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  1. What's Fixed:

    • PM00158195 - When integrating with Requests::logRequest API, an error is returned when the "categoryId" value is invalid.
    • PM00158182 - When a Request is raised and assigned to a team, team members are not notified.
    • PM00158245 - Service Level Indicators on the request list may display incorrectly
    • PM00158224/PM00158155 - Exporting a Request List view from Service Manager does not populate values for all columns
  2. @Michael Sharp

    Apologies, we're working as quick as can to correct this.  We have an updated build of service manager in testing now and unless there are any unforeseen issues we should have that available for you tomorrow.  

    Will update you as soon as we have the update available.



  3. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

    Yes you will want to use the BPM lock action to prevent use of the update and email tabs on the request view.

    If you want to prevent updates from inbound autoresponder emails you can choose to enable these application settings for Incidents and Service Requests






  4. Hi @Michael Sharp

    I haven't seen an issue myself, does the issue still persist and did this only start after the weekend?  Just wondering if the clock change could have caused the visual indicator to be incorrectly determined for an hour.

    @Alberto M The issue you mentioned above is not related in this case and we'll have that one addressed shortly.



  5. Hi @Adambingley

    Without knowing the full scenario I could suggest a couple of options to handle this...

    1. Could you use the manual option of raising a Change from within the Service Request so that the primary details (Summary, Description etc) are copied over for you to prevent retyping.  This will link itself to the service request when raised and enable you to track/update them together?

    2. A more in depth automated option could be to include the automatic raising of a Change Request via BPM as part of your Service Request process.  At a certain stage of the Service Request process or based on certain criteria or approvals you could choose to automatically create a change and populate it with the relevant data.

    Kind Regards,



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  6. Hi @AndyColeman

    If you can provide a couple of non-sensitive data screenshots just to show the SLT, Response date/Resolution Date as displayed in the request list and then one of the corresponding request details service level section so I can match up the figures and I can take a look.

    It may also be useful to know what text is displayed in the tooltip when you hover over the SLT indicators.

    Kind Regards,


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