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Found 13 results

  1. Good morning I have a BPM that includes an authorisation node, set to allocate to an individual based on a variable from the prog cap, and have set an expiry on the authorisation. The lifespan settings I entered do not progress the call past this stage if the expiry time lapses and no expiry time is listed in the activity pane. This node is followed by a decision node that directs the call depending on approve, reject or expire. Further in the process I use the same setup but with an auto assign node allocating to users that have a specific role and this works fine, even displaying the expiry date in the activity pane. AM I doing something obviously wrong?
  2. So we are wondering if change requests can have authorisors added by team role e.g. if an analyst submits a change then we want to add their team leader or team manager via a variable. Is this possible?
  3. Hi all, Hopefully someone else has tried doing this. I'm trying to re-authorise a request after a rejection outcome. This is to allow the Agent to select a user with a collaborative license and resend the authorisation email on behalf on the requester. I'm trying to achieve this through a Human Task (select the user) then the authorisation node emails that user. See attached
  4. When you get the authorisation email (as below), when you click authorise can the behaviour be changed to say something like 'This change has now been authorised' as currently, it takes you to the task where it just shows you the details again...suggesting that you need to complete the task as well as click the button in the email? For us, if they choose to Reject then it should go to the task as they need to input why it is being rejected.
  5. Hi, In Supportworks, users who weren't listed as approvers could approve changes/releases on behalf of those who were listed as approvers. Is there a way to set this up in Service Manager, without assigning the highest Change and Release Management-related roles to those users? The reason for this is that some managers who were listed in our CAB would delegate to their technical leads to comment on changes/releases. Thanks Lauren
  6. Hi, Could we have a change to make the authorisation email with the approve/reject buttons send to the new user if the task is reassigned for any reason. I have had to reassign a few tasks due to people being on annual leave and the users are not aware they have anything waiting for them (or even how to get to it) if the authorisation task is reassigned to them. Thanks Dan
  7. Hi all, I know that the old hardcoded templates have been changed recently, however I was hoping to change them further if possible. Could we not have the authorisation template (and any other old hardcoded templates) set within the BPM as we do with the others? The issue I have is that a couple of the teams using SM need the authorise / reject buttons removing from the email and just a link to make them actually open the task. Otherwise I need a way of sending certain attachments from a request on the authorisation email for the recipients to open, view and approve. Quite urgent as this is now delaying a number of teams workflows from going live (and therefore delaying me starting other teams on boarding whilst I try and work out compromises) @Victor @Steven Boardman if you have any ideas I would appreciate it. Thanks Dan
  8. Hi all, I have an issue when using variable &[global["flowcode"]["assignedTeam"]] as the authorisation owner for any authorisation task. I set the option to use a variable, select the variable, save and publish the BPM. If I go back to the BPM process list and then reopen the BPM the option to use variable has changed to user > assigned team. This causes the BPM to fail with the error: The specified user 'urn:sys:group:STB/Marketing_and_Business_Development/Marketing_Team/' does not exist Any ideas? Is this because I am trying to set a team as the authorisation owner? I don't want to use a named person sa if there is an issue and the authorisation task needs re assigning and the owner is away it will cause issues. Variables work fine in the Authorisers section, it is just the owner part I cant get to work.
  9. Hi All, I have a Change process and am looking to add an option to request authorisation from manager if so needed. I've added the Task, Branch and Authorisation Node. First I tried selecting my manager(as listed in my user account) as authoriser, that gave an error. Then to test I've just set myself as the authoriser. Each time when I choose Yes in the Approval Required' Task, I am greeted with the red box of doom showing the error as: The specified user 'undefined' does not exist I've searched these forum and tried to replicate the setups in the demo instance but am stuck. Any pointers would be great.
  10. Hi all, Probably a quick and easy one but is there a way I can use 'Email Customers Manager' (or an Authorisation node) to send an email requesting authorisation for a request with voting buttons which will then set authorised or rejected in the BPM? I am trying to create BPMs for our Finance team and they need the customers manager to authorise requests. Currently this is done by emailing a horrendous excel document around and getting 'signatures' but since I have been singing Service Managers praises I kind of need this to work! I seem to remember something about how this is done but I cant work it out and my search-foo skills are lacking today it seems. @Victor I am tagging you as this is fairly urgent (demo this afternoon) so I will apologise now (I seem to do this a lot recently)
  11. Hi all, Is there a way of stopping an authorisation node from fully rejecting if one person rejects the authorisation task? We use weighting and each person will have the same percentage. At the moment if one person rejects the call (who may only have 10% weighting) the whole call gets closed whereas we want it to be one person may reject it but the other 5 people approve it so the rejection is noted but the vote is still carried. Thanks Dan
  12. Hello, I have a process for developers to follow when requesting elevated access, as part of this process it requires authorisation to which i have used the authorisation node, however today when a request was raised it was approved by an analyst (Graham) that was not in the authorises list within the process, can you confirm how this was possible and what i need to do to rectify this asap. Screenshot attached of users who can authorise this
  13. A problem has appeared today when two of our business processes try to create an authorisation step. We have not changed either process recently and this step has been working with no problems up until today. The only change I can see is that we have just updated to the latest version available of Service Manager. The error we are getting is: Is anyone else having this problem or has anyone had an issue like this before? As I said we have made no changes to our business processes or back end data (teams etc). If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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