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  1. Hi @Jeremy

    The top screenshot is the view shown when the service details are not being returned (hence no icons/link/sub-statuses etc).  The reason for this will normally be one of...

    • Service has been deleted
    • User logged in does not have the relevant access/visibility to that service

    Given that you're loading it correctly for existing users I'd guess its the service access for the new user.  I'd check first that the new user is within one of the supporting teams on the service, or are appropriately subscribed to the service etc.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hi @Daniel

    When the customer replies to the email from the helpdesk, the email is being processed by your Email Routing Rules and if it matches a request reference etc it will be posted as an entry in the timeline by the system hence (System autoresponder) which is a system account/internal analyst. 

    To communicate further with your customer via email you would continue to reply using the mailbox view or the email tab on the request or simply posting the update with "Customer" visibility will make the comment available for your customer to see on the relevant external portal, the reply mention is not relevant in this case.

    Replies are for use when collaborating internally e.g. with other members of your team.

    Hope that helps,

    Kind Regards,


  3. Hi @Jamie Talbot

    Thanks for the post.  The original intention for autoresponder email updates was to provide an option for "Customers" to respond/provide updates to their requests (Incidents/Service Requests) and therefore currently the attachment/email functionality and related settings are only applicable to Incidents and Service Requests, only a basic update will be applied to other request types.

    If you have specific needs around this please feel free to post back and they could be considered for future enhancements.

    Kind Regards,


  4. Hi @Adnan Zamurred

    Thanks for the post.  I'm guessing you are talking about the request list export of requests? (If not then please let me know) 

    If it is the request list export then the exported dates should use your date/time format settings from your profile settings during export, so it may be a case of altering those settings to a format that you want to use for your export.

    Kind Regards,


  5. Hi @Steven Cotterell

    Thanks for the post, this fixes an issue for the following scenario...

    * You have a response due in 1 hour

    * You place the request on hold indefinitely rather than a specific date

    * After an hour has elapsed the indicator on the request list would show as red (missed) rather than on-hold/ongoing.


    Hope that helps, if there is anything else you need let me know.




  6. Hi @RobPeck

    The status on your instance looks OK and I'm not seeing this issue locally.  Have you tried clearing browser caches etc as a first step? 

    Just for further information, is this affecting all users or just yourself? and are other Hornbill views broken in the same way or is it just raising requests?

    Kind Regards,


  7. What's Changed

    • Assets: the property 'Location Type' has been enhanced with a new value (Virtual).
    • CC recipients will now be displayed in Request timeline updates and will also be available as an additional output parameter from the BPM node Get Request Info -> Source Email.

    What's Fixed

    • Various fixes for the Employee Portal.
    • Employee Portal: Unable to raise a Change Request as a basic user. {PM00161539}
    • Requests list counters show a value of zero when using the "I'm a member" filter. {PM00161837}
    • Asset Additional Properties fields not being audited. {PM00161589}
    • SLM Rule processing fails when using multiple "contains" conditions against custom fields.{PM00161664}
    • Intermittent issue when 'Last Updated Date' is not updated when posting to the Timeline.{PM00161553}
    • Enhance the Quick Request Search feature to work with just the right most numbers of a reference.{PM00158414}
    • No option displayed to unlink a corporate SLA from within a service.{PM00161695}
    • Request category tab can not be configured to be active when a request is on hold.{PM00161727}
  8. Hi @Alberto M

    I've tried some more tests locally in various scenarios with different email types but currently I'm, not able to replicate.  I spoke with our platform team and apparently there was a scenario similar to this in the past where if the inbound email did not have a plain text body the HTML version was being interpreted and taking the txt file content into account.  The logic was updated a long while back so that in such cases a plain text version is generated from the HTML and should prevent this issue.

    Due to the fact that I'm unable to replicate in my environment, it might be best to raise a support request with a specific instance of an email/request that has this issue, that way the specific email can be analysed to look for any possible issue.

    Kind Regards,


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