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  1. So we are experiencing this issue, when we log jobs we have the option to Log & Resolve there the analyst types the resolution the business process then sends this to the customer and resolves the job. However, the process is picking up the below resolution text (The request has been resolved by the Business Process Engine) that has not been set by us and is being picked up from somewhere, does anyone know where this text is held? On 99% of requests logged like this, the text that is entered when logging is sent to the customer. In my example below this is what the analyst has typed and the above was sent when it should have been this: I can't find a logical reason that this is not working as designed. Below is an excerpt from the BPM Resolution Text node:
  2. Hi, Two of our helpdesk staff are having problems sending emails from tickets this morning but I don't seem to be affected The email section is opening up ok and they can type the email but when they click to send it just comes up with the Hornbill rotating logo and doesn't send Could this be related to the other email issues being reported this morning after the overnight upgrade to build 2975. thanks, Pete
  3. Hi, when selecting 'Send Email' from within a supplier record the email address is not populated. This happens whether all addresses are populated or only a single one. It would be useful to have a drop down for the three types of address next to the send email button as well.
  4. Hi All, Since the recent update which changed the functionality of the emails back to the original state, it appears that we have been having errors occur when sending emails out from within requests. After automating a lot of the processes for the Service desk emails we haven't been cheeking the inbox as often and have only just noticed this is happening. When sending the email from within the request is gives the confirmation the email has been sent but we don't know its failed without going in and checking. I am unable to currently find any reason these would be failing and System Engineers here are unable to see the emails leaving the Servicedesk@xxxxxxxx Outbox. Any Help would be appreciated, Josh
  5. Hi Is there a setting that enables any linked customers (via the "Connections" tab) to be emailed when the request is resolved? It would be helpful to have a setting to enable which allows either impacted AND/OR interested customers to be emailed when the request is resolved. Thanks Lauren
  6. The introduction of Auto Save on the request Update action and posts has been a great help and saving of time (as well as frustration ). Can this be extended to the Email Action, as I often find myself losing the partially typed emails, as I have had to refer to an email on the timeline and forgot to open it in a new tab when clicking on the 'View Email' option. Cheers Martyn
  7. Is there a way to store more than 1 email address against a customer, we have some that have two email address (one is an alias) but we are finding that we are creating contact accounts as well as customer accounts that are created automatically via an upload.
  8. We have a problem with two of our folders in the email function of Service Manager. We setup an auto responder, but due to issues with what the system that was sending the alerts that we wanted to log, we've ended up with 377,000 emails in our Deleted and Sent Items folder. I can't empty the folders as it loses connection, but I can move the emails in batches of 500 to another folder and empty that folder. Is there any way to select larger batches of email or is it a case of opening a ticket to have it cleared?
  9. When selecting the 3 dots on an update in a request there are a lot of options that are available, can one be added to email that update to the customer? For example, we update jobs with emails and updates which we would like to ability to forward these within an email template to others etc, but for this to be recorded in the request.
  10. Hi, We're trying to configure a role that applies to our IT Department's mailbox. We would like most of the teams within IT to be able to send from the mailbox and view emails (and associated attachments) from requests. We don't however want them to be able to access the mailbox. I have tested the rights on the roles and cannot find a way in which the above is possible. I've currently configured it as below - but this means that analysts cannot view emails/attachments from requests. Is anyone able to advise how I can achieve this? Thanks Lauren
  11. Hello there, I have been asked by some people in the team to investigate whether or not its possible to have email notifications when a call is place out of hold either automatically / manually against the person assigned to the call? I have these currently set: But it's not specific to certain things such as calls coming off hold. This is all the users wish to have really. I propose expanding the user Profile 'Notification' area to allow users to turn on/off what they would like to be notified on (more specific than we have currently) and a check box for them to decide whether they wish to be notified via email. For new users, the above settings could be defaulted, it's up to them to change it as necessary. Thanks, Samuel
  12. There seems to be an issue on our instances where the connection option for Interested and Impacted are not appearing in the email 'Connections' drop down. Only 'All Connections' appears, irrespective of the classification of connections. I have logged in and out, as well as on different machine, to check it is not a cache issue. Plus this has been replicated by other users as well. Is this an known issues or something specific to our instance? Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, When raising a request from an email, is the intended behaviour to paste the contents of the email into the request somewhere? Only we've found that this doesn't happen when we raise a request directly from an email. Thanks Lauren
  14. I've been making some minor updates to our change request process, but have hit an issue that I can't seem to resolve. The change form users have asked for an automated email to be sent to inform them when their change request goes to CAB for approval. I can’t figure out in BPM how to send an email to the Request Creator. The default BPM options are Email Customer, which doesn’t work because the creator isn’t the customer, and I can’t use Email Request Owner because at this stage in the process the request owner is the Change Manager. Is there a way for me to automate sending an email to the request creator?
