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  1. Would anyone else support the idea of a type of connection that defaults to being included in 'emails' i.e. would populate the TO: or BCC: fields. This would accommodate the desire to cc an account manager, or PA, or other interested party when notifying the main customer. I'm aware it's easy to add to the TO: field based on connection type, just have to remember to do it!
  2. We have a process where a user will not have access to their primary email account (due to Google thinking it was compromised) but where we want to be able to communicate with them via email (or at least notify them of updates) Contacts have alternative emails address fields, but co-workers do not. Also would it be possible to be able to determine in an email notification bpm node that you might want to send the email to both primary and alternative email addresses.
  3. I am trying to create a rule for our inbox where emails from a certain address are put into a specific folder but I the emails are not honouring the rule. I have included an image of the rule that I have created:
  4. We've recently had some network/infrastructure issues that have caused a massive amount of sent messages to fail - the latest one started this morning. Is there a way to attempt resending all failed messages, rather than going into each individual message? We've got thousands of these now.
  5. We have have been asked a question internally, wondered if you have any thoughts: Any information would be appreciated.
  6. When you have routing rules configured to process emails in your instance you might find the rules do not process (all or some) emails. This can be caused by an incorrect syntax configuration of the expression criteria for routing rules. As a general rule, expressions used in routing rules follow the syntax used in SQL expressions and are using SQL Logical Operators. Here is a list of the most common misconfigurations: The string/character values used in expressions are not enclosed within quotes. For example, a criterion like fromAddress = example@domain.com is incorrect. It needs to be configured as fromAddress = "example@domain.com" (the values used to match the fromAddress criterion needs to be enclosed in quotes) The string/character values used in expressions are not fully enclosed within quotes. For example, a criterion like fromAddress = "example@domain.com is incorrect. It needs to be configured as fromAddress = "example@domain.com" (the values used to match the fromAddress criterion needs to be fully enclosed in quotes) The string/character values used in expressions are enclosed with a mix of single and double quotes. For example, a criterion like fromAddress = "example@domain.com' is incorrect. It needs to be configured as fromAddress = "example@domain.com" or fromAddress = 'example@domain.com' (the opening quotes used to enclose the values need to match the ending quotes for that value) When using the LIKE operator the value does not contain a wildcard. When using the LIKE operator in a criterion to match specific patterns, the value needs to contain at least a wildcard otherwise the operator will evaluate as a hard match (equal). For example, a criterion like subject LIKE "test" will evaluate as subject = "test" because the value used for LIKE evaluation does not contain any wildcard. If you need your expression to match the value as a pattern within the evaluated parameter (for example, the email subject) then the expression needs to be as follows: subject LIKE "%test%" (to match the value anywhere within the evaluated parameter - e.g. subject contains...) subject LIKE "test%" (to match the value at the beginning the evaluated parameter - e.g. subject starting with...) subject LIKE "%test" (to match the value at the end the evaluated parameter - e.g. subject ending with...) Important: when evaluating toDomain, toAddress or ccAddress parameters always use the LIKE operator. This will ensure the routing rule will match the email even if it is addressed to multiple recipients. If the criterion is using the equal operator for these parameters instead of LIKE and the email is addressed to multiple recipients, the routing rule will not match the email. Routing Rules are disabled. The setting for turning Routing Rules on or off completely can be found in the admin Tool (Home - System - Settings - Advanced) as follows: Enables auto responder rules processing: mail.autoresponder.enable
  7. Hello! At least once a day our service desk receive the below error when attaching an email to a request. The only way to do it is to copy and paste it manually into the request. Any idea how we can figure out why this is occurring? Thanks.
  8. in the example below the autoresponder has correctly processed with an email rule routing and the email has been added to the request, but it is visible only for the team, how can i change this default behaviour to customer instead I was trying with the settings "guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility" but I don't think is the right one
  9. When there are routing rules configured to process an email to raise a request or update a request, there are occasions when these actions are not performed. There are a number of possible reasons why this occurs. Firstly there has to be a routing rule configured in admin tool that will match the email properties (as configured in the rule expression) and the routing rules must be enabled (turned ON) The email sender does not exist in the system either as a co-worker/internal user or a contact/external user. In this scenario, one reason why the email fails to be processed by the routing rule is if the app setting to allow updates from unknown sources is turned OFF and the app setting to send back a rejection email is turned OFF. The email sender does not exist in the system, either as a co-worker/internal user or a contact/external user. Similar scenario as above, another reason why the email fails to be processed by the routing rule is if the app setting to allow updates from unknown sources is turned OFF and the app setting to send back a rejection email is turned ON but either the app setting for rejection mailbox and/or email template is incorrect or not set. The email sender exists in the system but the from address is matching more than one user/contact in the system. (see notes for more information) The request has status closed. In this scenario, the reason why the email fails to be applied to the request when processed by the routing rule is if the app setting to allow updates on closed calls is turned OFF. *[Only for routing rules configured for UPDATE] The application settings can be found in admin tool (Home - Hornbill Service Manager - Application Settings) as follows: allow updates from unknown sources: app.email.routing.rules.unknownUsers.allow send back a rejection email to unknown users: app.email.routing.rules.unknownUser.sendRejectionEmail rejection email template: app.email.routing.rules.unknownUser.email.template rejection email mailbox: guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox allow updates on closed Service Requests: app.email.routing.rules.allowClosedCallUpdates.SR allow updates on closed Incidents: app.email.routing.rules.allowClosedCallUpdates.IN Routing rules can be turned ON/OFF in admin tool using the option available in Routing Rules section (Home - System - Email - Routing Rules) or via the mail.autoresponder.enable system setting (Home - System - Settings - Advanced) Notes: to check if the address of the email sender is associated to more than one user or contact in the system you can a report. Here are 2 examples of report definition files on user accounts and contacts (these can be uploaded in your instance). When run, the report will prompt the user to type in the email address and teh report will return all records for users or contacts having that email address. user-list-per-email.report.txt contact-list-per-email.report.txt
  10. Would it be possible to extend the Raise New button to the Email section so that we can raise jobs from this window as well?
