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  1. Back in year zero when we had SW Hornbill came in and created the authentication process for us and all was good. When we migrated to Service Manager we knew we'd lose some functionality, but we were assured that BPM would resolve the authorisation process. But it looks like what was left unsaid was - "Yes, you can make the BPM process do that... but you'll need to purchase Analysts licenses for everyone who authorises expenditure."
  2. The key part here is "those users that were providing the support service". Which those with authority are not. Budget holders who sit outside of the IT service and are typically managers of other non-analyst type users who put in a request for service that requires expenditure. For example: as a non-IT user I request a laptop using the Service Manager "request stuff" portal. My manager must authorise the expenditure before IT can begin to service the request by purchasing or supplying a laptop. The manager has no access to Service Manager, but must be notified someone wants something from their cost centre and then authorise IT they can proceed with the expense.
  3. This is a feature not available within Service Manager, for which we originally asked for and were assured it would do, but doesn't. It was originally part of our Support Works capabilities, but like many other Support Works features we lost when we upgraded to the "new improved" Service Manager.
  4. Yeah I get that. But as we're only able to use the app within an environment that meets compliant device checks, or is within a "walled garden" and is within the corporate domain it's not a major concern. If our users can trawl minified js and figure that out I want them working for me Ultimately I may stick with the server end xmlmc, just thought a client side would provide a faster UX. @TrevorKillick the primary role of this app is to allow non-Hornbill users the ability to authorise the procurement of equipment. So the service work flow assigns a task to our "generic" user that needs to be authorised. My app then monitors the task list, queries the service request and does a looks up on a Hornbill list of who can authorise that task based on a cost centre that is passed as one of the questions. Then emails the non-Hornbill user to get their authorisation. Which My app then caries out by proxy. So the work flow can then continue to the next step. Thanks for the responses though. Very useful to know so I can make a decision which way to go..
  5. Does anyone have any experience on accessing the eurapi api outside of Hornbill? We have a customer app that I wrote several years ago in PHP and Laravel. It uses an API KEY and fetches some info from Hornbill using the xmlmc and works ok. Now I'm looking at migrating my app to a fresher environment still using Laravel, but moving the front end to Vue.js. I thought I'd just rewrite my PHP xmlmc into JavaScript and all would be well. But I didn't allow for CORS. At present the PHP app acts as a kind of proxy where the client browser asks the server for data and the php xmlmc fetches it and hands it out to the browser. So no CORS issue here. In the world of Vue.js I was hoping to pass off the calls for data out to the client browser. So then the servers load is lightened and the clients round trip speeds up as they get the response hot from eurapi. I'm making a call to a "generic" user that is assigned tasks and I just want to use the task/taskGetList at this stage but in the browser ran into: Failed to load https://eurapi.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxx/xmlmc/task/taskGetList: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. Where the is my virtual test server. So is this because eurapi won't allow CORS? And am I wasting my time?
  6. Many thanks @Steven Boardman I'll have a look and make sure everything is as you said and report back!
  7. Hi guys, Just after some advice please, I'm not sure where the problem resides so please bear with me! For some reason, when some calls are logged, they have no SLA timer (resolve by date) even though we have a priority selected. It seems like it may be only when a particular analyst logs a call OR when the user logs it through the self service portal, but not always. And they have the same permissions as other analysts/users. I can't seem to find out how to fix it or where to start. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your help @Lyonel what I was actually after was a way of viewing dashboards/slideshows without having to log in to a full user account..
  9. Yes it would be very useful to have access to at least view dashboard as a basic user. I'm not keen on having to pay for extra licenses for each display we use!
  10. Hi, Wondering if it is possible to play a slideshow through an external link rather than to having to log in to the admin portal (which we have to do every day on a TV)? If not could this feature be implemented? Thanks
  11. Hi Would this functionality be something that could be implemented? As not everyone in our team uses the 'availability' option and always show as available even when they're not in. Would be useful to show online, inactive and offline in a widget. Thanks
  12. Is there a way to do this from LDAP import? there are over 600 basic users. I`m sure others have a lot more.
  13. Yes we initially imported all users from LDAP, however I beleive this was a one off as it overwrites users with each import.
  14. Thanks for the reply Dan, we had tried your suggestion but it only add the users of type "user" to the group. We need to add the "basic" users also.
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