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  1. I am searching for an ESP condition to pull through a custom field under the given scenario: In the progressive capture, I have given the customer an option to add a 'current job title' as well as a 'new job title' if applicable. I would like to pull through the new job title into an automated email, BUT if this is left blank, I would require an ESP condition to instead pull through the current job title. Is there an expression that would allow for this?
  2. Good afternoon, We are currently in the process of building up our Service Manager instance and have got as far as populating our wider user base, including their email addresses. We want to have email services enabled to test the various email notifications and functionality, but I am concerned about mistakes causing emails to go out to real users (those not in the project team) Is there any way to limit outbound emails to a smallish range of addresses?
  3. Hi all, I have an issue where the summary or a request isn't being pulled into an email sent from the request. Any ideas why? Thanks
  4. We wanted to inform you that the Send Email option in the Contact Details view has moved to this new place. We are looking in to removing the old functionality of sending email (the tab next to the Post option). If you have a question or want to know more, let us know in this forum post.
  5. Hi again, Is there a setting we can use to decide how the system should behave when dealing with email attachments received? I use the automation to automatically update requests when an email is received (and the request reference is in the title). But at the moment no attachment is added to the request and analysts have to go back to the original email... Having a switch in the settings would be quite handy If it does not exist, could we have one? Thanks!
  6. Hi All, I've been hunting around the forums and the wiki and haven't been able to find anything detailing whether or not this is possible. Here's the scenario in a nutshell: - Customer logs on to Self Service portal and logs a ticket - During Progressive Capture, the customer adds an attachment (screenshot of an error for example) - Business process then auto-forwards the call details on to the relevant department if it's not us in IT - In the event of it being forwarded, the call is automatically closed The question is, is it possible to include the attachment(s) that they added during PC in the email?
  7. hello, so i have created a new business process that i want to use a specific template to send customer on ticket logged and closure. I have manually set which template to use however it keeps on sending the default one I use for Itsupport. how do I change this?
  8. The email visibility drop down from the bottom right hand corner of the email action in the Service Manager request window, appears to have disappeared since applying build 1145 to 1149, so we are no longer able to select the appropriate visibility. Can this be reinstated as a matter of urgency or advise if this is now controlled by some configuration setting. Cheers Martyn
  9. Can anyone tell me if it is possible (and how to) create a report that counts how many calls have been logged from and email and updated by an email. Thanks
  10. Hi All, Please can anyone advise if they have come across the following. So we have it setup that the routing rules auto log emails to tickets for us. This seems to work well with one exception where i can't see any attachments that were appended to the original email. In the old Support works platform we could see them in the call diary attachments. Any advise on how to over come this without impacting our users by us keep asking for the original email again.
  11. Hi there, We use Service Manager to manage our main support inbox but for a period the SM version of the system was not being used (mail still coming in) and there are now a large number of messages that remain unread between 6 and 9 months back. At the moment we're incrementally going through and marking them as read manually as and when we can spare time but for some reason you're no longer able to tick the top email and control click the bottom one and then mass update them (mark as read in our case). It seems if you scroll too far your original selection is lost and this process can only be done for about a hundred messages (am told this used to work differently and this was formerly possible but don't know that for myself). Please can I understand if there are any ways to run SQL on the back end to programmatically update the message statuses or if anyone knows of a better way to do this via the front end UI. The only place this is an issue are the various badges that appear on email icons indicating "99+" etc emails are unread and we'd like that to return to the actual number of emails we've not yet read so we get some value from it. We currently have about 30k emails to mark as read and this would take someone about a day to do manually using our current best method, any thoughts appreciated! Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Oscar
  12. It would be useful in BPM node prompts for email template names, to be able to use the 'Picker' to select the email template name from a list with both the code and name displayed, rather than having to enter the code manually. Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, The notification for assignment has created an email loop with one of our monitoring systems and generated a stream of tickets via the auto responder. I need to cancel them all ASAP but I can only resolve or update them via multi selection. If someone from Hornbill could cancel them all for me ASAP it would be appreciated. They are all in our IT Security team queue with the summary "[Postmaster] Content Alert Notification" logged under the Content Alert Notifications service. All the tickets of this type from IN00010029 need to be deleted please. Thanks @Steven Boardman Edit: I have an excel with all the call references in if that helps Edit 2: Total requests is 344
  14. Hi, We're having a problem with the system pulling in the email from our Exchange server We have it configure to use POP3 but it stopped working Thursday morning I've asked our network team to check out the connectivity through the firewall and they're asking what the IP address or addresses of the hornbill servers are Could someone supply me with the IP addresses of the Hornbill servers that will connect to pull the meail? thanks, Pete
  15. At the moment when an email is added to a request a timeline entry is created formatted with a the from address and then the text from the email. It would be really useful form the header part of this format to include the 'to' filed, i.e. the recipient value, either all the time or only if it the mailbox email address is not on the recipient list. This will make it easier to see if the email was just copied into the service desk, rather than addressed to them. At the moment you have to guess from the message body itself or have to open the linked email (if not already deleted). Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi all, When sending email to customers from Service Manager we have noticed that formatting is dropped. Is there a way around this?
  17. Hi, I've been asked by Management to find out if DMARC (anti spoofing) can be added to Email? Apparently to be able to continue to use the email through Hornbill as we do now, we need this applied in the near future. Thanks Tina
  18. Hi I'm sure this is something simple but when viewing emails from the inbox, CC'd users are not displayed (also dont show when opening in full view). Is there a way to view this? The helpdesk analysts have commented that this is useful info. Also, once the email is logged, there is no CC info showing. Is there a way to switch this on? Searched the forum but couldnt find anything advising how its done. Thanks Jason
  19. Is there a role that I can create to allow analysts the ability to send an email - e.g. as a call update - without exposing the email inbox as well? (i.e. hiding the icon.) Only our Service Desk deal with incoming emails, and although I can set the permissions to allow sending emails from a request timeline and not allowing the inbox to be accessed it's not very elegant as the inbox icon still appears and shows an error if clicked (see attached) Of course, I may be approaching this the wrong way ...
  20. Hi, We are getting a few message processing errors which state "Failed to add message to the inbound queue. Operation[mail::addMessageToQueue] The XMLXC request message contains invalid characters for the UTF-8 encoding scheme". I recall there were some setting which can tell Hornbill to attempt to process the mail anyway? We've asked the user to resend the mails a couple of times now and this is happening every time. Thanks.
  21. We have a mailbox configured for receiving customer request. Currently we have received 3 error messages. reporting Hornbill ESP Message Processing Error here is the content of the error message and attached you can find the files for the debugging: MessageRFC822__.txt MessageRFC822_.txt MessageRFC822.txt
  22. Would it be possible for the 'Connections' button on the Email tab to be highlighted in someway when connections are present and similarly when you expand drop down it hihglights whether there are connections present under Impacted and Interested. This will aid as a visual reminder to analysts to include connections on any emails being sent. Cheers Martyn
  23. Hi, Just a small one, but a bit strange. The email address that tickets have been sent by has changed from: Request has been logged from Email by: System AutoResponder To: Request has been logged from Email by: System Initialization This isn't a big deal, but we'd like to know how it changed, as we had some reports configured to pick this detail up.
  24. Hi We sometimes receive emails from customer that don't contain any text in the body of an email, because of this it means you cant raise a requests from the inbox we have to forward the email with some text in the body of the email and log it that way, is this a bug or intentional? Thanks Chris
  25. Hi All, we don't understand why some email are not automatically processed while a routing rule is in place: is failing for example for this email (we are replying to the users from our mailbox adding into the subject the request reference INXXXXXXX):
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