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  1. Hi Ralf,

    Thanks for the post, as I understand it both on-hold and off-hold should be controlled by the same settings... does your analyst see any errors or are you missing the option to take requests off-hold "play" button from the interface?



  2. Hi Gwynne,

    Thanks for the post, I've just replicated this issue here and have raised a problem for our development team to investigate further, the reference is PM00141648,



  3. Hi Colin,

    We have identified an issue with the most recent upgrade that seems to have been causing your issue, we are running this through our internal QA systems now and we will push an update out to you as soon as possible.



  4. Hi Derek,

    Within the service portal, when a request/incident is in a resolved state, the user can open the request details and will be given the opportunity to provide a star rating and comments as shown.

    Hope that helps,




  5. Hi Martyn,

    The "Raise Request" from an email works in the same way as when you click directly on the "Raise New" button (rather than choosing a specific request type from the Raise New menu button) both of which will run the progressive capture process defined in the application setting " app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest " (Full details of which settings are used to determine the progressive capture process can be seen in point 5 on this wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Workflow)

    Within the progressive capture (The default for "Raise New" is "new request") you can include the customised form "Analyst Request type" and during logging this will present the analyst with a choice of all of the request types that they have the roles to access.




  6. Thanks for the details, this is a more general error that covers a number of possible errors during the logging process.  The exact details of the error should be shown within the server log files.  

    If you are a Hornbill Administrator, you can log into the administration application as detailed here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Administration

    Follow the navigation to "System -> Monitor -> Log Files" , click on EspServerService.log and then tick the "Error" option it should highlight any errors as you log a request.

    If you get errors during the logging of a request then please attach them and I'll investigate for you.

    If you have any questions/problems let me know.



  7. Hi colind,


    I'm not sure if there has been a problem with the image upload but I cannot see the details of the error you mention on the post.  If you can post it up again I'll take a look.





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  8. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the post. The templates used when sending emails are controlled by service manager application settings within the admin tool.

    In the new admin tool they can be found under Service Manager -> Application settings.

    If you type app.email.template.request.* into the search field you will get a list of settings each of which will have an email template name set against it.

    With regards to the specific setting for sending emails from the request details (envelope), it uses the setting app.email.template.request.sendMessage which by default normally uses the email template named Request Message

    Hope that helps.


  9. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post, this was raised internally by a colleague and we have raised a defect for it which is currently being investigated, the reference is PM00140702

    Kind Regards,


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