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  1. Are there any plans to have the 'add attachments' option in the Prog Caps available as a 'field' rather than a node? One of our Change Request progressive captures asks for 4 attachments. At the moment, the user has to go through 4 separate pages to get this done (in fact 8 because we tell the user WHICH attachment they'll need to add on the next page). This would be much 'nicer' if we could have a field on a form saying what needs to be added and, under that, an 'upload' button, followed by a field saying what needs to be added next, and a button next to it for uploading the documents. So, rather than having to click through 4 or more forms on the Portal, there would be one page with a few 'upload' buttons. I'm sure this isn't as easy to do as I'm imagining it to be.....but would this be possible? thanks!
  2. Decision tree within a form

    Hello I'm creating a ProgCapt form and I have a couple of questions within this form which, depending on the answer given, may or may not need extra information. This information is mandatory IF a particular option is selected in previous questions. I understand that I can use a decision node to open up (or not) a separate form asking for more information depending on the answers given, but has the idea of having a field which pops up on the SAME form IF a particular option is selected been looked at? For instance, the form I'm working on at the moment is a request for a new server build. On the initial form, one question is 'Location of Server', and we have three options plus an 'other' option. If the 'other' option is selected, we ask for more info. This info needs to be mandatory, however if any of the other options is selected then the 'other info' isn't required. It would be handy if this field could be on the same form as the initial question. (this is just one example...and it probably doesn't seem very important, but having the option to show or hide a field depending on which answers are given on the form would possibly open up a better way of showing the forms in the portal) Hopefully that makes sense...anyone got any ideas or reasons why this shouldn't be possible? thanks Paul
  3. FAQ searching for more than one word

    Hi @Steven Boardman That is MUCH better thanks. I'll give it a more thorough checking out tomorrow, but it looks like it'll do exactly what we asked for. thanks Paul
  4. FAQ searching for more than one word

    Hello Is there a way of setting the search on the FAQ's on the Portal to search so that it searches for multiple words without needing to enter wildcards? At the moment it seems that if more than one word is entered, then both words need to be in the document next to each other and in that order for it to be picked up. So, for instance, if I entered 'holiday approval' in to the search bar, I'd like it to return FAQ's with 'holiday' AND 'approval' somewhere in the document, not necessarily next to each other. thanks
  5. Change Sub Status from Email Update

    Hello Does anyone have a step by step guide to what needs to be done for a ticket to have it's sub status changed after an update from the Portal or by email please? I have a test service set up, which has an On-Hold sub status set, and an Active sub status set, I have a BPM which puts the ticket on-hold and then suspends awaiting a ticket update. However I can't get the ticket to move forward when the ticket is either updated via email or through the Portal. I'm sure I'm just missing a step somewhere...but I can't find a 'step by step ' how-to anywhere. Any ideas please? thanks Paul
  6. Change Sub Status from Email Update

    @Martyn Houghton, @Steven Boardman Thank you both...turns out I didn't have the On-Hold sub-status set so that it could be updated by an email. it's now working perfectly... thanks again
  7. So this is all your Hornbill Admin's fault? Always happens when someone goes on holiday.....;)
  8. @BenKeeley Have you restarted the affected tickets (by pressing the 'retry icon next to the HUD)? I think you need to have the admin role to see this though? I'm sure you have...but it's always worth asking!
  9. We're back and working fine now too thank you.
  10. Quick question......how can I switch off our Service Portal so that we're not inundated with user tickets which will crash please?
  11. We have the same issue.....
  12. Change Calendar maintenance windows

    hello Are there any plans to expand on the Change Calendar in the future? What I was looking for was something where you could add a 'maintenance window' or 'change freeze window' for instance, which could be added to the Change Calendar which would then either show people what options they have when selecting implementation dates. So, if a maintenance window is set, then the Change could be added to that window, but if a Change Freeze is in place, it couldn't be selected (not without some approval) Is there anything like this in the pipeline please? thanks Paul
  13. Adding connections when linking tickets to MI

