either thinks its an update and trys to append to a non existent job or just auto deletes them Is there anyway or resolving this it has been tested, below are the subject lines of the jobs PNX - <prime010702240 - Roger Barker > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <priority> PNX - <prime010088469 - Lynne Lewis > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime006908631 - Leonard Max Truppin> - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007307558 - Anthony Bourke > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007605335 - Gerald Furniss > - <end nom> - <msmith> - <medium> PNX - <prime007032267 - Thomas Davies > - <end nom > - <msmith> - <msmith> PNX - <prime006930439 - Robert Johnston> - <end nom > - <msmith> - <medium> FW: PNX - <prime009505571 - Raymond Pilcher > - <end pre- wrond DOD> - <msmith> - <medium>
  5. When you use the Raise Request option from an email, the email is then moved directly to the Deleted folder in the mailbox. Is this configurable at all? Either to disable this or to specify an alternative destination folder within the mailbox? The reason for asking is that we normally retain an inbox archive folder for all incoming emails that we retain for a period of time, in case there are any queries about missing emails/updates etc. Cheers Martyn
  6. When you update a request from an email you get the option to 'Edit Email Content' which will put into the timeline of the request being updated, however when you are Raise Request from an email you do not have the same facility and the summary/description is just defaulted to the textual content of the email. Would it be possible to have this facility added to the Raise Request option? Cheers Martyn
  7. When you choose to Raise Request from an coming email you immediately lose sight of the email and go straight in to the progressive capture process. Therefore you have to remember the content of the email when answering the questions in your progressive capture. I had thought of getting our 1st Tier to click on the link to Raise Request in a new window, but you cannot do this as it is a button and not a link. It would be useful if there was a way to be able to view the email when using the Raise Request function or have the ability for the Raise Request function to open in a new tab so you can easily switch between two. Cheers Martyn
  8. As most of our services are provided to external customers, we utilise emails from our incidents quite a bit, so have a large number of Email Snippets we are setting up, to replicate some of the Support Works Templates we had defined for the different actions. At the moment when you create Email Snippets they are displayed in the order they where created (i.e. database order) not alphabetically. Can a change request be raised to allow the control of the order Email Snippets are displayed, i.e. with ability to a snippet up or down the order or form them to be displayed alphabetical order? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  9. When sending an email from the Request, you are able to add new attachments. It would be useful to be able to select form current attachments which are already linked to the request. Is this something that is planned? Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi, I have noticed that when I raise a new request, on the timeline it shows that "An email has been sent to... using email template <template name> by the Business Process Engine. This makes sense. However, when I click on the Envelope icon to send an email to the requester to provide an email update, it sends an email to the requester and uses another email template. How do I see which template that is, and what is causing it to send that specific template? I assume this is linked to the BPM workflow or Progressive Capture but I cannot spot where. It's also odd because I stumbled across one template that was being used automatically when providing an update for an external customer and I managed to amend this. However, on a request for one of our internal staff, it seems to be sending the previous template that I thought I had amended. I need to be able to amend this one too as it doesn't send the update that I type out in the box of the request, it seems to be sending the text of the initial request so I assume it is using an incorrect variable. Can someone help with this and if you need any more info from me like screenshot then that's fine, I can provide them. Thanks Greg
  11. Hi Is it possible to have more than one email per contact? we have a customer that logs calls and he would like the rest of his team to be notified once a call is logged by email. Thanks Chris
  12. Hello, Our outbox seems to be retaining emails, I don't know if they are being sent or not. I cant find any errors on the log files so I was wondering what settings it could be that is causing this
  13. Is it possible to set an auto response from the mailbox when a email arrives. This is prior to any processing of said email. Regards Gareth
  14. Hi, I've been looking at how emails can be logged as requests and it's generated a couple of questions: - Is it possible to change the progressive capture it uses? - I can't select a service (or catalogue item) when I run through the default process which means the customer would not be able to see or update the call from the portal - how do I do this? Thanks Tina
  15. Hi When people update a call via email the headers are lost so you cant see if they cc'd in someone else, is it possible to get this so that inbound emails have the headers included to show the email was sent in from and cc'd Thanks Chris
  16. Hi Hornbill, We've been getting requests from our staff to include the original request into our email responses from Hornbill. Since our reply email templates are usually just a response from the ticket owner and with the subject heading, which isn't always descriptive. What I would love to have as an option would be to include the original request at the bottom of our email responses and if possible include all correspondences made within the ticket itself to the customer viewable in the responses. Thanks. Ainul.
  17. We wish to set up an Out Of Office on both our London and Asia-Pac Shared Mailbox. I.e. Londond OOO should apply Monday to Friday between 6pm and 8am and weekends. Can you help ?
  18. Important Notice regarding Outbound Email Configuration When configuring outbound email to use DNS Routing or the default SMTP settings, a SPF/TXT record is required. On all outbound email for this domain, Hornbill checks that the SPF/TXT record has the include:_spf.hornbill.com section set otherwise the mail will refuse to send. This check is put in place to ensure Hornbill is allowed to send email as the given domain and to prevent abuse such as someone sending email pretending to be from a domain they do not own. SPF/TXT – these are both types of DNS record and although SPF have been officially deprecated, it still may be used so we strongly advise setting this too. The main record that needs to be added is the TXT version. Additional information on configuring your SPF/TXT record can be located on our wiki or clicking on the following link https://wiki.hornbil...p/Email_Domains
  19. When rasing new request from an email, as expected the textual elements of the email are auto populated into the summary and description fields in the Request Details form, withouth any inline graphics. Any attachments on the email are also added to the request, but there is neither a copy of the email attached to the incident or the inline graphics. This means that critical information and context is lost when the request is logged. Is there some configuration options to enable the inclusion of inline graphics as attachments on the request or the email object itself? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  20. At the moment with Email Templates you can use the Request Entity to insert variable into the template. However the entity does not include the child table Request Questions, so you are not able to use any of the custom form values entered in the Progressive Capture. Can a Request for Change be logged to add the Request Questions child table be added to the Request Entity. I also suspect the same relationship will be required for Reporting as well. Thanks. Martyn
  21. At the moment in Service Manager, when sending email from Service Manger the Display Name is taken from the 'Display Name' in the Shared Mailbox settings and is not configurable on a per user basis or at the time of creating the email. In Supportworks we utilise the Default Mail Orign in the 'Client Options and Setting' to determine the Display Name shown on the email when it is sent. For our 1st Tier team, this setting is set to use the Shared Mailbox Display Name, in our case Idox Service Desk. i.e. Idox Service Desk <servicedesk@idoxgroup.com> For our 2nd Tier team, this setting is set to use the user 'Local' account, which results in the Email being sent with the Display Name of the analyst. i.e. Martyn Houghton <servicedesk@idoxgroup.com> All of the emails still come from out shared mailbox address, servicedesk@idoxgroup.com, but the Display Name is different. We introduced this following feedback from our external customers when we first went live with Supportworks, as they thought that all the emails being sent out under a single generic Display Name was rather impersonal and did not allow them to locate emails from specific analyst when we contacted them over the phone to follow up the email. Can I requested the logging of a potential changes To allow the configuration of the Default Mail origin Display Name to be configured on a per user basis to either user the Shared Mailbox Display Name or use the Analyst Name. The ability to set/override this Display Name when generating and email via Service Manager. The ability to set this Display Name when generating an email from BPM. Thanks Martyn
  22. At the moment the email domain configuration for outgoing email from the Collaboration core has three options, for encryption - No Encryption, SSL and TLS. Can we raise an request for change to STARTLS option to be implemented as well. Thanks. Martyn
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