  11. Would it be possible to list a mailbox as your default one so that email is always sent, this would also be useful when setting up email nodes within a BPM so that if you 'forget' to choose the mailbox it just uses the general mailbox rather than breaking the Business Process.....
  12. When sending an email from a request, is it possible to add some formatting to the text like Underline, Bold, Italics etc? Currently, we cannot find a way of performing these actions from the defaulted options:
  13. Me again! How do you delete a folder within your Mailbox we created some thinking that we would use them but we have decided against it and would now like to delete two folders August 2018 and Archive (see below) I can't find where in the mailbox or in the admin section where you actually delete a folder...
  14. Sorry, there has been a barrage of questions from me recently..... We have set up some emails to automatically send as part of a BPM using the External Address but the emails not being sent. Is there something that we are missing, like a comma at the end of the email address or some other setting?
  15. Hi all, I am sure this is just something I am doing wrong but I can't seem to get this routing rule working: toAddress = 'phishing@domain.co.uk' I have tried with and without the quotes, with double quotes, adding wildcards etc. The address is correct but all mail items go to the Inbox rather than the 'Logged' folder and as such do not log requests via the routing rule template I have set up. I have also tried mailbox = 'Phishing mailbox' with no joy. Any help please?
  16. I have two questions: How do you get a request to be moved from the My Requests to the Requests Awaiting feedback in the Customer Portal? When a customer updates a job in the portal is there a way to take the request off hold? Regards Jeremy
  17. We've very recently moved to Service Manager and our service desk is reporting a feature of the mailbox interface that seems unintentional. If they're reading an email and a new email comes in, the focus jumps to the new email, rather than the one they were reading.
  18. Hi all, I have setup a rule to automatically update requests when an e-mail is received. It seems to be working fine but sometimes it does not and I don't understand why... Here is the rule setup: The email address in the rule expression is the correct one. But for example, the following e-mail was not processed properly: For information, at the time the email was received, the request was still opened. Also, when I run the regexp it works perfectly as the request number gets properly extracted from the subject. I also did some test using my personal gmail address. I receive the e-mail from Hornbill. But when I reply, the email arrives in the mailbox but the rule fails. Am I missing something here? Has anybody experienced something similar? Note: I have seen Gerry's post about latin character sets and this answers some of the cases where the auto update does not work. But not the rest
  19. Hi, It would be useful to include the original email into a timeline when using progressive capture when raising a ticket manually via an analyst. At the moment, whenever a progressive capture is used, the original email is discarded. Regards, Mike.
  20. When raising a request from an email you have no view of the email as you log the call. You cannot refer back to the email if you've been distracted / need more detail, the only option is to cancel and start again. I'm starting a new topic from https://community.hornbill.com/topic/11408-emails/?tab=comments#comment-56990 One suggestion was to have another window open with the email in it. not ideal. Or alternatively to have the first two forms on the Capture be 'Customer' and then 'Request Details'. 'Request Details' was then supposed to have both the Summary and Description visible on the right hand side so you had sight of the body text of the email while filling in the rest of the request. However it doesn't it just has the summary. (see pic)
  21. Hi, Is it possible to add the CC Address in the list of available fields for emails routing rules? That would be quite useful for us. Thanks, Lyonel
  22. Since this morning all of my email templates have vanished? Is it something to do with the drop down menus? I have looked under all of them and cannot find them... This is a bit of a pain because i am trying to link some and create a new one for a new BPM before i go on AL tomorrow, is anyone else experiancing this issue? Hayley.
  23. Hi, me again, As I mentioned a few times before, I use automation when an email is received to update the request it is related too. When this happens, only the text is copied to the timeline. We lose all formatting, tables and screenshots. This forces our analysts to go back to the original email, which is an issue as not all analysts have access to the mailboxes. Would it be possible to improve this feature and keep the formatting of the email in the timeline post? I do understand how complicated this can be, but you guys are good I am sure you can figure something out. Thanks for any feedback!
  24. Hi Is it possible to schedule reports? For example, run a particular report every Monday at 10:00, in a particular format (e.g. .csv) and send it to a given list of email recipients?
  25. Hi We have several test customers with portal access for demoing purposes, they have so far shared a common email address. But today when I tried adding a new one I got an error message. Is there any way to turn this off since it's really a blocker for us for the following reasons. We have customers where the staff share the same mail box, but they need to have different accounts for support. We have the above mentioned test/demo customers We have instances where several customers share a third party asset that monitors our services and creates support tickets for them. In this case since a customer cannot be assigned to several organisations, we have created them as one user per organisation but they have the same email address since they are the same physical person(s) and we cannot mandate that their organisation changes this and uses separate emails per instance. Please remove the unique constraint again or at least make it optional.
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