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  1. Good afternoon, Looking to duplicate an asset instead of re-entering all the details over and over, is there a quicker way to do this. The template for the import tool doesnt really match the export of the asset. This is for software. Thank you
  2. Good afternoon all, I am looking at trying to get a stock management system which can run alongside hornbill. Main thing i use hornbill for as part of the IT team here at Southend Hospital, is that when we have stock, sometimes the CMDB isnt updated correctly and it gives us an incorrect level. Does anyone use hornbill service manager in this way and also use it as a procurement tool. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. Basically wanted to build an email template which looks and has the correct information showing. Thanks
  4. Thank you, took a while to take the majority down but here are alot of them: {{.H_pk_reference}} {{.H_actions_control}} {{.H_activity_stream_id}} {{.H_archived}} {{.H_locked_details}} {{.H_bpm_activity_update_id}} {{.H_bpm_authorised}} {{.H_bpm_id}} {{.H_bpm_stage_expired}} {{.H_bpm_ui_state}} {{.H_callbackdate}} {{.H_cancel_reason}} {{.H_catalog}} {{.H_catalog_id}} {{.H_category}} {{.H_category_id}} {{.H_closedby_team_id}} {{.H_closedby_teamname}} {{.H_closedby_user_id}} {{.H_closedby_username}} {{.H_closure_category}} {{.H_closure_category_id}} {{.H_company_id}} {{.H_company_name}} {{.H_container_id}} {{.H_createdby}} {{.H_cust_containerid}} {{.H_custom_a}} {{.H_custom_b}} {{.H_custom_c}} {{.H_custom_d}} {{.H_custom_e}} {{.H_customer_type}} {{.H_dateclosed}} {{.H_datelastmodified}} {{.H_datelogged}} {{.H_dateplacedonhold}} {{.H_dateresolved}} {{.H_email_datelastsent}} {{.H_description}} {{.H_feedback_status}} {{.H_feedback_status_id}} {{.H_fixby}} {{.H_fixsecs}} {{.H_fixtime}} {{.H_fixtimeid}} {{.H_fk_priorityid}} {{.H_fk_priorityname}} {{.H_fk_serviceid}} {{.H_fk_servicename}} {{.H_fk_team_id}} {{.H_fk_team_name}} {{.H_fk_user_id}} {{.H_fk_user_name}} {{.H_historic}} {{.H_image}} {{.H_impact}} {{.H_last_update_activity_id}} {{.H_onholduntil}} {{.H_org_id}} {{.H_ownerid}} {{.H_ownername}} {{.H_profilecoding}} {{.H_rating}} {{.H_reopencount}} {{.H_reopendate}} {{.H_reopenedby_teamname}} {{.H_reopenedby_username}} {{.H_resolution}} {{.H_resolvedby_teamname}} {{.H_resolvedby_username}} {{.H_respondby}} {{.H_responsetime}} {{.H_status}} {{.H_servicelevelchanged}} {{.H_sub_status_id}} {{.H_sub_status}} {{.H_summary}} {{.H_totalonholdtime}} {{.H_withinfix}} {{.H_withinresponse}} {{Extended Information.H_request_id}} {{Extended Information.H_last_updated}} {{owner.H_pk_id}} {{owner.H_email}} {{RaisedBy.H_pk_id}} {{RaisedBy.H_first_name}} {{RaisedBy.H_last_name}} {{Services.H_mbid}} {{Services.H_technicalownername}}
  5. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has a list of all the variables which can be used for email templates please ? Thank you
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