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    Strange data in View chart

    Hi I've created a chart which just shows the number of calls logged against a catalog. However, ONE of the catalogs has the Catalog_ID showing instead of the name. (617 in the attached picture). All of the other items show correctly, and in the database direct details for the calls logged against this one Catalog, there is an entry for the name IN SOME CASES Any ideas why this one item isn't showing correctly please?
  2. Paul Alexander

    Strange data in View chart

    Quick note on this - it seems like requests which are automatically logged from email don't always seem to have the Catalog field filled in........ thanks
  3. Paul Alexander

    LDAP Import Error

    Hello I'm trying to import some new users using the LDAP import tool (v3.1.3). This has worked perfectly in the past, but now when I try to run it I'm getting these errors: Get https://api.github.com/repos/hornbill/goLDAPUserImport/tags: dial tcp i/o timeout Error Loading Configuration: Post /data/?method=entityGetRecord: unsupported protocol scheme "" Any ideas why this isn't working please? thanks
  4. Paul Alexander

    Can't add a new contact

    Hello I'm trying to add a new contact but I get this error when i try: I'm pretty sure we don't have any custom buttons on this page, so I'm not sure why this has happened? I've worked around it be going to the 'organisation' and adding a contact from there, but this error pings up if I try adding it direct to the Contacts page. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Paul Alexander

    Can't add a new contact

    Hi @Cizzling and @Daniel Dekel I have now created the contact so no worries.....thanks for the pointers and hopefully I won't need to add any more before the fix is rolled out thanks again
  6. Paul Alexander

    Change Calendar maintenance windows

    hello Are there any plans to expand on the Change Calendar in the future? What I was looking for was something where you could add a 'maintenance window' or 'change freeze window' for instance, which could be added to the Change Calendar which would then either show people what options they have when selecting implementation dates. So, if a maintenance window is set, then the Change could be added to that window, but if a Change Freeze is in place, it couldn't be selected (not without some approval) Is there anything like this in the pipeline please? thanks Paul
  7. We're having a problem with an iBridge connector when trying to create a Project from an SR. The message we get is this: And the node which is causing the problem has these settings: We have two tickets where this is giving us the same problem, (SR00058613 and SR00058614) and I can't see where the problem is. Is there a character limit on any of the fields that are being set on the Project maybe? Any help would be gratefully accepted!! thanks Paul
  8. Paul Alexander

    Resolving request with FAQ - Notification formatting

    +1 for this. We've noticed that the lack of rich text support is a bit of a disappointment too. The idea of a link direct to the FAQ is good too.....just another little 'nudge' to get the users trying to help themselves first!
  9. I've just hit the 'restart' button again...just in case...and it's now gone through successfully. What could cause these to work sometimes, but other times only after having pressed the 'retry' button a random number of times? thanks
  10. Hi @AlexTumber Sorry to ruin what was probably a perfectly good Monday morning, but we've got another Project which has failed to create using the iBridge (same error message as before). The call ref is SR00069756.....I can't see any obvious reason for this to have failed so can I ask you to take a look please? thanks Paul
  11. Paul Alexander

    Text limit on custom fields

    Hello I have a 'hung' BPM which is telling me that a character limit has been breached while copying data to a custom field. I thought that this was something that was handled automatically and, if the character count was too much, it would just be trimmed? The call ref is SR00070198 (if anyone could take a look please?). I've updated the ProCap so that there IS now a character limit on this field, but could someone let me know how I can restart this BPM and get it pushed through please?
  12. Paul Alexander

    Text limit on custom fields

    HI @James Ainsworth Thanks for this...I have used the BPM toolkit before but I didn't actually realise I could alter the data using Database Direct....I've now done this and the BPM has restarted and is working as expected...thank you.
  13. Hello We have a couple of Change Request BPM's which require an Impact Assessment to be carried out before the process can carry on. When these are required, is there any way of highlighting the 'Start Assessment' button to remind people that this is needed please? A few of our analysts seem to be missing this saying that it's not very obvious that the Assessment needs to be carried out before something else happens....any ideas please?
  14. Paul Alexander

    Highlight 'Start Assessment' when required?