    Hi @DanielRi Apologies...I completely forgot to reply to your message! Basically, we're looking for a way to update affected people with either some information about what's happening with their particular incident, or even just to let them know that SOMETHING is happening, or, if there's a question we need to ask the users ..... I suppose an option to message the Customers of all of the linked requests would be easiest, rather than adding them as connections (obviously I'm saying this from a 'using the tool' perspective - not what would be easiest from a dev point of view!) I do understand that bulletins in the Portal would be an option, but I'm not sure that our users are quite 'there' in regards to using the Portal as the place to check for updates at the moment, so email would be a good option in our case. Is that any help? thanks Paul
  14. Hello We use the concept of Major Incidents, which means that we have quite a few tickets which are linked to a Major Incident ticket to save us having to deal with a lot of 'separate' tickets. ( I seem to be saying 'ticket' a lot...) Anyway...what I'd like to know is....is there a setting or a way of automatically adding the 'customer' of a linked ticket as a connection on the 'major incident' parent ticket so that, if an email update is made to the MI, it can then cascade to all of the connections? I realise I can add the connections manually, but a setting or a way of handling this through a BPM (bearing in mind a ticket could be linked to the MI at any point in the MI process) would be much easier.... thanks Paul
  15. BPM Looping question...

    Hi @Gerry and @Steven Boardman thanks for the updates.....I'll make sure not to make this BPM live for the time being then!! The sad thing is, it worked.....however, as these were only test calls I would imagine the impact would have been very small. In the 'real world' however a ticket could have been sat in a 'waiting' state for at least a few days so I'd imagine the impact would have been quite a bit bigger! Hopefully the dev team will come up with something quickly though. thanks again Paul
  16. BPM Looping question...

    Hello In our BPM we have a loop which checks whether a Change Request has a linked Service Request. The way we do this is to use a 'get ticket details' node and, if the 'Flowcodes->Linked Requests' value is 0, it goes back to the 'Get Ticket Details' node and tries again. If the 'Flowcodes->Linked Requests' is NOT 0 then the BPM moves on. My question is: Is this going to have a detrimental effect on the database with the (possibly) constant stream of 'reads' that it has to do when there are NO Linked Requests? If it DOES....then could I request that we have an additional item in the 'suspend' node which can wait for a linked request to be added to the ticket please? thanks Paul
  17. hello Is there a limit on the amount of outcomes options coming from a human task? We have a BPM which will ask the analyst to choose a person from a list of 14 options (this will be a human task where you select the size of a project and, in this case, I choose 'Small') but, whenever the BPM gets to this point (the Pick PM task in the pic) it fails. If I select a different outcome (for instance, from the attached pic, if I choose a Project Size of 'medium', which will then branch off to a Human Task with only 2 outcomes) it works fine. Any ideas please?
  18. SSO Profile - Validate Audience option

    So...should I be worried about the 'message' saying that our SSO config is not secure?
  19. SSO Profile - Validate Audience option

    Hi Can anyone tell me what this does in non-techy-speak please? Does it have any effect on whether people can access the portal? thanks
  20. Access to Service Catalog Items

    Hello Is there any news on this update please? it's something which would be useful to us.... thanks
  21. Failed to update task

    Hi We've just come across what seems to be a similar problem in Project Manager where a Project Admin has tried reassigning tasks but gets the error as shown above ("Failed to update the task") is there an update on when the fix will be available please? thanks
  22. FAQ searching for more than one word

    Hi @Steven Boardman Is there any news or updates on the word search or dynamic knowledge searching capabilities please? thanks
  23. Hi @TrevorKillick We use O365 authentication....would having this setting (above) set mean that customers would get redirected to the 'correct' page regardless of whether they'd logged in to the Portal previously that day? We have had a similar problem to @Lyonel in the past but I haven't really taken much notice of it. We do have 'auto login' disabled at the moment, so I'm wondering if switching that 'on' would stop the problem? thanks Paul
  24. Hello Basically this is just a nudge on this topic: I was wondering if there'd been any more thought about having a 4th option for visibility of Catalogue Items (an Email only option in this case). We've got a few catalogue items which are only used when an email is autologged, but the analysts every now and then choose this option when logging 'normal' tickets.....so being able to hide the catalogues from both the Portals and the Service Desk, but leave them still available to Email logging would be great. thanks Paul
  25. Fourth option for catalogue visibility

    Hi @Dan Munns Thanks for the very detailed description! I'm going to wait to see if Hornbill WILL add a 4th option before considering doing all that work though......I've got my Friday head on thank you