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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I've been working on PowerBI recently and really like the way you are able to pivot on data points. As all our calls/tasks are managed through Hornbill, I was wondering if there was a way to output this data automatically in to PowerBI. I currently have reports generated monthly as a pdf and understand I can change this to CSV, then upload it to PowerBI which would work but I would like to automate it more than this - rather than have to upload it manually. As I understand it, Hornbill backend is an SQL database so if there was a way to point PowerBI at this to pull from (possibly using Ibridge api?) or maybe point it towards the database where reports are kept prior to it being emailed out, that would work. These were just my ideas how it could be achieved, not all to familiar so if there was any suggestions or answers to how I might do this. That would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance! Caleb
  2. Hi All, I was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on an issue I am having with managing contacts and the organisations that are assigned to them. My Issue is that we have multiple organisations configured for our various customers and we have never had an issue before where when a contact is created and an organisation is assigned to it that has led to the Services then not being applied to that contact. Currently though, whenever I assign a Organisation to a contact, it makes no difference to the Services that are applied to the contact, they only have the following: I have tried a variety of organisations and none of them seem to take affect and it seems as if it is not applying to the system. I have also tried editing the Guest Accounts and ensuring that they are associated to the Portal incase that was the issue but I am now stumped. The reason I discovered this is because one of our customers requested new accounts to be created and we followed our normal procedure of: Create Contact -> Assign Organisation and then activate their Guest Account by confirming Associating to Portal, Logon ID and sending the end-user a password. Can anyone shed some light on what is going wrong? and if there is a way to push the Organisations to update as it seems like it's not publishing.
  3. Promise, last one for tonight: I know you have plans to improve the reporting capabilities of the system. I for one would love to have a data warehouse (even "offline" from the live database with up to 24h delay) where I could do proper reporting and analysis without limitations or impact on the live system. Having access to such single database and plug it to Power BI for instance would considerably increase the analysis we do. It would almost literally change the way we work and report on our performances. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  4. You are entitled to a copy of your data at no extra cost one every 90 days. I would like to know from other customers · why and what they see as the benefit of having the extracts · what customers are using the extracts for Thanks
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