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  1. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Would you be able to try the following? With Azure portal ( https://portal.azure.com/#home ), please select Enterprise applications, and in the list of "Admin consent requests (Preview)", search for Hornbill Office365 Mail Connector. Select "Hornbill Office365 Mail Connector". A detail section should appear below the list. Please select "Review permissions and consent". This would then produce another web page signing you in. Please use your global administrator in this instance. You will be presented with the list of permission requested. Please approve
  2. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Do you have access to the Azure portal ( https://portal.azure.com/#home ) by any chance? If you do, could you select Enterprise applications, and in the list of All applications, search for Hornbill Office365 Mail Connector. Once the page has finished loading the overview for the application, please select Permissions under Security on the left hand side menu. Once the permissions page has loaded, please click on the Grant admin consent for Hornbill Corporate Limited item/button. When the authentication page opens please provide the admin credentials to allow
  3. @Martyn Houghton Yes, you would need a mail connector for each email address/shared mailbox you want to be associated with or used by Hornbill. Hornbill needs to know which mailbox it needs to retrieve emails from and a connector can only connect Hornbill to one mailbox. Thanks for understanding. Cheers! Michael
  4. Hi @Martyn Houghton This issue is a bit more involved than what we initially thought, and would like to let you know that we are still investigating this. Will give you an update next week. Cheers! Michael
  5. Hi Martyn, The typical process is to create an account that would be used as the designated shared mailbox for the system. ( ie. helpdesk account, with the email address being helpdesk@somewhere.company.com ). This account doesn't have to be the admin account nor should it be. This account would then be assigned credentials( email address/password. 2FA can optionally be employed ) that would then be also used to create the KeySafe entry. This is also where the required rights would be requested from the person managing the account. These rights are needed or the system will not
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