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  1. @andrea_bariggi Hi Andrea, Yes, that's the reason. The basic user will not get the notifications. Regards, Andre
  2. @andrea_bariggi Hi Andrea, The GCM settings requires a restart of event service to take effect. You should get the notifications on Android now, please let me know if this is not the case. Thanks, Andre
  3. @JonathanD Hi Jonathan, It seems like the crash is caused by the cache. Could you uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store? Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Andre
  4. @andrea_bariggi Hi Andrea, Could you check if the GCM is enabled in the admin panel? Regards, Andre
  5. @andrea_bariggi Can you check if the notifications in the app's settings are also enabled? Do you have the same issue on iOS or it's only happens on the Android? Thanks, Andre
  6. @andrea_bariggi Hi Andrea, This issue has been resolved in v1.7.1 that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Regards, Andre
  7. Hi @JonathanD It would also help if you could let us know which version that you are using. Thanks.
  8. Hi Gareth, Thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in responding, the customise notification is not currently implemented for the mobile. I have logged a request for this feature. Kind Regards, Andre
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