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  1. @John C

    Sorry to hear that, we've moved the category to the right panel to make it more visible on the request without scrolling and provided the action tab to set it so that there is no need to edit the form and then have a popup for selection etc.  If the changes have made it in any way harder to use then we're happy to take on board feedback for future improvements.

    Kind Regards,


  2. What's New:

    • New setting for changing the font of On-hold requests on the request list {CH00157323}
    • Allow user with Manage Mailbox rights to see all mailboxes on a Service form {CH00158249}
    • As a Service Level Manager I want additional rule criteria for SLAs {CH00146261}
    • Create Action Item for setting the category on a request {CH00141466}
    • Add visibility of Assets to User Profile {CH00152000}

    What's Fixed:

    • Routing rule templates not including user details {PM00158720}
    • Multiple dollar signs ($) are stripped from when the details are pushed to the timeline of a Request {PM00158408}
    • Wiki markup date in the Summary field is not formatted in the Request page title and Requests List {PM00158134}
    • Collaboration only users should be able to see the details of a Change they're authorising in the portal regardless of the overall app-setting {PM00158362}
    • When viewing a Request that belongs to your staff in the My Services portal, the timeline and post box are sometimes not available {PM00158433}
    • Cannot send notifications if a User ID contains a single quote {PM00158790}
    • When sending an email through the Business Process, the connections filter is ignored {PM00158798}
    • Known Errors cannot be reopened due to checking of a missing app right {PM00158372}
    • After posting to the timeline of a Request, another request action's visibility cannot be changed to a higher value than the original posts visibility {PM00157146}
    • Request data including summary is not shown in Request list on Service page or mobile requests view {PM00158923}
    • When a View is deleted, the entries in shared Views are not removed automatically {PM00158946}
    • A chart showing the number of requests grouped by Rating fails to display the rating value {PM00158951}
  3. Hi @Jeremy

    Just FYI, an overview of the service levels can be found here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Level_Agreements 

    In answer to your question, the SLTs are service based... so on the relevant services for those teams, you can configure the SLA/SL rules to pick a specific SLA/SL based on a combination of request criteria e.g. the team and priority in your case.

    If you configure your BPM to start the timers once your team priority have been set, then the rules will process against the criteria and set the SLT accordingly.

    Here is a screenshot of a quick mockup, so on SLA details in this example I have created 3 service levels (1,2,3) each of which can have their own response/fix times.  I then have multiple rules defined, in this example if 2nd line support and High priority are set on the request it would pick SL 1, if assigned to 3rd Line support and High priority you will get SL 2 etc. 

    Hope that makes sense but please feel free to ask if I still haven't answered your question exactly.





  4. Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf

    As per the screenshot, if you open the service details -> SLAs tab and find the service level that is used on your request you should be able to see which Working Time Calendar is used with it.  You will then need to log into the admin portal and the "Working Time Calendar" view where you should be able to find the calendar and the hours it is set to run in.

    Just a note of caution this *could* be shared by many services etc so be sure to check before changing it, else you may need to create a new 8:30 - 5 calendar and use that against your service level.

    Kind Regards,




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  5. Hi @aykut.boyraz

    Yes, in the service level configuration you can add escalation actions to run  a set number of minutes/hours/days before a target time.  In these escalation actions you can choose to send an email to the owner or to a specific email address which should cater for what you need.

    Further details can be found here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Level_Agreements and https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Levels

    Kind Regards,


  6. What's Fixed:

    • PM00158195 - When integrating with Requests::logRequest API, an error is returned when the "categoryId" value is invalid.
    • PM00158182 - When a Request is raised and assigned to a team, team members are not notified.
    • PM00158245 - Service Level Indicators on the request list may display incorrectly
    • PM00158224/PM00158155 - Exporting a Request List view from Service Manager does not populate values for all columns
  7. @Michael Sharp

    Apologies, we're working as quick as can to correct this.  We have an updated build of service manager in testing now and unless there are any unforeseen issues we should have that available for you tomorrow.  

    Will update you as soon as we have the update available.



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