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  1. Currently, if a request has been updated it appears in the agent's list highlighted so they can check. If a customer 'likes' a post then the request is not highlighted Several times recently I have placed requests on hold awaiting feedback, without realising that the customer has answered a query by liking a post, often a good way down the request.
  2. If ticket is updated by the customer or another member of the team, it shows highlighted in blue in the list view until it has been read giving a visual indication that there is more information to review. However a comment on an update does not do this so further information from customer often has a delay in getting noticed. If this a setting that can be changed?
  3. Yep. I set it to Hebrew, then back to English and that bit (and its mouseover) remained in Hebrew, as did it when I changed it to Chinese.
  4. It is possible to change the Type of an asset? It was entered incorrectly and needs changing, but this field doesn't seem to be editable.
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