  15. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to post to a workspace directly when receiving an email, without going through logging a request and using a BPM? Something like: - Application: "Hornbill Collaboration" - Operation: "Post to workspace" - Workspace: XYZ Or do I have to raise a new request with a specific BPM? If so, what is "Routing Rule Template" and where do you set it up? Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. Hi I've recently made some amendments to our master progressive capture (amongst other things) and have noticed that when an agent is raising a request, the body of the email is no longer populating the description field. This used to happen prior to these changes so I'm assuming it's because I've changed the master progressive capture or perhaps because I've removed the standard 'request details' node in the PG to be a custom node with some additional fields. Any ideas how I can re-instate this functionality?? thanks Ria
  17. With the New Email View in Service Manager actions, would it be possible to have the option added to be able to set the Importance/Priority and Sensitivity settings as well? Cheers Martyn
  18. If I try to apply an email to an existing request and use something like I*333 to search for the incident, then it finds the correct one but tells me that I don't have permission to update the ticket. If I enter the full incident ID then I can select the incident and add the email successfully. See attached screenshots.
  19. Can I raise a enhancement request to have the option when inserting attachments already on the request into the Service Manager Email action, you can get it to insert a direct link to the attachment on the Service/Customer Portal, rather than attaching the file itself. This is part of us trying to encourage customers to use the portals rather than solely rely on email communication channel. Cheers Martyn
  20. We have international customers which have for example umlaut dots on the a (ä) in their email address. This is perfectly valid, even domains can contain German/Swedish/Danish umlauts and other special characters. Hornbill does not accept this as valid email address however, which means you can't add that address or change any details of that customer. I wanted to add her phone number but can't save it. We urgently need support for å, ä, ö, ü, æ and ø in email addresses and domains. Ideally, please update regexp check to correspond with current rules.
  21. We are trying to set up auto logging of emails to requests. Is it possible to assign a Business Process?
  22. Is there a way to include the questions that people submit via PCF's in emails or in a template.... As we have several cases where we would like to use this information in this way.
  23. Hello, There is an issue with the auto-email template the keeps adding an "A" to the beginning of the "£" figure when the auto-emails are sent. I've checked the template and the custom field that it pulls the information from and cant see any mistakes or why this is happening, is anyone able to assist?
  24. We would like to set up an auto rule where in the body of the email if there is a certain word, it will then apply the update to the job automatically. I have set up the rule (see below), but I'm not sure what expression to enter in the rule....
  25. We have just applied Build 1335 to enable the new email view and the noticed the From address is not being set to the Default value. When opening the email action it display them in alphabetical order with the first one being displayed, in our case noreply rather than the default servicedesk one. From the testing it appears that whatever you change this to it is still sending it from the default, so there appear to be two issues, It is not selecting and displaying the default email address from the shared mailbox settings. It is not changing the from address when sending the email. If we can ensure 1 is fixed prior to 2, so we do not end up with emails going from the non default email address by default. Cheers Martyn
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