    Hi @dwalby Thanks for that...and we already do have this action 'locked' (or unlocked as the case may be...) , however I was hoping of some way of highlighting the Start Assessment button as a visual cue because the person who is carrying out the assessment isn't necessarily the same person who deals with the rest of the ticket, so it's not always immediately obvious WHAT needs to happen at this stage (although you'd think that, now that they've done a few, they'd know where to look! People eh?)
  15. Paul Alexander

    Not Able to Drag and Drop From Outlook

    +1 for us please.....I've just been asked why it's not possible to drag and drop emails....
  16. Paul Alexander

    Request total on-hold time

    HI @James Ainsworth Sorry...I missed this post! Sub Statuses are not used in the BPM's (as far as I can remember anyway!!) thanks
  17. Thanks @AlexTumber I'm going to take that as a challenge Thank you......I look forward to never having to talk about this again! cheers Paul
  18. Hi @Victor So annoying when that happens isn't it?! I always try restarting the process and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't....maybe I should just keep restarting it until it decides it's had enough and just works? I'll let you know if it happens again though...thanks
  19. Paul Alexander

    Resolved By Team isn't a team!

    Hi Just looking at some reports of Resolved Incidents, and we've come across a bit of a mystery.....to us it is anyway! We have a few Incidents which are logged and assigned to our Service desk Level 2 team and which are then processed and resolved in the normal manner. When we go to run a report to find get details of these tickets, the Resolved By Team ID and Resolved By Team don't seem to show us what we'd expect. On these specific tickets, the Team Name is 'IT Department (AD Group)' which is a group that I have imported from AD (just to see if i could!) but which is NOT a Service Manager team. Although the members of this AD group ARE members of the IT Department and these people DO have Service Manager licenses and ARE members of other teams within Service Manager, I'm surprised that this name is being used on this report. We were hoping that we could use these fields in the report to show which team was resolving these tickets, but we don't seem to be able to trust the data! Any idea WHY some of these tickets show this 'team' (which isn't a team) please? I can give other examples if you need them... thanks
  20. Paul Alexander

    Authorisation Reject Reason Query

    Hi@ArmandoDM I now have a similar question.....and by similar I mean exactly the same! I'd like to use the 'rejection reason' in a custom field but have just noticed that you CAN'T access it in the BPM. Was anything decided internally about whether this might be possible please? thanks Paul
  21. We've got another one that's failed today: SR00065213
  22. Hi @AlexTumber It's very hit and miss......sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This particular one doesn't seem to have anything 'out of the ordinary' text wise (no bullet points or extra formatting) so we can't see why it's failed... thanks Paul
  23. Hi @AlexTumber unfortunately we've got another one of these failed Projects (SR00067347) and I can't see why it's failed. Any chance you could take a look please? thanks
  24. Paul Alexander

    User can't log in

    Hello At the moment we have one licensed user who can't get access to Hornbill as he gets the 'passed subscription level' error. We do have plenty of licenses spare, so any idea why this would be please? It's quite important!
  25. Hello We've been adding items to Config Manager and are trying to build up a 'picture' of what a Site looks like. So, we have a building site as an asset, linked to that should be a router network device, linked to the router should be one or more network switches, and linked to the switches should be one or more wireless access points. Here is the explorer window when I expand the view starting from the Site end (note the links end at the PST-MS225-48P-SW1 asset): However, if I do the same thing starting at the PST-MS225-48p-SW1 asset, and expand everything, I get this picture) note the additional PST-AP items): Is this a known issue? Am I adding items incorrectly? Or is the explorer view just not working correctly? I'm not sure I've explained the problem very well, but if you need any more info, then let me know thanks Paul